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Dumbing down is working

Humans are easily fooled these days But animals at least Instinctively know what feels right or wrong And any beast Coming under fire from the vibrations of the earth Tsunami’s earthquakes solar flares The animals show their worth Smart meters … Continue reading


Back in the year of my father Asylums each country possessed Existence and life they were brothers A connection it has to be stressed An affinity for one another Though a contrariness in a way They really resembled each other … Continue reading

Coldplay and the true feelings

Timeliness An auspicious moment in life The great possibility Freedom from strife To let ourselves go In a spiritual way With the freedom to dream And to hear them Coldplay A momentous ritual The occasion to be In one’s fathers … Continue reading


The role of a parent The role of a doctor The role of BIG pharma And governments too What should be given Who should agree to it Why are their guinea pigs What did they do A baby was offered … Continue reading

Del Bigtree Producer

Whistle blowers stand before The fraudulent and shout When all around the populous Expound their share of doubt The corporate and pathological Giants wave their fists As victims suffer badly And the medical world resists Up steps Dr Wakefield An … Continue reading

Hide and seek a game some of us know

Those who we have damaged Are crying inside Some cannot speak Some want to hide But who should be locked up The children or you The medical people Who do what they do Flog vaccination And, so by doing Inject … Continue reading

Ethyl Mercury

Everything we ever make commercially Is saddled with the cost factor we know corporate profit needed to be thought about With all the fingers in the pie to show A decent margin that must be ongoing Its what arguments are … Continue reading

Autism and the claim made by Katie Hopkins

It be your presumption Your hypothesis That autism stems From a crazy thesis An excuse to claim benefit From the big pot No Katie Hopkins That isn’t the lot Of parents with Children whose instinctive minds Register sadness Under the … Continue reading


Being riddled with consternation Being lost in such dismay For want of a bit more courage I hesitate to say My daughter she has problems The school she’s at appears To not understand her predicament And so heightens her fears … Continue reading

A spectrum disorder

The rate of growth in environmental Quarters The inoculant that subdues The spirit child Who is medically disabled Potentially enabled Who has crossed the current Boundaries Bordering on the wild We refuse to understand Their coordination A gift alongside their … Continue reading

Thimerosal don’t believe a word they say

Thimerosal One has to ask oneself why truthfully The terrible irreverence The under valuation It’s been of course an outrage A complete humiliation The cavaliers created A vaccine so unflattering An unworthiness A stark reproach As bacteria was scattering A … Continue reading

Consanguinity who knows

Autism comes to the fore at this time its a phenomena and as we note numbers climb clearly its complex authenticity nothing is the same and why should it be each of our finger tips bear different lines every individual … Continue reading

A darker shade of grey

The Thesaurus of Roget lists autism under selfishness self consideration, self love how can we say something we ourselves inflicted on others should be classified or our vaccination process and nutritional array   mercury and poly chlorination these are serious … Continue reading

iniquity and eugenics

A web of such iniquitous behaviour stretches far and wide it sinks into our bodies encouraging a  downward slide   meddling with our precious genes corrupting our pure DNA America has spawned a great satanic cult of scientists who with … Continue reading

a dead boy and a chasm of melancholy

What ever happens to let ourselves go into the clutches of druggists who grow ever so powerful subjecting those who look for a crutch in the big pharma zoo   there is never a crutch just respite that may really imbalance … Continue reading

What are they doing to our children really

Dr Peter Fletcher has retired But he is still around Able to think And not be so fearful And his thoughts They may astound Some but in a nutshell The complacency he feels Is genuine and thought out And of … Continue reading

its all about awareness

Autism awareness that truthful embrace with the darkness around us who can keep pace?   with life anyway where humility stands unpretentiousness watches some of our fans   are we alone in our heads or are we part of the … Continue reading

Ohio’s date with shame

a general lack of understanding where judgement went  awry ignorance, its everywhere and incapacity, but  why? superficiality unwisdom, let me say obscurantists sadly making others pay   for their innate disinterest in another’s  state of mind autism isn’t known enough … Continue reading

Autism and arrogance

this a condition of our times autism makes the scene vaccinations delivering cocktails that have been laced with vile ingredients that test immunity that cause considerable chaos from lack of purity   and some would say it isn’t on the … Continue reading

Autism and chickens

A local council stipulated there was not to be chickens kept in homes not residentially one family had an autistic son who derived a lot of fun from having chickens in the yard and sitting in the sun with them … Continue reading

Vaccines Autism and the neural pathways to a life of stress often for lone parents

Medicine is out there and of course Big Pharma who decide that vaccination for whatever, is for you their bids to throw the world wide open really by those who were at risk for some dire illness and as such … Continue reading

Its doesn’t seem fair (which ever way we look at it)

America you have to look within your heart, and see if there’s a glimmer of hope somewhere, for what you do to me I’m said to be autistic but I feel, just like you I have 2 eyes 2 legs … Continue reading

Age of Autism

A phenomenon of the new age yes autism a side effect perhaps of something, we did in an unknowing way it wasn’t contemplated arrogance just knows no boundary an indefinite duration of discovery unconscionable perpetuates and errs highly tuned such … Continue reading

Xena the warrior pup and his autistic friend Johnny

Xena called the warrior pup abused unto, near death given a 1% recovery chance fighting for each breath she battled long and hard she did and was adopted by a family and a little boy called Johnny which is why … Continue reading

Mothering an autistic child ( just a brief snapshot)

Mothering an autistic child ranges from sublime through facets that can see you buckle and fall and again climb its an all day all night shift in which great tests will come your way you are dealing with a loved … Continue reading

Autism is nothing but a higher level of understanding

Autism is not a disease Continue reading