Monthly Archives: October 2012

Aida- Melaka’s nightingale

Aida the beautiful singer from the Holiday Inn Melaka who sweetly sang my favourite song two nights in a row Continue reading

The Gods may be angry

sitting in my hotel room in the Holiday Inn 5th floor witnessing what is the eye of tonight’s proverbial storm Continue reading

Tigers Lions Rhino’s TCM and China

China Your responsibility to our wild souls is huge now
Tigers, Lions,Rhino,Pangolins, Snakes, Salamanders, Snakes so many rich cultured earthlings Continue reading

Minnesota wolves(Whilst waiting for my taxi to Heathrow)

Those who slaughter and trap the wild wolves are shooting themselves in the long term they are senseless heartless brutes with no true empathy for the wild Continue reading

Fracking Fibbers

its easy to lie when your pockets are full of dosh Continue reading


She died in my arms a poor little soul Continue reading

Sweet Sea

Sweet Sea and an ocean of thoughts Continue reading

An aura of flora- a picture of Bliss

a dark red gown does it for me Continue reading

I hang on each message

She is ……………………………..everything……………to me Continue reading

A Sea Bean

A Sea Bean scene Continue reading

The Purple Goddess

At 9 lives we saw her floating on a ray of moonlight Continue reading

Laboratory Experiments

its going on everywhere all the big names are doing it and the public just acts ignorant Continue reading


How can we kill babies so as to eat them its beyond my personal
thoughts Continue reading

Animals Australia the film with the singing earthlings

sentimentality won’t save lives in the long term only a complete change of heart on behalf of the consumers Continue reading

More on our dear friend the Badger

Those poor Badgers everyone’s against them Continue reading

Realization for Shell Oil

Hopefully Shell oil will stay away from the Arctic Continue reading

The little black chiffon

The little black number great with the rumba Continue reading

Frithsden Vineyard Open Day

Today’s open day at Frithsden Vineyard was lovely Continue reading

Killing earthlings for art is not on Mr Hirst

9000 butterflies Damien Hirst really you know this has got to be the worst idea imaginable and arrogant too what were you thinking? how could you do? such a terrible thing “in and out of love” you bring to these … Continue reading

Badgers are not scapegoats

TB in Cows has nothing to do with Badgers and what the hell do Politicians know Continue reading

In the room of utter darkness

utter darkness can frighten but together nothing frightens our lovers Continue reading

They have named me Morgan I am an Orca female

a note from Morgan on her capture and her last year or so in captivity Continue reading

A Joey is a baby Kangaroo these hunters are heartless and souless

A baby of any species should be given respect, to be hauled from its mother’s pouch of safety and trodden or smashed on the ground is a sin of such enormity Continue reading

Morgan the Orca stolen from her pod in the Wedden Sea

Morgan the Orca trapped and imprisoned in the canary Islands
this wild beast is languishing there and will die there Continue reading

Lion’s deserve better

The King’s of the jungle do not deserve this disrespect Continue reading

There is no truth in the use of a lion’s bones for raising sexual urges in men

Lion’s and Tigers and all animals need our love not our ignorance and arrogance Please Protect them before its too late Continue reading

It can happen in seconds but they are gone forever

Playing in the garden with Mei li and her brother the ball is kicked over the fence and the dog goes to retrieve just at that moment a truck stops then off they go with the little afghan hound who … Continue reading

Pet Dogs hunted down and shipped to Vietnam and Laos

those poor dogs this is the 4th poem this week Continue reading

Purgatory its in Thailand if you happen to be a dog

Thailand BOYCOTT until they stop torturing and killing peoples pets Continue reading

I was one of those Dogs

Thailand’s trade in dog meat chiefly for its home market and for Laos and Vietnam, the horrific way the animals are hunted down kept and killed Continue reading