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Summer Solstice in the winking of an eye

The longest day and the shortest night Summer at last here Nature  is always good to us She Provides the crops most dear   the pandemic, a phenomena Some of the grey suits they contaminated the air waves in their … Continue reading


The Cotswold Initiation is veracity and more an honourable bevy of soulful friends with ritual at their core seeking words and wisdom and clarity and style an elegance and harmony with the sabbats all the while reflecting on the Natural … Continue reading

Universities make me sick

John Hopkins University And so many more besides Are inappropriate and wilful Behind closed doors oft hides Disrespect and mismanagement Irreverence there too Paltriness and meanness Doing what they do Owls these wise wild nocturnal souls Captured and portrayed As … Continue reading

Stone henge

A world heritage Neolithic site In the whole wide world the only one And its just down to some Minister That itself does stun The average soul I have to say What we do have here Has so much reverence … Continue reading

Seen in the Chiltern Hills at Ringshall a tiny hamlet

A counter charm cometh One warm April day Where Beech and Oak stand guard And one’s personal rhythym May hover they say Seeking truth Between awareness and ignorance we Its the realms of consciousness That we suddenly see A spirit … Continue reading

Road kill and Neolithic remains

Today I drove to Oxfordshire To the ancient ROLLRIGHT Stones It was dull when I left Hertfordshire But by lunch time many tones From the light intensely vivid And every kind of hue Depicted on the roadsides Produced a scintillating … Continue reading

The Jinmenken

Twas an eerie darkness In old Japan Glazed eyes tired mind And I began To imagine things Magically they Looked back at us Like wearisome fae All Seemed surprised By us And one did say Leave us do We have … Continue reading

Stone Henge

Come with me be wild and free The Druid orders constancy Robed and well Each ancestral spell Cast diligently The great plain we see The chalk below And earthworks deem Well trodden paths Where rituals seem The ancient emboldened corvidae … Continue reading


A message from the heart to Grant Shapps MP Enlightenment and true respect And longevity The unconscionable continuance The incessant flowing meme STONEHENGE iN perpetuity A continuance to dream. For ever and for always For as long as men have … Continue reading


Merlina’s dead Though some might smile Legends these days Are off their dial The Tower of London Had a Raven A bird goddess Of great style One Of seven but now She has died Its bad for us Though thats … Continue reading

Tiers for souvenirs a druidic lament

Yule the fuel Of thoughtfulness Of compassion And of endings The ancient Stone Henge Secreted on the marvellous Salisbury Plain There where druids Come to feel their ancestral Spirit rising Sadly the pandemic Put the dampers on us again The … Continue reading

Healing women

Healing women Why should they be Looked down upon If it were me A women found with A healing streak Using herbs and potions I would surely seek Out her knowledge For let me say Healing women Compared to today … Continue reading

The time of day

Lacy branches Leaflessly Allows the November Sun to be Hiding gazing Meditation A bird or two Find their salvation Black of feather Underside of slate and purple Far and wide Defiance in a daring way Challenging The time of day

Holly (wood)

A tinne a bar of iron Forged deep in a fire Using holly the charcoal A chieftan would he tire God of thunder A warrior whose spirit Males intent No nobler tree In all the wood Evergreen was meant Flowers … Continue reading

Stone Henge

Grant Shapps He is no mystic No Druid, Witch Not he He approved a two mile Tunnel Under the stones And we Sit back and gaze at the Neolithic grandeur as we pass The henge Known the world over And … Continue reading

My little dryad friend

A tree nymph I once met Who lived in an old oak tree She told me she was greek They are shy, normally I told her I had three names Rex william artemis And she was just drawn to me … Continue reading

The cucking stool

To the so called men Or judges who dared Ever to say Healing caring women Should suffer and should pay The obtuseness and stupidity Of men who thought they had The right to torture healers Their aloofness more than sad … Continue reading


Tell me How tall was Hecate It all feels greek to me Associated with crossroads Night lights, and witchcraft she be A kind of Titan goddess Her domains the sky the earth the sea A lot of followers loved her … Continue reading

My Hazel Staff

Poetry and intuition Thats my Hazel staff An affinity with water From ancient woodland Half as olde As One Methusela Mercury its deity Its gender being masculine Ruled by the sun Where heat is free Good for wands And divining … Continue reading

SAFFRON (Crocus Sativa)

From the ancient gods I flourish My truth and exactitude Factual and ungarbled And was always viewed As communicating colour And a heady trail of scent A real reliability My sincerity was spent Soaking up the sun My planet so … Continue reading

Mandrake (Mandragora Officinale)

Some twenty other names For this plant poison Anthropomorphon, and the Sorcerers Root Racoon Berry , Mannikin Woman drake and Hexenmannchen It’s gender Masculine And Of some repute Ruled by the planet Mercury Whose Element is fire Hecate and Hathor … Continue reading

Foxgloves(Digitalis Purpurea)

“Witches thimbles “Deadmens’s bells” “Cow flop“ three names for The foxgloves There are many many many more Feminine their gender Planet Venus element water Powers of Protection, They Are finger like Biennial plants Well loved by the Fae Never cut … Continue reading

Wolf’s Bane (aconium napellus)

Dumbledores delight Thor’s Hat and Cupid’s ear A gender that Is feminine The planet Saturn’s near Element is water And Hecate she be Protecting and reality Invisibility When added to sachets guarding solidly Against the dreaded werewolves That happen for … Continue reading

Sage (salvia officianalis)

Of masculine gender Where Jupiter rules Element air Immortality calls Longevity too Wisdom it’s there Eat it every day And just feel aware Carry it in your bag And the evil eye You won’t have to worry Wave it good … Continue reading

Mullein (verbascum thapus)

Aaron’s Rod Graveyard Dust Candle wick all names A Feminine gender So the spirit claims The Planet Saturn ruling Its element Is fire The Deity is Jupiter Powers can’t get higher Than courage, and protection Health And Divination Mullein is … Continue reading

St Brigid

As the goddess of poetry She was the one Born exactly at sunrise In tune with the sun From her forehead a flame Rose into the sky Up into heaven The holiest high Giving new life Made the dead walk … Continue reading


Quercus Alba Duir Juglans Masculine that’s so Ruled by the Sun Element Fire Deities Dagda And Erato Protection power and money Religious idols were Made of oak And witches loved Dancing they confer Under A handsome oak tree And Druids … Continue reading


Lactuca Sativa The common old lettuce Of feminine gender It’s planet the moon It’s powers are protection Sleep and divination And feeling sublime and just being in tune Where love is concerned Burned and yearning Rub some on your forehead … Continue reading


Catnip known by cat lovers Around the world The felines do activate excite and purr It’s significant powers are true Feminine gender it had to be The planet Venus and water Is it’s element And Bast its deity Used widely … Continue reading


Honeysuckle Lonicera Caprifolium Gender it be masculine It’s element is Earth It’s planet of course Jupiter Where it gains its worth Ring green candles with its flowers To attract the money tree Rub lightly crushed flowers On one’s forehead And … Continue reading