The farmers arrogance when dealing with cattle

our very existence is now thanks to you

in jeopardy, BSE means just a few

can take on these pr9nouncements, for they

will worry the life out of them from today

there was a time when GOD given grass

we chewed upon knowing that it was first class

the odd Dandelion and wild herbs at our feet

we loved how they tasted so incredibly sweet

but then of course Mr Anonymous Git

fed us on cows and the shit quickly hit

the fan, BSE was like the 3 letter word

it appears you have not learned much

from what has occurred

from now tis proposed that toxic waste ash

can be sold to the farmers to generate cash

for those poor sods like the quarryman kilns to the fore

who burns toxic waste

breaking Natural Law

we might only be cows but how long have we stood

around watching you,watching us  and we should


advise you observing We are sorry that we

believe man alone  gave the world BSE

so to burn toxic chemicals and breathe them in

is to our minds Dear Sirs a considerable sin

but to then have the nerve to collect up the ash

and add to our food

its remarably brash

calcium thats what tis said, that it be

and this muck will fortify milk instantly

and are you prepared for what will be for sure

till this moment we looked up to you

But no more


poem written 21/8/1996






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If you know someone who knows someone

if you know someone who knows someone

whose researched these GMO’s

and seems au fait with what

is out before their tiny nose

on this precious little earth

of ours where some do  deem

to poison with dreadful sprays

waterways and stream


they  will log the forest dry

and play around with genes

clone sheep and a cat

and a vampire bat

and even soya beans

these vultures sit a waiting

to pick the bones of those

who works all hours

amongst the flowers

where in the fields still grows


the sweet organic Soya

rich organic wheat

Biodynamic Millet

the foods some of us eat

for some would steal the limelight

and introduce the dark

the evil fetid odours

gene splicing for a lark


across the species barrier

hybridization they

guilty they are guilty

in the cold light of the day

the facts  no one knows enough

about these GMO’s

infants we are, they are

with muck between our toes

and they with brains like peanuts

compared with god on high

now fake decions for us all

I say to them Goodbye.


written  13/5/1999




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Dead flesh Consumption

the Meat eating fraternity’s allegations tend

to be pointed towards  the Vegan

But as today’s Vegans We need to send

Our message of  the families

that are tortured everyday

female cows are mothers

our god given powers to say


its wrong you take our offspring

And  eventually force me

Steal my babies nutrition

and quite possibly


watch as they are carted off to death camps

their dead flesh known as Veal

We animals have feelings

and emotions that are real


abuse us, we have hearts and souls


We care

we love our little babies

our milk we want to share

with them,

but you larcenists steal

yes every  drop

really how unfair is that

its a practice that must stop


we clearly are  just  chattels,

seldom given free


to  go and  ruminate

On wild plants  that are growing

with the green grass of the field

Their medicinal properties

And so  much  more they yield

balancing our digestion

But Now on GM we must be,

the Guinea  pigs,   feeding us soya

and grains,  and so many pills

Its to make us grow  faster and  heavier

yes these are your new age  skills


that farmers are  now using

beating the  retail system

margins  now abusing

everything really that we

are about

we have no freedom

of that there is no doubt


we become stock alive alive oh

tortured and uncared for

and now we all go

onto the truck pushed

and prodded

Arriving at the abattoir soon

those iron gates that creak

When often

we take our last look at the


in the sky

inside the vile stink

the screams and  the blood

its as if we don’t think

we dont care we dont cry

its as if  we don’t know

that we are going to die


At the crossroads of life

the contraption

where we are aggresively pushed

our throats cut


as the oxygen flies and our rich blood

doth gush

we think of our families

and then the big rush


of forces as blackness takes over

from light

its all over


as days become night


abstaining really is not weird at all

its not joining a clan

its hearing our call

its being more spiritual

eating live foods

in your body the richness of plants

that exudes

perfectly balanced nutrition so green

chlorophyl and minerals

setting your scene


our dead flesh and organs rapidly


attract every maggot

around on that day

you then wear our skin its your leather

Our pain

that skin was alive

We are driven insane


our bones become gelatine

for aspics and jelly

marshmallows and brawn

Its awfully smelly

our bones burned and used

to stain sugar

soft brown

we become valuable

you go to town


tortured and murdered

its your karmic debt

hung in the clouds of terror

its set

diseases may hit you

and,when they do

think hard on the factor

that we did love you


some cattle now anger

in their fields maybe so

But why they are  like that

perhaps now you know.


inspired by Cat lady 12


















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Seals have have hearts and souls

Two great big eyes
Thats what we see
A heart a soul
It could be me
Well who can say
A Seal needs help
From us today
Some men can bludgeon
Can watch us bleed
ThecSeal because
on Cod they feed
We have to share
For selfishness
Gets us no where.

Written to Canadian P M
17/10 1996

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Real Hope written 27thdecember1999

with what is happening now  its a thoughtful process to look back


The change is now upon us

as this year draws to its close

2000 the millenium in all

our  spirit grows

Mutations at a level

Of cellular degree

Are happening all over

Our planet thankfully


So many are experiencing

there immune systems at low

and endocrine disruption

will for a time grow

For there is change in earnest

as another helix formed

our dna is altering

but few of us have warmed


To exactly what is happening

and to get one’s head around

Such things are provingdifficult

For many folks around

The quest for real alternatives

Vibrational desire

to get away from allopathic techniques

To move higher


Out of  that destructive mode

To sensitivity that heightens

When one vibrates on a different energy

the power of love is keenly sought

To search its better too

Geneticists know so much more

than they are telling you


and whilst all this is happening

Some would try to draw

Comparisons with history

Maintaining death and war

corporation dinosaurs blunder too and fro

they have grown to big, so insensitive

To energy and flow

Greed Self  and Egotistical

the unloved tribe think power

But soon the people will rise up

and over them will tower


wrote 27 th December 1999





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A Christmas message from Tesco

Their Christmas message loud and clear
Get two jabs and just shop here
Tesco call it Boris Land
Where big pharma’s understand
Covid passports Face nappies too
And Even the snowman is feelingblue
The music of government in my ear
Drowning out the apparent cheer

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The Periodic Tables

The Periodic Table of the elements

have so much going for them

but few see

the elements related to our environments

they fail to see the similarity

Calcium and Strontium are Sisters

Potassium and Caesium are too

Iron and what is hell on earth Plutonium

but this is what the scientists could do

use the brains they have

and walk the avenue

a spot of logic and a slice of care

in a world where bottom lines run riot

science might pretend its everywhere

for where we grow our food the soil is dying

minerals usurped some years before

the supermarket moguls want big margins

and growers pay in blood for keeping score

twas NPK and Leibig on his deathbed

he uttered his last words

and gave free reign

to Tom’s To Dick’s to Harry’s

yes to all of them who in so many words

had much to gain

but a tragedy exists for all and sundry

the agony is long without an end

Cancer is advancing now unchallenged

in the etheric world I now suspend

insidiously, the sisters are advancing

quietly they irradiate each soul

Colloidal and chelation have their place now

a resting place that could produce a goal



Copy of a poem I wrote 25/2/2000

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Shell oil and blasting

Shell oil calls itself after a natural organic shell
But I believe their actions in the ocean create HELL
Drop the S &stop the Seismic blasting right away
For doing it 4gas &oil is a price 2high 2pay
Its going to kill the whales the dolphins all the fish
And so
Boycott SHELL

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Omicron and delta
An anagram of which
Spells out Media Control
So relevant to pitch
The two of them together
Names chosen cleverly
Delta was the Indian
And omicron we see
Was an Italian film
Of dystopia from 1963

Clearly no coincidence then

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Silvertops killings

The silver tops thrown into care homes
Many with covid they said
And many would choke out on their own vomit
So many soon would be dead
They were the veteran people
Their stint in war and in life
No ventilation that was the rule
In their last throes awful strife

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Waking up

Waking up like the cicada’s
In deep sleep so many had been
We couldn’t believe what was happening
All of the fields looked so green
But freedom became hard to manage
Lockdowns the gov’t way
Mask up in your open prisons
And just teach yourselves how 2 pray

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Lockdowns c/o boris of johnston

Waking up like the cicada’s
In deep sleep so many had been
We couldn’t believe what was happening
All of the fields looked so green
But freedom became hard to manage
Lockdowns the gov’t way
Mask up in your open prisons
And just teach yourselves how 2 pray

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Adversity caused by science

When a daughter cant kiss a dying mother
Or a mother a dying child
Banned from the solace &sadness presented
The whole sombre time they defiled
The heart & the soul
It was covid, add an r & an e
Divorce an anagram sadly
Arrogant adversity

Government all erred in reality

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Greece and its present tyranny

In Greece if you refuse the jab
If over 60 you
Will get a monthly fine
Each month thats until you do
Dystopian so Ugly
Tyranny the awe
Who ever thought this good idea
Is breaking every law

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Happy Christmas
The sky is grey
And little sun
Wear hour masks
Take your test
Stay at home
You know its best
England the Chinese call us brave
But we are disunited
For Christmas coming 1 2 3
Dystopia and tyranny

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Masks the Lone Ranger

Masks u c them everywhere
Our acidic blood creates
unhygienic disposal
So many have these traits
Our wild life is hurting
Hanging on the 🌴🌴
Floating down the rivers
Flapping in the breeze
Our snotty grotty face nappies
Really its unfair
Apparently Unconscious
& just unaware

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The only true blue Tory

Desmond Swayne
Knows about pain
And freedom, to decide
He feels it,as so many do
And why should we be denied
This archaic masking
Its wrong on every count
And threatening us with
a hefty fine really is tantamount

To wrong and makes no sense

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More dystopia

Boris seems to have his sights
On drawing up a Bill of Rights
Judging by his last two years
This factor leaves me with more fears
More tyranny and dystopia
Lockdowns and control
Freedom just a memory
As the West loses its soul



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The crazies

We all become lone Rangers
Masked up In the store
In the pub we ditch them
Boris knows the law
Masked up Dirty pockets
Fibre on our breath
Expressionless behind the mask
&fear &perhaps death
Socially we wont c smiles
Thats saddening 2me
freedom sadly thats another

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Soul or no soul that is the question

Its alright for drinkers
To go into pubs
God Boris has told us so
For children however to go to school
They must be masked
Its to show
Them and their parents
How the control
Is working its come
From a man without soul

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NewZealand and its dictator with the teeth

That leader from New Zealand
She’s given us permission
To visit friends at Christmas
We all are on remission
We can use their inside toilet
Share their toilet seat
And wash our hands
And use their towel
Before we sit and eat

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Dystopia today

Being compliant
In masking our face
A graceless gesture
For me a disgrace
For a govt to act
A dystopian sin
Is how I react
Total irreverence
Disdain and all
Every women and man
Seen as their fool

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Omicron an Italian film
Back in 1963
Its playing out right now folks
Irreverence for free
Christmas spent in lockdown
Father Christmas queer
Kissing a half dressed patron
Yes its happening this year
Both my parents they have died
But are now  sharing all my tears


they died 30 years ago

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Siberia and its angelic realms

Snow to sky
White to blue
Siberia a swirling mass
Of diadems so true
A sight not for our sore eyes
Where gentle Musk Ox roam
Contemplating life itself
In their precious home

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We may set our gas fields down
Ugly filthy dirt
It is where sore eyes
Become sorer, and the hurt
From all the unseen angel creatures
Smothered yes we killed
Their true organic life force
And are now being billed


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Variants on a theme

The variants are coming
Spreading across the land
For its to be our time you see
For us to understand
To appreciate each other
And realise that we
Really are the ninety nine per cent

And thats the certainty

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He acts like a rooster
Flogging the Booster
Another dollop of toxicity
So many saying
Science is baying
But masks chum
They are not for me

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40 new hospitals
More doctors than ever
Where the fcuk are they
You don’t have to be
To see one
You have to be dying
Or already dead
Thats if you ask me.

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Camp Beagle

What evil lies inside

the so called farms of ill repute

torturing tiny Beagle babes

hurt but always resolute

each an inner warrior

charming and friendly, they

despite the jackboot treatment

still wag their tails and say



Hope Spring Eternal

we can hear the true warriors outside

forever chanting shouting sighting and crying


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Corporate cops

The corporate Cops

stand guard

Whilst baby Beagles

face true wrath

warriors living outside

they know the evil path

the vivisectionist  medics take

Cops eyes wide open see

absolutely nothing

nor hear the screams that be

Emanating from the yard

innocence knows pain

Born  in

some dark puppy mill

some shitty vile dark drain

Beaten up and bloody

No motherly  comforts here

just the ugly loathing

and the bloody awful fear.




Camp Beagle a hell hole in Huntingdon








from the place

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