Monthly Archives: June 2021

Hare hunting

The Hunting Act  supposed to have ended this  horror The  Evilness out there And all in plain sight it isn’t the first  time And it won’t be the last Wild Hare’s are hunted and are  being  killed fast Hunting with … Continue reading

Summer Solstice in the winking of an eye

The longest day and the shortest night Summer at last here Nature  is always good to us She Provides the crops most dear   the pandemic, a phenomena Some of the grey suits they contaminated the air waves in their … Continue reading


The Cotswold Initiation is veracity and more an honourable bevy of soulful friends with ritual at their core seeking words and wisdom and clarity and style an elegance and harmony with the sabbats all the while reflecting on the Natural … Continue reading

Green Bay

The Naturalness the verdancy green leafed grass lime and moss a Green Bay not so far away where the Sage and Willow cross where animals and fishes. and birds sleep peacefully And enjoy not being eaten where Olivine grow free … Continue reading


Scales of Keratin such structure and elasticity this hobgoblin of the heated plains a resilient soul who be Novel in  its peculiar gait Attractive  one might say Who loves  a tasty termite anytime of day the tragedy for Pangolins is … Continue reading

Little lambs eat ivy

the woollen coats that smother us that farmers sell for wool the need to  shear it from us that is when they pull us over on the shear board and slice it all away manhandle us just counting every penny … Continue reading