The threat for Fauci

What for me is Medical,Tyranny

experimentation on

beagle puppies

babies the sandfly torture


the ethics and the morals

spending Public money to

create what they now call Beagle Gate

and what technicians do

the NIH is  guilty

torture is their thing

Fauci and his cohorts

tragically they bring

weird sadistic torture
to a frightening degree

experimenting on Beagle pups

who cried incessantly

their little heads inside mesh bags

full of sandflies they

then removed their vocal chords

and for that did pay

and Fauci knew the process

Tyranny  it be

Tunisia was doing it

Paid for agony

on babies just imagine  it

the Institute of Health

paying US  dollars

from its massive wealth


White  Coast Waste has told us

this is what they do

and the vile and horrid  reason

and why and how its  true

and Fauci and his experts

Of course they sleep at night
I mean its just a puppy dog

the results prove we are right

Leishmaniais the causation

the pesky sandflies they

actually bite their heads off

its excruciating way


than imagination

Its horror all the way

and these weasels in their white  coats

and masks of course delay

telling us how they are spending

hard earned dollars

thats because they are gods

reality  though  tell me

they are cruel and spiteful sods.

really making rods

For their own backs

If it leaks out

denials there will be

but what we know is at

the Rainbow Bridge

it is etched in blood

And we

Pay in life for what we do

oaths taken apart

The Nih is guilty

guilty from the start.











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The threat of a Biden

The contempt now shown for China

the disrespect and thought

having a fool in government

has anything now taught,

the bullies of this present world

the folly of  their ways

presenting us all with a nutter

with mean and petty ways


a figure head,  a puppet

a brain dead juvenile

despised and spurned by everyone

the poor sods off the dial

the press there in America

Covering his back

He is  clearly not the President

aware of all the flack



this business overChina

and Taiwan has rocked the boat

his dereliction of duty

he can hardly float

in a storm now of his making

a sluggish absent fool

who should be in a fucking cell

or chained up to the wall


of course China is worried

the East the West apart

threats now in the warring mix

neither side has heart

he is odd

he is queer

a mental case

his sullenness


not the sharpest dagger in the box

he should be forced to kneel


On his knees and pray aloud

To realise his worth

and the politics and stupor

thats raging now on earth

What is  now raging irreverence

truthers everywhere

are up against the stupid ignorant

arse oles of despair


where’s the wondrous wonder

Where’s  the truthers sense

this idiot as President

Of course it makes  things tense

the common soul

That walks the street

can giggle at his state

What he says and how he says

what he says, berate

every politician supporting him and say

he ought to now by marched off to the funny farm



no more gaffs no more crap

the Commander and  Chief

Supposedly supported

by Commanders of grief

liars, fibbers, rogues and fools

Their irresponsibility

supporting is  a gamble

fast becoming infamy.









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Wuhan, China’s arrogance

Science was the fool

Fauci supplied them money

Which helped them overhaul

sense and comprehension

affirming quality

and an emerging strain of Covid

at the games there tragically


The Military Games a virus was

raging apparently

among the Chinese diaspora

Untruths had seemingly

surfaced, souls affected

in October an exercise

Biological weaponry

That was  about the size


all this crap was going on

the virology they knew

in Washington they understood

but the lid tightly did screw


Fauci knew the score

that was the China Virus

who wants to hear some more






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A plea

The stench of human beings

the fetidness you leave

we Kangaroo’s have feelings

we live fast and achieve

much in this great Continent

in silence we proclaim

in mobs our sobs are echoing

beyond the rich red plain

the outback wild and wearisome

we are designed to be

succeeding in the wildness

born we are  and free


so many of you come with darkness

a murkiness that we

can sense your rotten aura

a sort of infamy

killing for the sake of it

its not as if you need

to murder all our females

and kick them where they bleed

your evil and its relentless

no animal would dare

to torture and  to uglify

The spirit of a prayer

and its all done for the dollar

a measly attitude

gunning down our families

Why are  you so crude


a god designed us too you see

we are perfect I can say

Ethical and sensible

we leap the dusty way

consuming and presuming

that we have a way too

the hectic flush of the shared earth

its where we are living and you

employ the thoughtless shooters

the meat trade wallers who

gun us down for pet food

yes that is  what you do

the mentality of  a heathen

a supposed  vile soul

who murders us for a pittance

a empty headed vole


your stink is now so prevalent

an inertia follows you

yes you are apathetic

What we choose to do

now you kill our joeys

decapitate them, we

kangaroo’s believe alas

you are the monstrosity


and that you strip our precious skin

and make it into shoes

make it into handbags and belts

oh yes we lose our lives

we struggle through the grief and pain

so that you really can

discriminate and violate

and call  yourselves a man

from aircraft you are shooting us

from truck and lights at night

any chance to slaughter us

not question whether its right

just throw your stench around the place

your irrational desire

to murder us  and shout us down

and toss us in your fire

the great god is above all things

he feels your vile contempt

your misreckoning your evil

that you date to attempt

the whole vile dirty business

of murdering at will

with warped and twisted mind sets

to this day set to kill.




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Those resplendent stones  how they stand tall

the antiquity of emotion

It does just over rule

the reason for our ritual

the depiction of the scene

The narrative, the sky above

the grove of trees that lean

inwards,  its been dramatic


robed up in  graphic detail

a realistic one

the light is  being sucked out

with fires lit,  the frosty air

Its The first day of  Winter

And the circle formed to share


winter wheat ground into flour

safely on this day

turf and wood secured for winter fires

All stored away

Resolute and spirited

the order and the guests

absorbing all that history

but that cold wind however tests

the hardy, and the less than hardy

we find our child within

lots of thermals lanterns glowing

Let the ritual begin


respect to the ancestors

we follow in their shoes

the coming together

the energy  brings clues

of previous persuasions

all comers stand in line

experience the energy

And on it all opine

give body to the reasons

an energy of  sorts
All this lockdown nonsense

played heavy on our thoughts

a cross quarter day

the Rollright Moles have been on the case

Turning over fresh green sods

At an alarming pace

With fellowship apparent

the history one feels

its in the coming together

how it all reveals

a significant discourse

and our willingness to be

believing and achieving

our place in history


Sparklers to the ready

a dram or two of mead

all that honey’d sweetness

helps us to succeed

the muse  the odes the stories

the thinning of the veil

remembering those who have passed

and are back to tell the tale

we know they  are there

they always are

many coming from afar









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Its been  a quite a commitment

the struggle of living

these last few years stressing

at the end of the day

But with your moral fibre

and your integrity

you managed it well

Cos you do it your way


I hear its your birthday

now Thats  something special

And  Claudia and Liam

are wanting to share

such admiration and

love and affection

enjoy it Dear  Donald

For they both truly care


I  know you have been through it

the Hospitalisation

but today its your day

so enjoy it and be

Just sitting back

absorbing the closeness

the love,  and affection which really is key


family around you

history smiles

a true celebration

for all of those miles

of effort and caring

The journey though long

Has proved eventful
And you remain strong


able and resolute

so enjoy

The day

its a celebration

in the loveliest way


Happy  Birthday

Donald x














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Julian Assange

Abandoned by Britain In Belmarsh

the unconscientiousness of it all
Out of respect for the murdered who fell

in a shower of bullets  from Hell

THe dishonesty thus prevailing

saw arms in the air  and we see

a closing of ranks and the jangling cranks
of what is just disloyalty

Left in a cell for 2and1/2 years

the criminals have got away

We witnessed the atrocious shooting

on what was for them their last day

an its Julian facing the wrath and the woe

and thunderbolts straight from Hell

America wants to extradite him

something they do very well.





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Democratic Republic of the Congo

Muyicha Mufabule

a man able to prioritise

with logic and with care

in a war torn country

where disunion did share

a large part of  the turmoil

the intricacies of life

labyrinths of complexity

and a frenzy of real strife


years of  such embroilment

laying waste so much

a precursor for the terror

for someone to be in touch

with the heart and soul of Africa

and to realise that he

with wisdom and with order

could attempt to try to free


an awareness of the problems

To focus on the need

with spirit and with candour

to know he could succeed

to set a programme up

and get it going and be sure

to educate,   On environmental

problems which the war


and the villagers were up against

reforestation too

poaching from the villagers

and the long term planning view

war and famine orphaned children

and the widowed wives

the vulnerable

the volcanoes being active

who survives


the lonely and the isolated

regions we can see

to be boundless with ones efforts

Despite the  volatility

to restore the natural order

to innovate and try

to respect the peoples valour

So their  destiny could lie


four and square preparing

an authorship for all

To feel that new resurgence

that people could reply

to inspire the various players

to support and pave the way

to give credence to all comers

to progress and therefore play


a big part in recruiting

others and we see

four years on such progress

in what is a constancy.


so much on the horizon


the real nitty gritty

What is  the chemistry

the worldly and the physical

and generational too

the forests and the pasture

and exactly what to do


the wildness that surrounds us

the animality

the Okapi and the Silver Backs

and their broad ancestry

how we all see being earthlings

with a constant frailty

the need to learn and comprehend

the vast audacity


more thoughtfulness

and lateral thinking

and ethic in our sphere

of  being wholly contemplative

and by so doing clear

so many of the problems

a transformation where

development and charity

the community could share


knowledge and recognition

a profundity of thought

getting the mental balance right

and thus more sage’s sought

A vegan diet   Organic  farming

tree lore we can thank

the forest wild and valuable

All reasons to be frank

the oxygenation process

the fungal web tree’s weave

to destroy such wealth

for firewood

this poet  feels he must  grieve

suffering   that  ignorance

When with  knowledge

we achieve.












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Alchemilla Vulgaris

A rather pretty low growing plant

Whose name suggests  and does

Bring magic  back into our lives

With a promised buzz

its gender it be feminine

Venus its planet too

Love and all its potions

This little soul  rings true


Its very name means alchemy

Imagine that will  you

its magically  a cure all

It creates the purest dew


And its all done magically

a truly healing potion

One of purest ministry


i need to tell the angels

Of its conviction for it gives

ample expectation

And here and there it lives

lets play a song lets realise

Its honour we pursue

for pain for menstrual difficulties

It holds many a clue


with quercitin and gallic acid

and salicylic acid too

A fizz of green thats all

a perennial that is sureness

Ladies Mantle true.

In the Rosacea family

in hedgerows often found

Regulates  menstruation


and lightens freckles its been found

for night sweats and hot flushes

and wound healing as well

the power to adapt the morning dew

makes it a damn good sell

for womenkind all over

Whether tincture or whether tea

Mixed with olive leaves and cumin

for weight loss it can be

a really great suppressant

in a truly healing way

its delicate and tender

it deduces is and needles

and pain effectively

once upon a time

dedicated to

tis said the Virgin Mary

a sunscreen  ver few

ailments cannot be treated

bug bites and some sores

Ladies Mantle the magical one

We must greet it with applause








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Someones silent  friend

was torn and blown with gusto to

the river  and then a stormy sea

a journey had begun

green still living, leaves and all

submerged essentially once tall


now a piece broken away

projecting far,  yes from today

to foreign climes

annexed it be

What would be its inherency


connected now to an ocean wide

really moving with the tide

a world of difference

from whence it came

Part of a tree

blossoms aflame


fighting it way to the canopy

where the light is right

and the air is free

and now in the salty choppy brine

waves a plenty, a relentless sign

floating onwards who knows where

Feeling very  small

And lacking care



a disunion and some discord

a shambolic trail with no reward

windswept windblown



not caught napping

assembled forced of life intact

staying power how to react

Fading light and brightness comes

a massive roll on Nature’s drums


Music in a lilting way

Softens in an untimely spray

drifting cataclysmically

whirl pools flat calm where will we be

in perhaps a year or three

thrice around the world

it seems to me



Deprived  of mothers greener sap

a backdrop from her cherished lap

the randomness of where we be

Neither lady luck or the lottery

Would  play a part in this voyage

lets say

further and further every day


Becoming smoother

the constant floating

Edges cracking

its worth noting

almost a year

has passed since I

was torn from the tree

Which is why I be



here in the maelstrom


its hard to judge

the proximity

of bows of ships

and the constancy

of the silver spray

and the certainty



ten years or more

what do I see

smooth round edges


Ready to whittle

into some art

a piece of driftwood

from the heart






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Full Moon

Yesterdays full moon I see

its gloriousness smiles back at me

a celestial sphere providing light

singularly in my sight

Diana’s face beyond all else

ethereal a gaseous star

Atop  my kitchen window

It doesn’t seem that far

how did the Aborigine

with  his wattle Brush

in his cave , a free,  man

painting a  Kangaroo

30,000 years ago

what he saw

and what I see

the very same epiphany

a hot red land

awake with soul

a beating heart

a light filled bowl

his wilderness

my kitchen scene

the breathing lifeblood

there has been

ahead of us  can we make sense

As to our  fate the same time hence.





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Whale meat and Norway

What can only be described as


indiscriminate slaughter

Norway you

Are violating creation

indictable misdemeanours

unwarrantable and unlawful

this is true

to hear that you are

Dumping dead whale flesh

Back in the sea

or giving it to pet dogs

this is a felony

Spurious and awful

on the wrong side of  the law

Mother Nature  is sobbing

No one  can  ignore

the unrestrained debacle

The self indulgent crime

You abandon all thats above  board

With your gastronomic climb

into unrelenting cruelty and we

Citizens of elsewhere on this planet

Say to  thee

It is  unspeakable villainy

Your conscience where is it

dumping death back in the sea

and where does it all sit

You lot  killing wild souls

Fathers mothers sons

Families being ravaged

throwing back just tons

of dead  whale its contemptible

your so called superiority

paltry to the mean

Roll in  the mire of insanity

these killings are obscene


and tons and tons and tons

of death flesh thrown a’sunder

Wasted in the sea

pollution of a created soul

Is that how it has to be

the world must stand up for the whales

Norway we must fight

sanction every inch and ruddy metre

For its  not right

wrongheaded culpability

Injustice for those

victims of the heinousness

Which plain and simply grows







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There is magic everywhere

Its October and Samhuin will soon

see thinning paths to those who came

Before  and left  to journey far

the ritual fire  the coloured flame

the old brick walls of varying hues

accosted by the seeds of time

greys and silvers splotches come

patterning  I have seen some

All sorts  of colours  meet the eye

deftly brushed framed by the sky

cadmium and brimstone there

grizzly hoary frosted air

unnamed lichens squatters  they

came as seeds from far away

They rest  awhile on stones and wood

seeking crannies

That would  be good

liverworts all crusty souls

apparently with different roles

its all about substance so they say

the goldfinch and chaffinch that work a way

with moss and hair and tendrils dry

like artists so much they apply

threadlike stalks and pointy hats

winter foliage tiny spats

of colour edged with crimson spots

that few see despite lots and lots

only the minutiae apparently

and an odd poet yea like me.






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A gown of magenta

red shoes the song lent her

a sable haired songstress

Plays  intuitive folk

Many sweet  posies

of ancestral  elegance

magically lilting

Sounds that evoke


an historical edge

and enchanting moments

touching the heart strings

Sharing the thought

Exciting the toes

Now joining the rhythm

Bells on her ankles

the audience caught


affecting, inspiring

dramatic desiring

Sara evokes

An excitement where she

The yodelling fae

With colours that sparkle

lilting  and vibrant

whimsical bubbles of

true energy


Seasonal splendour

That enthuses  and wakens

Each musical token

Diane She be

in an aura of wonder

time worn and ancient

folklores and  customs

were woven where she

can absorb all that magic

the blending and mending

And wending her way

To where she just loves to be.

Singing and sharing

her lilting embraces

to those happy faces
enthused naturally.









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Day of the Sloth

A sweet stream of consciousness

quietly converts

the green fertIle world up on high

a significant relevance sensing so much

beyond the canopy out to the sky

a wandering poet with beautiful eyes

a wild and imaginative soul

with insight and empathy

concept and  image

a truly remarkable role

in the forest that movement

True to theirselves

a mystic  allusive they be

awareness is everything

hauntingly so

wild as the wildest tall tree.

today was the day

Picked out for the Sloth

the prophet whose journeys

are slow

taking in everything

and understanding

each step clinging fast

as we know


AIUNALI  Columbia


National Sloth Day 2010


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Merchants have no scruples

Knowing the public are often fooled

and many of  them just don’t  care

and feel seldom galled

leather or fur or even foie gras

out of the scope of the many who are

the designer clothes so often new

as far as the buyers they don’t care

They know the cruelty thats out there

and invoice the fur of course as faux

and the down from chickens

They just  don’t want to know

they forget,  and by then they say

The Margins are better anyway

we have to fixate for Continue reading

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My skin meant so much to me

on the fence the stile the tree

feeling raindrops on my back

its how they use  to be

from my head down to my tail

my skin my precious skin

and now we have reached the death house

that dark drab place of sin

from my head down to my tail

My skin my precious skin

contraptions they were everywhere

Into a hellish din

they hacked off my two front legs

hanging sideways in the air

my skin bleeding profusely

It just was never fair

waiting quietly for my maker

the bloody Leather  Industry.

greasy broken finger nails

and shit for eyes it feels to me.


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The skin of a mother

Whose calves were all taken

whose milk was all sold

whose life was forsaken

who was lame at age four

who was sick and felt raw

a cow,      she was loving

but no one around

cared sadly

only me

And in cow tears she drowned

and was made into a leather sofa some shoes and a purse or two

her dead flesh went to innumerable pies and sausages

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Feathering our own nest

Feathers are made of keratin

imagining how light

pigmented so beautifully

to aid a bird in flight

preening glands

hold special oils

to waterproof and hold

back the inclement moisture

thus worth their weight in gold


able to trap air when in flight

and provide pure insulation

Helping to   keep the wild  souls clean

spreading pure elation

delicate and dainty

but amazingly so strong

these are the birds feathers

and to birds they do belong


Giving form and giving structure

and personality

a contour and a silhouette

a feature wild and free

balanced and harmonious


a ruff a frill a plume a crest

an aid in glorious flight

gliding soaring sailing

in air lanes of the light


This integral and magical


we feel we have the right

To steal  away

so abusively

and so painfully  incite

among the wilder feathered souls

a larcenists refrain

the irrelevancy

Is obvious

And What did  we have to gain

a sharing oh so wearing

and an untenable disdain


an undervaluation

for bias and beyond

fixation and obsession

in thought who dares respond.

some ugly corporation

where faceless green wash be

and advertising happens

A tad misguidedly



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Club de Los Animalitos Zoo Tehuacan

This scandalous entity

known as a Private Zoo

in Mexico  is an awful place

where thoughtlessness is true


unnoticed many and they

somehow manage to

get through life

in their thoughtless offhand way

its a vile darkly prison

where no attention is paid

Neglect is really everywhere

unseeing eyes parade

the dark and filthy corridors

unheeding of the woes

be it a Bear  sitting there

or a Tiger a pacing

clearly in the throes

of pitiful existence

engrossed in sickness,  they

suffering pain and lamentation

and what can people say

signing up petitions

giving money to the cause

in Mexico where there are laws

to protect but one long pause

is somehow apparent

for the untold oversight

unfed in dirty cages

how can this all be right

the need is there to shut it down

its called a private zoo

feeling like a prison

Both cavalier and true

uncared for and untended

all the animals at loose ends

the evidence is everywhere

no one soul has  friends

its unrigorous and untenable

thats the  judgement here

suffering is paramount

coupled with real fear.


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Birds need feathers


but for some reason, we feel

its fine to capture birds and steal their feathers

and its real

puffer jackets hoodies duvets all proclaim

we only use dead plucking

maybe that was an aim


but honestly live plucking is carried out

each day

80 per cent in China their screams wont go away.

geese held down their feathers torn

Mercilessly,   the pain

the evil and the screeching terror

it has to be the bane


of every poor birds life today

human beings who

take pleasure in the torture

of birds, oh yes its true

they really need their feathers

to fly and keep them warm

they trap the air

they are aware

oiled no matter storm


or rainclouds up above them

Still magic exists

and man is prone to murder

and its all done with his fists

but birds don’t have any feelings

Thats their  get out  clause

they cannot hear them screeching

and are not prepared to pause


Murder  is big business

and real down is pricey too

tremendous profits can be made

all we have to do

is lie and say it was not live picked

when surely it was,  and

loads of innocent bird souls perish

right across the land





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Dead flesh

Spoilage caused by death and dying


some call it ageing

others see it differently

deterioration calmly


decay and decompose

go bad and fester

degrade devalue

ravage and defile

consuming dead flesh

some call it meat  so as to dull the senses

adulterate with chemicals


a remedy is heat and possibly pickle

maturation then comes into play

some with marinating

to fruition

mellowing and ripening

they say

using words like curing

as if health benefits

are now available to those

who dare

wipe away the fly blown maggots

apply the salt and raise the heat

this is dead flesh known precisely

Yes the wondrous cuts and joints of MEAT.




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Clam Dunk

Some people  will eat anything

thats what  I believe

if its living and has lots  of  flesh

someone will achieve

Yes the bloody obvious

hunt and Kill  and sell

its the humans that are monsters

Who live  in their own hell.

take the Giant Clam

a marvellous creature of the sea

found on shallow reefs

and there for life they be

some 100 years  a lifespan easily

though now an Endangered  Species

the accountability

becoming so important

for what we begin to see

is vast numbers being  stolen

so much impiety

disrespect the animals

and the Laws in  place

its happening

the are suffering

it is a disgrace


Mountains  of  them stolen

in the Philipines

Its flagrant and its scandalous

taken at a pace

Unpardonable and inexcusable

their innocence is trumped

Their lives are  violated

their shells  too not dumped

carved up by the jewellers

the racketeers out there

everybody wants a bit

its truthfully despair

clams do gather  carbon

its how they breathe, and they

are engineering a safer world

an emotional display

and the wicked ignorant

arse oles  are ready in the  wings

To make  their buck however

and they know ahead it brings


Markets really flourishing

as for their mental state

Its just about the  money

and these twerps cannot wait

to count their bloody money

as for the victims they

Are cut short in their  growing  cycle

every single day


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Netted and forgotten

A face poked out of a net

its eyes

Show mortal terror

the lows the highs

such trepidation

fear and dread

in a mass of bodies

just one head



hauled from the ocean


shivering shuddering

in the grip

memories flooding through the eyeballs

hysterically startled

snout and lip


unconcern lack of zeal


a lone appeal

Lack of  wonder

lack of care

taken for granted

that we were there

to feed the masses

the chivalrous few

give up our bodies

to satisfy you

a fish makes a wish

and is caught as we see

hauled unceremoniously

out of the sea

sullen forbidding

ill tempered hordes

ready and waiting

for their rewards

a relentless pursuit

to kill and to maim

and to  skin and to bake

and to do so by flame


what is right

what is wrong

where did we belong

in the sea swimming free

life as good

as it could be



presumption encroachment

wilful disrespect

Swept up in a mass

who dares object

disloyal and rebellious

we absentees

are ready to die

really to please.


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Makeshift landfills

Animal aristocracy

the Elephants

they cast the greatest shadow

on us all

majestic vegetarians

high caste bloodstock they

are still wild in certain parts

but struggle too


from sense to tribulation

habitat loss and more

up against the farmers

who really have waged war


water food and habitation

elephants desire

their memory holds varied paths

Brings them closer to the wire


the human population

have lost respect alas

they dump their cast off’s and their


anywhere en masse

a landfill at the jungle apron

imagine that and see

mounds of plastic rotting

modern commonality

herds resigned to searching

through the stench of humankind

offensive and disgusting

why have we lost our  mind

our brashness and audacity

our shamelessness where we

alienate existence

with utter flippancy


and so we see the Elephants

starving so that  we

can spread into the jungle

and dump our shittery


contemptuous of reason

Mean spirited so we

are hostile to the residents

the godly souls who be

suffering true hunger

and rooting through our waste

we pay them a disservice

and stand in line disgraced


we cast our evil eye on them

denounce their right to be

in and around the forest

such indignity

they are thus consuming

plastic bags and muck

our heartlessness is growing

we somehow pass the buck

blindly miss the obvious

our  guiltiness prevailing

What was  totally inappropriate

Is tragically now failing

those noble souls

we wilfully disrespect

and they

are suffering and they are  dying

a price too high to pay


it boils down to irreverence

to having no regard

holding them in displeasure

the poor souls clearly scarred

By ignorance and true neglect

fault finding all the time

condemning them to rubbish heaps

and watching as they climb

no compunction and no remorse

Each unrelenting day

of suffering from wastrels

who look the other way


life for them a punishment

a scourging flagellation

a penalty for life itself

total deprivation

its hard to watch

to contemplate

the heartache that they feel

struggling from place to place

Just to  find a meal


religion casts a shadow

the rituals we can hear

bells and gongs and incense

and backsliding fear

watching from a distance

the poet feels their pain

the constant violation

unhallowed and insane









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Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

The name suggests a friendly

caring orphanage

a place where elephants

Find  love and care

The brutal truth is in variance

to living there

Sri Lanka

I question the real welfare

Elephants are very social  animals

family is what they are  all about h

Therefore  we see an orphanage for many elephants

caught up in  habitat loss where there is doubt

and animals are suffering from losing out on care

chained up

stuck on concrete

and many are unaware

the detriment this causes

to foot problems galore

the philosophy in essence

Is one  of feeling sore

Its a zoo in fact   a prison camp

And victims they become

really for entertainment purposes

so really some

are farmed out or are thus observed

there  is nothing wild about them

most are left unnerved

dispirited and doleful

chain scars on their legs

A wretchedness about them

treated as if dregs

many heavy – hearted

woebegone they be

languishing in loneliness

in their own gravity


blubbering and whimpering

They suffer and deplore

bemoaning their lack of care

which the visitors do ignore

in many cases vulgar

their inactivity

creates a vile miasma

their leaden insipid plea

is its soulless and unvarying

just monotony

no way to treat these glorious beasts

to perpetual adversity.


Pinnawala Village

13 km NW of Kegalle

Sabaragamuwe Province


96/Elepants   25 acre coconut plantation

Mahe Oya River    48 mahouts

feed 250 kg fruits and green matter every day





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Logging on turtle style

Rainforests have an inclination

in their title that helps us to

understand the circumstances

how it rains and what you do


if you happen to be a creature

living on the litter floor

suffering the vagaries of flooding

and to know what for


as the rivulets are widened

turtles get the chance to swim

and all the while looking for logs

to sun themselves and to stay trim


one after another sun bathing there

size is important when logging on

if you are tiny then you are gone

the bigger turtles they are such bullies

they use their bulk and knock you off

in the sunshine you can see them

and can hear them forced to cough


a sadness comes to tiny bodies

tearful eyes attract those who

male butterflies  who steal their tears

and save them thats what what they like to do


turtle tears are a rare commodity

butterfly ladies love them so

apparently its  an aphrodisiac

which not a lot of people know


logging on thus its exciting

you learn to grab the log and stay

theres nothing worse than being dumped off

but with training you can stay on all day.



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Silky from the vast plain

the forest and its vastness

every kind of tree

creating from the blue skies

a resplendent canopy

Below an engaging wilderness

a cacophony of sound
great multitudes are moving

All  over the ground

existence is remarkable

the physical attain

A gloriousness from heaven

wherein a golden flame

And  there wrapped in the forest

a Silky

Essential too

Moving very slowly

Doing  what Silkies do

clinging to a branch on high

creative originality

an Anteater with pink hands

as secretive as it could be

a supreme being

tested by the storms

whose constancy

is up there with the demons

the thunder and the rain

a trillion icy waterfalls

a mystical refrain

we see the rivers rising

great torrents crash and drive

and many small souls desperate

trying to survive

and the Silky

as a feather,  clutches for all his worth

hopeful to survive the storm

and continue his life on earth.





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Eco Warriors

Eco Warriors

hurt no body

their principal is to

fight environmentally

thats what these soldiers do

unlike the present band of shite

blocking motorways

preventing people going to work

few will heap the praise

they are seeking, they are hurting

the people so to say

They are  going about it wrongly

and its getting worse each day

ambulances, funerals

they have with their glue

made it quite impossible

to be freed alas thats true

for them its insulation

not heating up the street

do gooders is what they allege

drumming up the heat



they really do need prison time

five years no parole

let them sit and rot there

time to build some soul

to realise their folly

to understand their worth

Hopeless in the scheme of things

Just adding to this earth.

causing rage and fury

their own self seeking ways

of patting themselves on the back

they are the real malaise.


woke beyond comprehension

aloof and very cold

standoffish thats their quality

great black clouds they hold

masked up as philanthropists

but terrorists they be

merciless and so unfeeling

as far as I can see


prison time is what they need

keep locking them away

they are a  thankless band of fools

unfitting and vulgar

and they

hold unjustified assumptions

encroaching on us all

their irresponsibility

they need to feel a wall

a damp cold wall a prison cell

locked up to think it through

To lose their present snootiness

And their  supercilious view

contemptible and paltry

trifling and futile

lock them up and throw away the key

for a long while.




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Land rights have meant nothing to the Indigenous until now

Australia has relented

at last the Indigenous can
take back what had been bequeathed

to them by History  each man

and women suffered for the


Colonialism stole their land

and the people tended to ignore

History has marched on through

Politics and the Law


but now we hear the

Eastern Kuku Yalanji have said

after four long years of talking

suddenly it has led

to the government conceding

that the land is rightly ours

and therefore agree to hand it back

the godly crowd allows

these National Parks and forests

to be ascribed again

to our tribes and  to our people

So it has not  been all in vain

our culture and  tradition

remember they thought before

that really we were savages

they may not have been sure

but still they stole our precious  things

our heritage, our soul All Opportunistic   arguments

for them to keep control
as truth was overhauled

for four years they have been talking

their throats were tired and sore

A fifty thousand year History

giving them what for

traditions and true  kudos

Theirs  for evermore













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