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Walter palmer and his mutilation of Cecil

The photograph before my eyes Sends shivers through my brain To do this to the Jungle King You would have to be insane What vile disgraceful butchers What disrespectful sods What dire humiliation Insulting all the gods That ever looked … Continue reading

Cecil and his family

The improbity and the lack of conscience fogged the whole affair The indifference of the hunters so detached so unaware The complicity and unfaithfulness,its true chicanery They are totally unprincipled and they seal their infamy They lose contact with humanity … Continue reading

Rollright’s roll. (And so do we)

Lets never forget those who have passed Our ancestors for they have cast Their knowledge wide and we follow through Our crops are important for they all do Sow and harvest the goodness store Bake our bread thats what its … Continue reading

Star Signs and the evil dentist

The stars are coming out for Cecil Clearly he had become A personality in his own right And his killing it does numb Those of us who felt his spirit And Those stars who truly care Like the saint who … Continue reading

Customers of the evil dentist

A dentist of all people A carer so to say By being his customers The profit he does pay These rotters out in Africa With all the vile dark games To lure wild lions From protection So no matter what … Continue reading


Anyone who can machine gun pigs from an aeroplane And then support a hunter whose done wrong Has got to get a ticket to the hell we are sending him to For its clear to me these two just don’t … Continue reading

All lions deserve better

A National Park offers freedom Free born free bred and heart whole This was special Lion 13 years old A wonderful spirit and soul A master of all his surroundings The king of his jungle was he Untrammelled unshackled uncurbed … Continue reading

Hunting Speak

These killers use words thoughtfully Harvesting equates to murdering It beats me Conservation rates Improved by further killings Its an arrogant point of view Created by the psychopaths Because that is what they do Deep down somewhere in their socks … Continue reading

Cecil and the American Dentist

Zimbabwe Cecil’s place of birth A National Park was where He lived his life in harmony And clearly learned to share His whereabouts with humans Putting up with all of that Wearing a GPS collar So they knew where he … Continue reading

Message for sadistic men of the Faroes

This is channelled information Via our networks in the sea From the great whale hierarchy Through your universe to me We are precious in the ocean Our existence absolute Our survival is essential Our actuality the root Under the sun … Continue reading

A poisonous state of affairs

Is it revenge that the islanders feel For the toxicity of their every meal The threat to their infants inside the womb Possibly shortening their path to the tomb Methyl mercury and PCB’s And subsequently of course they seize The … Continue reading

Standing knee high in the blood they caused laughing their heads of

Laughter they can laugh Up to their knees in blood and snot What a resounding and funny joke That they dare laugh a lot Whole families they have wiped out And yet these retards feel This is the time to … Continue reading


Hails from Metz The north east of France At the confluence of the Moselle And Seille A very gentle lady who certainly Looks well A softness and a gentleness A luminary she With a vividness and brilliance Sits resplendently A … Continue reading


Born and bred in Singapore And found his way we hear To Preston, not far from Manchester Where they have strange ways, I fear Divyael is a healing man He wears his bangles well A gentle calming influence And doesn’t … Continue reading


Don’t believe. Cuadrilla They are mistaken Fracking truthfully Is a fracking crime Just go out to Brisbane Go to Philadelphia Realise these bastards are good at crime T But bloody bad at doing anything about it Protect the land we … Continue reading


Eighteen islands Forty seven thousand or so there The diet is of fish mainly In this polluted planet mono fucking diets Don’t get you anywhere Killing loads of pilot whales As this mob tend to do Loaded with methyl mercury … Continue reading

Torture out in the street

Its hard to get ones head around this spitefulness Its a vicious streak that stems from the heart of man A plug ugly desperado a worker of iniquity Torturing a camel all part of a plan To dupe the passers … Continue reading

Payback from the elephants

Our habitat is stolen almost every day Trucks and cranes and JCB’s Seem tO make their play They knock down all our favourite trees And clear our paths away For centuries we follow them And so we have to say … Continue reading

Denmark and its navy

Its seems that Denmark is adamant on all fronts If the Faroe islanders want to murder whales Whatever they joined up to in the EEC This debacle really seems to tip the scales In Denmark they are not happy with … Continue reading

Master of the emotions hormones and assorted ailments

The Biontology master Henry Northcroft West Hampstead’s answer to the travelling seer With his box of tricks designed by Johan Boswinkel Took the mighty M1, and got here I am quite a complex but simple fellow A poet and a … Continue reading

Face to face with a killer

I cannot see his eyes His soul though is not resident Smothered in the rich red blood And the enjoyment and content The meanness of the murdering phase Will be with me now all my days An inflexibility Brute force … Continue reading

More of the grind

The narrow minded islanders Fanatics through and through Their reality is shot away Just watch them and you do Realise their prejudice Their clanishness for they Rebut all sentient argument And continue to make their play There is complete mindlessness … Continue reading

Fracking under greenbelt land and forests

The absurdity and ineptitude Of fracking Of giving a green light To corporates who Care little for the environment Thats the environment shared by many Their energy is a negative They do Resent the people who would want Our heritage … Continue reading

Turkeys and their lot

Farm Workers have become the new Breed of men Who threaten and punish They do not know when The beatings will stop The torture is high If you are a farm animal You are going to die Before that the … Continue reading

Denmark and the Faroe islanders

It happened today in a place faraway From here but the resounding force Of one hundred and fifty beautiful whales Driven and slaughtered of course The grind as its called in the Faroes Supported by Denmark who chose To sail … Continue reading

Mercy for animals. Pig life

4 years young So I am hung My throat cut I bleed out Before this utter torture If you were in any doubt Just go see what happened A piglet Had my tail Snipped off by some arse ole Clearly … Continue reading


In Vietnam the slaughterhouses adopt a vile technique Sledge hammering a beautiful cow Healthy and at her peak So that human so called beings can chew upon their meat Having stolen all their precious milk Everyday of every week Their … Continue reading

Tysons chickens a life of 42 days each one Hell

No one would believe the hell they go through This is not what life’s about for sure Birds designed with wings are meant for flying For flapping for some space its natural law But factory farms are camps of concentration … Continue reading

That wolf never stood an earthly

those Armenian soldiers Sicko’s for sure Find a wild wolf And then just ignore Its presence its shyness Its sedentary style And then start to taunt it And sadly defile Be off handed and scurrilous Sadistic and cruel Vindictive and … Continue reading

Cooking a dog whilst its friends look on

Loyalty was earned But the canines will be burned The others in the cage Have their internal rage To contend with as they see As they feel his agony Their nervous pitiful state On edge having to wait As a … Continue reading