The faroes men 2


scum sucking pond life

wretched butchers, they

look out for the Pilot  Whales

thrashing in the bay


the Faroes Island retards

flash back to viking hordes

who leap into the icy blue

with their grindrap swords


selecting pretty females

into their eyes to stare

beginning just to realise

there is something there


intelligence and mindfulness

something,the faroes men

don’t have in their arsenals

really as to when


they will ever grow some

Balls, and perchance some care

butcher retards slashing wildly

to one day be aware.




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The Faroes Men

The Faroes Men

acting surgeons

who knife the mothers who

who steal into a mothers guts

and find a baby true

truer yes than any words

spoken yes before

remove the infant  and after birth

and smash it into gore

cut the parents into chunks

distribute  them at will

blood and guts and sinews

as buckets of blood do spill

wind dried  blubber hanging proud

the babies in the sea

suppurating and inviting

to rot to bleed to be

thankful to the Faroes men

the  surgeons tragically

thankyou to the Faroes men

the stalwart infantry.

gulls are sharing morsals

goddess do  we know

pilot whales  were created

to be part of the flow

wasted just detritus

for worms  and snails  to snort

The Faroes men all retards

lacking in real  thought,






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a Joey

in a pouch

in the outback

close to ma

a shooter

a vile


has no balls

and is no star

pulls me out

and stamps on  me

blood and guts

is all I see


they are looters

brain dead




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it is their land

Parra waripa

and of course

what we see

is violence

it is everywhere

shooters taking aim at night

nobody seems to care

mothers cut down painfully

joeys smashed to bits

the outback and the Kangaroo

it frightens me to bits.


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For all tourists to thailand and Asia

mahoots with money looming

resort to terror, and

baby elephants get the treatment

try to understand

the evil that is lurking

in the industry

when Elephants

represent  man’s  inhumanity


wild babies they  are captured

their  familes shot and killed

on that fateful day

out in the wilds

Much blood  is spilled

imagine the baby elephants

the torture and the pain

the unrelenting suffering

the darkest vile refrain

the mother and the  father

murdered in cold blood

the babies spirit broken

in the mortal flood


taken to a remote place

and tied up terribly

the baby will not be able to move

and will be beaten mercilessly

the torture is excessive

physically its drained

a seven day torture programme

its heart and soul is stained

glimpsing hell and high water

terror everywhere

its spirit  crushed  and broken

left in true despair


this is the evil tourist trade

elephant rides we see

painting an extension of the mahouts arm

delivered diabolically

circus, trekking, begging

tourist activity

its made up of dark abuse and torture



It is barbarism and infanticide

to witness is to be

descending into hell

the screams of torrid agony

create a kind of bedlum

a chaos in ones soul

a nihilistic trauma

that creates a realcontrol


the memory of monstrousness

deranged put out of gear

convulsion violence agitation

a constant wave of fear

the end unlike the  beginning

conforming against ones will

the  spirit it be broken

the soul urge lost and still.

its done with repetition

a constancy that breaks

a hammering of monotony

these  mahouts all are fakes

craven and demented

evil through and through

not an ounce of sympathy

in the terrible stuff they do

money is their  driving force

destruction is the goal

the Elephants  are the victims

it becomes life  long control


based ofcourse on the suffering

the massacres before


the vile perdition

the consuming core

the demolisher the leveller

the fury and ferment

the turmoil and the roughness

and, how it was spent.

















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A day for our most courageous Kangaroos

october sees a day

now being put aside

for you

the wondrous  red and grey

my favourites

Yes the kangaroo


bush angels leaping freely

In the amazing outback, they

thousands of years they have rocked

up on this land

tumultuous significant unique

among the brood

real in actuality

Their  individuality  enduring

and was viewed


by the world as truly genuine

and in the  darkness feeding

underneath that yellow  moon

A shooter bloody phantoms

going to kill them soon

such deception evil bastards

some are  females its high noon

nobodys , imagination

but those who know the moon


not chunks of bloody pet  food

but souls  that do appeal.

feeding very purposefully

underneath the  moon.





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Road kill is growing ever faster

road kill is a  major  cause

of  killings

happening on our roads

sadly today

deer all crumpled

in what is an abomination


sadly now at play


an excrable annointing

of the innocent

a thudding worthless

shoddy point of view

mangled spoiled and sinister

to witness

so much carnage

what are we to do?


imagine for the moment

what is happening

to wild families in shock

their loss immense

vehicular trasgression

causing death and such destruction

reality proves there !

is just no sense


road building through  wild forests

is an anathema

lamentable and deplorable to see

such a waste of wondrous life

so many victims

lost in strife

and its effect on drivers certainly

deteriorating facing ruination

the worse for wear declining by the day

seeing life just throttled  by the wayside

is turning all our blues skies into grey





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The insensitive malignancy

the insensitive malignancy

of speed for what its worth

driving on the nice new roads

really for all we are worth

they  have cut swards  through the countryside

such antipathy

positive for some motorists

but not for you and me


for us the great unlikeness

the multifarious view

cut down in the prime of life

our seeing eyes askew

we have nothing in common

mimetic in a way

and i was taken off my feet

and left to pass away


a great chortling engine

a sort of prototype

it hit me at an angle

gave me such  a swipe

they drove off

Simply not perturbed

then someone drove by

they stopped,  they came to look at me

as on the kerbside I did lie

She was a raven  haired lassie

with a heart of burnished gold

she sang a softish ditty

something i to behold

Just as i was  dying

it was  “Scarbough Fair”

so beautiful so peaceful

as i was lying there


A reciprocation such equality

mystical and magical

i felt inside of me

a loving’  a real gesture

a beautiful embrace

i clocked her so much charm and soul

and such a  pretty face

She looked down on me

a transcendance a real supremacy

she ignited a flame

within my spirit

which at once lsprang free

what was a great enlightening

a predominance galore

I woke up to her beauty

alive again for sure.

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Gone is our wildness

Motor ways  and Dual CarriagecWays

all once where  wildness  ruled

where Deer and Fox and Badger

used Nature and were schooled

as to the ways of living

with wonder bold and clear

Then  portent transformations

brought their  modicum of fear.


A miraculous foundation

where the meakest and the mild

frequented so incredibly

the wooded homely wild

and then men rumbled into town

bulldozers tore the earth

A great stony indifference

And our world, then  gave birth

to a trade off

to the evil

our pathways ripped and gone

Diablo the new leader

had now laid out upon

what had been our homelands

With concrete everywhere

the  wild realm gone forever

and just miles of  dark despair


homely pursuits were long gone

at every turn  we found

victims crushed and bleeding

knocked down all around

so many Deers in tumult

Lying in  a heap

tortured and forgotten

in a perpetual sleep.

the  great arterial surgery

it was everywhere

wooden vales were ruined

it did surely scare

our valid dispositions

our modality our way

our frame of mind

and lifeblood gone

All this I have to say

our identities our sameness

our convertibility

Lost and  gone forever

in what has become hostility.









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Herbicides in our environment

A broad spectrum herbicide

used to annhilate

plants that the corporations feel

really are in no state

unwanted plants

They have no chance

its death for them


this is a crazy substance

A really dreadful  spray

vast amounts are being used

all over

with a surfectant added to get into

the cell

they are acutely toxic to our animals

as well

this cocktail of death

will tussle with  breath

for me it feels like  something from Hell.

glyphosate makes things a lot lot stronger

and councils here and there spray  it around

gutters pavements

really we should care more

it gets on our shoes

our animals made ill

councils ,should be more aware

so why are they using it still?



dogs cars and rats

birds human beings  we are all at risk


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Stone henge

Stonehenge it sits there

on Salisbury plain

thousands of souls

Feel  its ancient refrain

the sarsons the blue stones

it stands there in vain

twenty two quid

for admission to be

close to the history

close to it all

thats what it costs tragically.

they are making a killing

you march through the shop

knicks nacks

and items galore

fleecing the tourists

as for the students

and sadness

from anyone poor


and now its a tunnel

they have big  ideas

smash up the artifacts

who cares about tears

its all about profit

no prophets around

the footprint  packed with history

on  hallowed ground.



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Elephants in Zoo’s

is really dreadful news

wildness killed off by

phajaan and of course its why

so much rotten ignorance

inciteful arrogance too

the briefing of a baby

all lost alas its true


made to walk on concrete

damaging its feet

breaking down all comfort

getting to the meat

of every sole imaginable

crippling it be

zoo’s are destroying elephants

with such severity

extremes and rigourism

callous inclemency

bludgeoning  subjugation

they  just want to be free

but phajaan  is pure torture

every single day

twisting pulling hurting

make the elephants  pay.




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Foie gras

lets call it foie gras

then few people will know

that we take healthy geese

and we  torture  them so

we inflict  such pain

and watch their livers expand

till ten times the size

and its all  done by hand


we force feed them

and we call that gavage

what happens ofcourse

their livers get large

they enter their lungs

So breathings a pain

we create a disease

and they  go insane


throat ulceration

liver on fire

then a slash to their throat

and their outlook is dire

we then  remove

and serve it and call

it foie gras fatty liver

and if that doesn’t appal


you all you are sicker

than this bloody goverment

and the purveyors  of this torture



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More of stonehenge and our grief

leave well alone

let the henge stay

where it stood

it looks good

let the cows come to bay

at the moon

and the  stars

a neolithic response

leaving terrible scars

and relics ensconced


In an eternal life

high up on the grass

a potential knife

in the ribs of the ancients

enlightened are we

to the dust and the noise

that now has to be


as our trucks start to trundle

we wait for the cry

And the  artifacts seen in the wink

of an eye

glittering pieces

lain there in mud

tossed into history

mixed with the blood


of warrior classes

lost ever more

in the sod of it all

right at the core

where the  first  man had fallen

the first soul lay dead

a wife crying bitterly losing her head

a victim

the first, there were bound to be others

sacred and purposefully

leaving their mothers

saddened and grieving

for now where they  lay

They should  never again be moved

yes no way


just let them be

at peace with the world

not churned up in tarmac

and bloody well hurled

into the new age

lost souls infact

and only contractors left to react.










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Stone Henge and Grant Schapps

Honour the builders

their muscle and blood

they dragged and they bagged up

great stones and each flood of  power driven sentiment

spirit of old

was cast out and created

just one of the fold

a man Neolithic a spirited soul

partook  of the need  to join and his role

was to help build this Henge

out of sarsons and blue’s

scrape dig and construct

every stone they did choose


now all these years on

grant schapps is the man

with eyes on the money

and making his plan

to ruin the history

destroy it all

tear down the henge made of stone


all of the geometry

a tunnel now why

the sun and the moon

and the  henge  seen on high

glitteringly obvious

what we shall do is make the road wider

so that  the few

can claw in the profits

not a prophet will we

see in the offing

just more misery.

artifacts flattened

embracing  those who

gave of their lives

they were strong

they were true

wait till the diggers come

wait till we see

a crumbling ediface

and it will be

all down to you

with a stroke  of your pen

with the buzz of a bee

and the cluck  of a hen








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Cow beef and chips

that steak on your plate

cow beef and chips

the reddest  of dead flesh

not great on your hips

the life of many mothers

worn out and sick

raped their calves kidnapped

No we dont miss a trick

render them lame

that is the pitch

cant walk so dragged

come on you bitch

a gurgling response

from a beautiful cow

lost in a moment

just pleading how

can man be so evil

to yea a beautiful  cow


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Millions  of Mothers

who is  to blame

riddled with agony

they became lame

mothers that cry

mothers that weep

mothers who love  calves

but their lives were so cheap

dragged to the slaughterhouse

crippled they be

halal was the  cry

eternal agony.

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The monstrosity brigade


the capital of the Faroes

a great view

of the  .  slaughter

and how it does begin

to imagine

standing close to monsters

cold callers of the past

willing to walk into the sea

with onlookers aghast


flailing blades

meet  Wondrous flesh

See tearful eyes

grab bloody wounds

to save their young

mothers and fathers

appealing high

screaming their  songs

into the sky


a sacred pod  wasted fast

bloodied and shaking

blast after blast

bloodied hearts

and lovely souls

cut to pieces

gaping holes


heads away

a frenzy we

witness on the  bluest sea

fast changing to a crimson mess

where even sea birds fail to bless


the carnage

a warrior neither one

just the monster breed

when the day is done

and in their guts

blood and slaw

hearts and minds

pure soul and gore.



60 beautiful Pilot Whales

torn to ribbons.


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Bury council wake up and smell the roses

from rex tyler

advanced Diploma

work based learning studies

Environmental Management


i hear that Bury Council

are spraying and applying

unknown chemical substances

On  wild plants that  are dying

really exceptionally nasty compounds

affect breathing too

and owners of dogs and cats and  others

have begun to take a view

that its really rather frightening

that our council feels the  need

to sacrifice  our animals health

for what appears to be the weed


concoctions made by your outside staff

create a chemical swill

they may indeed kill rampant weeds

but our animals are still

sensitive  to toxins

that may also appear

to get onto our shoes

and are taken home  and there is fear


emanating from us

Our animals you see

have been sick from all those chemicals

applied  uncontrollably.


glyphosate and other  compounds

cause  such aggravation

they vomit and they suffer

its a horrid formication

chemicals are breathed in and

suffering takes place

these ugly nasty chemicals

They are  a real disgrace.


many of these chemicals

i found before were mixed

they go against the  labelling

hopeful  they have fixed

a cocktail that will work faster

on weeds the ones that  grow

causing serious complications

as many of us know.


Bury  council ought to

be wary  of  what they

allow their contractors to spray

around each day

they  do have implications

for children  yes as well

and ofcourse for animals

some sprays  create a spell

of dreadful breathing problems

so Bury ought to be

more conversant with its spraying

ensuring its safety.
















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Cats and smuggling

the ignorance that is government

the cheek of losing out

cats need looking after

its love they  care about

if you have ever loved a cat

and felt its  responsiveness

how could you   leave it off of a bill

And dare then to confess

the animal care bill


the kittens and  the cats

Are actually being excluded

smuggling  exacts

terror and much suffering

on animals that share

a purposeful living, with us

how can this be fair


governments  must wake up

smell the roses they

are such beautiful companions

in the bright  light of each  day

the Kept Animals Bill

must include  cats

and for ministers to try

and exclude them

it is pivotal it is shameful

And I ask why.


Our MP’s must be woken up

must feel the love thats there

cats are charming visitors

and need to be put there


the Kept animal Bill


no exckusion whatsoever.




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Grape leaves

packed with lots of vitamins

and minerals galore

loves the actual sunshine

really just wants more

clambers over all sorts of trees

the  sun is Its desire

creeping tenrils smother

in those energetic leaves a fire

three to  five lobe leaves

toothed margins

juicer and sweeter fruits

hanging off your glorious tree

before it fruits pick a few leaves

eat them raw

fry then in a shallow pan

with olive oil

and just be sure,

a tastier snack you will not

find  they really are


wild grapes packed with sunlight

and worthy of a rhyme.



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Rice’s Whales

extinction is now looming

perhaps a hundred left

Big Oil they are monsters

of feelings they are bereft

oil spills every which way

oil is their big thing

the whales reproduction

is having its last fling


extinction is on the horizon

these beautiful souls appear

to be at risk and are dying out

that factbis now clear

Big Oil are a bunch of  fools

the wild life have no chance

these rare souls need pritection

not the  merest glance

its shocking what technology

is guilty of, and they

are killing off the future

Rice’s  whales now melt away

perhaps there  are 100 left

the  drilling though extends

and Rice’s whales have had their lot

their future without friends

terrifyingly hopeless big oil scum bags they

put profit before the beautiful whales

what else is there to say.







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Cats and the smuggling game

apparently the government

has let cats fall by

the wayside

and the vulnerable

seem on a steady slide

The  cruel  the tasteless evil

see money to be made

by dealing in their smuggling

upon their backs is laid

serious criminality

gross vulgarity

cats are being subjected

to smuggling constantly

35000 victims

The  kept animals bill

excludes  our darling felines

Animals to kill

to experiment on

the government

turns it big blind eye

and lets the  criminals flourish

as so many cats now die

it makes no sense

its frightful

their suffering immense

indisposed to worry

the situation tense

but despite this

the  government

carries on and we

see more and  more cats smuggled

in and dying tragically.



Write to your MP and get cats on the  kept animals bill Now


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Faeries and their pretty little world

the faery people where they dwell

In those otherworlds  under a , spell

many centuries they occupy

time and time alone is why

maguckal dimensiojns fill the air

the little folk they love to share

all their worldly goods for they

see faeryland as the chosen way


the realm of spirited beings


a potent forcefield

where  each star

possesses light

And   warmth and care

,hthroughout the night

they all do share

pretty little things and so

the Heavenly Realm  its well we know



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Wild foods

seasonal foods

grow when they are due

they grow esoterically

its the true view

Its all about harmony

relationships that

relate to our mother

where Nature is at


of course it makes sense

when the weather is right

a magical pantry

incredible powers

borne out by true light

wildness  and nature

they go hand in hand

power from the soil

we must understand

stay away from the chemicals

from the dark trail

the evil the rotten

what is the great veil



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My answer to Claudia

The rightfulness of being

a friend will always be

emulated  really

there was no rivalry

but there was ethicality

and justice needs to be

emblazoned on your heart My dear

for you mean more to me

Anyone who would hurt you

exact revenge and try

to harm or hurt your countenance

i promise you are high

up in my


for you  are number one

fair – minded and always impartial

whatever someone’s done

your helpfulness has always been

a light that opens  eyes

alluring and endearing

sweet tempered no surprise

conversable and special

with so much credibility

aligned, to belonging

inseparable oh yes you be

a marvellous friend

in reverence held certainly

By me

magickal and  cherished

by all humanity.








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flowers whose sweetness

Is contained

an innocence that doth begin

the Bunble Bee comes closer to

an ardent admirer in a spin


round and a round

his wings afire

such dutifulness

he may never tire

collecting the nectar

unworldly one

spiritually,  feeling the sun


a revelation to

all nymphs and elfins

good and true

tasting all that honey comb

doing what they all must do


our reward

an emolument all can afford.





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Blue bells

Amethyst and Heliotrope

thoughts of  pure profundity

magickal mists lift skywards

into a faery syphony


music it comes

from everywhere

down from the sky

into the air


dryads leap

each faery ring

wood bells  faery flowers

that bring


witches thimbles

cuckoo boots

that together fling

their delicate roots


their misty blandishments

pray will you

walk alone in the  dark woods too

And be awake

To the blue bells they

are enchanted beings

that bloom in May.



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the air and the ether

a softness

prepared for the wind

from the sky

it feels indestructible

hangs there a waiting

indicative really

of trying to fly

twisting and turning

it is concerning

Unfolding unfurling

and ending up curling

,clusters of freshness

the sap  has to reach

has to strengthen and be

yielding and building

pliable stretchable

leaves have a hard time

on any tree.



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think what you buy her

If you are buying her

a bunch of flowers

to show her  how much you

love the  ground  she walks on

remember what you do

never include daffodils and tulips

remember no

for both those plants will die on her

then she wont want to know


will she

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