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Wilbur Earl Tannent and Rob Bilott and the Dupont case

A farmer of consequence Once lived with raptures Content in his being Beholding to time Is cows were his buddies That fed from his hands All his emotion In his best laid plans His family were gently folk Hardworking caring … Continue reading

Tower hill garage KIA Chipperfield, kings langley herts WD49LR

Kia this is a message From a customer of yours About the above garage Worthy of such applause They are a miraculous outfit Civil in every way Its always a joy to go there Anytime of day All the staff … Continue reading


Assertivness is a tightrope that one walks upon And a pole that help’s one balance as one goes Its important that one’s feet are strong and healthy Its no good having chilblains on your toes You can walk through any … Continue reading


Triodos my favourite bank In all the world today Caring sharing ethical In every thoughtful way Banking with veracity In everything they do Unpretentious and friendly Their vision coming through Imaginative and inventive Outside the box I say Triodos gets … Continue reading

Philip Hasco

A trader Whose eager Helpful and caring He rang me today Well disposed to sharing His time He was patient And willing to be Instrumental In sorting stuff Now out for me Mr Catalyst Bitcoin Effective was he Steadfast his … Continue reading

Manimpex 2

Working with God’s materials Manimpex shows us how We chose the Rainbow Granite And The adjective is WOW it comes from out of Africa Namibia perhaps Beyond the mantle layer Igneous rock that wraps Itself in quartz and feldspar Cooling … Continue reading


Such individual reality With ethics to admire A dash of near nirvana And visionary fire Considerable and weighty Implicit in their thinking Indispensable for me With this pandemic Sinking Our very lives apparent to A communistic state Wretched in so … Continue reading

Bullion by POST

On a cold covid day Whats better than toast You got it thats quick! Yes BULLION BY POST Siver and Gold Peter and Paul Their system is tight And overall Easy to contemplate Brilliant, despite All the restrictions These two … Continue reading

Good Energy

A stalwart campaigner A GREEN pioneer Thats Juliet Davenport Yes and the year 1999 A long time ago When she took on the fossil Fuel giants, you know Not exactly an enviable position to be But she was a champion … Continue reading

The Phone Coop

How refreshing it was To listen and hear A crisp voice of clarity Sweet to the ear Good intonation Creative and true A friendly and welcoming Message from you A consumer cooperative Raring to go Helpful and caring That much … Continue reading

Kristjan Loftsson 59 and 60

Pre-occupied with killing An addiction so to say Wrapped up in its being Obsessed in every way Really tunnel vision And illogicality Unrigorous and muddled With a dose of lunacy A multiple personality An inferiority A clinical depressive Away from … Continue reading

Digital genius you might be

The genius who made computers Digital brains may be Presumptive script It’s bloody well ripped Through the heart of me Is it your intelligence So robotic through and through Or is it you are just the Pratt Who does what … Continue reading

They won the market but lost their way somewhat

Thirty years ago or so Xintang you could say was born They started making jeans for export Reaching their new dawn They had some good cheap labour And raw materials too And a high percentage of artisans Who really really … Continue reading

3 and Kunal in Mumbai

Satisfaction guaranteed Service which is what we need Loyalty is how we feel 3 are truly very real Kunal resident of Mumbai A personable soul Who does so try Listens, helps and Is very good You feel he cares Which … Continue reading

Ethics and Greenwash

Greenwash the corporates pay the parasites to write them up ethically when in point of fact its probably the exact opposite, but fools more people most of the time Continue reading

Grass cutter ants and Wall Street

Observation of the simple things in life teaches us more than you can ever learn from these economists Continue reading

Triple Bottom Line

I’m sad that only Legislation forces people to Do their duty on Environmental Standards who