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Bird songs

I am lost for words When waxwing birds Are seen to get all sqiffy Eating fruit Drunk as a newt And feeling a bit iffy Seemingly set To pirouette To on the pavement sleep Sort of nod To their bird … Continue reading

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Sushi oh sushi The great parasite Maggoty worms Erupting at night The stench overcoming The vile fraility An ominous wretchedness Squirmingly free To consume flesh and blood To wreck and control The blood from my body My heart and my … Continue reading

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Born on a Saturday Back in the time When a gallon of petrol Shows how it can climb In price now for then It was 28p A gallon its hard to believe that And we Might go into a pub … Continue reading

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Happy birthday Sarah One really has to say To the loveliest octogenarian On this lovely summers day Its almost tropical weather Out there brilliant light How are you coping anyway I hope everythings alright I hear you are off to … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Cori

They live within the earth We walk upon and deep inside Their realness and positivity Its where they live and hide Their truest characteristics So grounded are they, their Use of sloping pastureland And Their setts in which they share … Continue reading

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