Offal they really are awful
Shooting harpoons toward those
Bountiful whales an explosion of forces
Suddenly it does transpose
A beast of the god state of oceans
Thrown into havoc and war
Lifted into dark seclusion
By the sadistic devils whose core
Is vile and is dark and possessing
The most ugly resonance they
Soak up the light and turn it to shite. YES
Let’s see them die in the spray

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Contemplating the obvious

Those who sit
Contemplating their navels
Believing they are
Number one
The rest being shit stirring infidels
Who soften when
Hearing our gun
Holed by the infinite mercy
Soulfully live with esteem
Just silt at the top of a barrel
Who have lost their
Power to still dream.

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Chosen people

Why know that we are
the chosen
Our race of soulful
Are far
Than the rest
The crème of the crème
Yes every gem
We sparkle we resonate
We are the best

We look down
our noses
At others
Ants of the obvious kind
Too many of them
Violent and vile
Sadly though
Sharing one mind

To threaten to fight
And be crazy
Fire missiles every where
They have a stench of the rotten
And give off the thoughts of despair

We are Gods chosen
A populace
A Sweet smelling nectar of grace
Living in sunlight and kindness
Knowing we are of one face

The bloody obvious feelings
Murder the rest is our cry
Life is a beautiful feeling
As for the rest they must die.

We are the true YES gods people
Existing like none of the rest
Heightened in mind and in body
Given the power to be best.
The rest of you all good for nothings
Your language is ugly to hear
All you give off is vile toxins
Spreading the worst kind of fear.

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With eyes to see

With eyes to see
And a heart to feel
And a mind to know
That outside it’s real
My country states
The need to fight
To back the rogues
And smell the shite

I have feelings for
This world where care
For the environment
I want to share
Loving souls
Thinking hard
Being with words
Deeply scarred

A bard I be
Clutching at straws
Needing to listen
To the applause
Death comes quickly
To many around
The mothers their children
Deep in the ground

Weaponry woundeth
Blood lust too
I love the peace
I know it’s true
I hate the warring
States who say
We will kill you all
By judgement day

I love the animals
I love those who
Respect true life
And what we can do
Preserve the oxygen
The water clear
Love one’s neighbour
And stay sincere

After watching Scott Ritter
And Captain McGregor
Thinking about IRAN

Suffering ISRAEL

Sobbing with the Ukrainian dead people
Forced to become soldiers.

Screaming inside for all the women and children
In Heaven now

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Sarah Miller

A genuine rightness
About her
Undeniably so
Undoubtedly caring
And so very sharing
Of thoughtfulness
And I just know

Travel lodge
Clearly ai heard her
For a manager to show a lead
Clearly with real understanding
To put my mind at rest
Yes indeed

I have stayed
in the the world finest places
In my long life up til today
But I got the feeling
That Dear Sarah Miller
Is the best of the best
Just the way

She spoke to me
Welcomed me
Made me feel good
She is a fine person
For sure
Worth her weight in gold
And I am now sold
On Travel Lodge Glastonbury

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Carnage that’s what it’s about
Honestly there is no doubt
The so called rotten sporting world
And the victim horses that are hurled
Headlong into malicious strife
Made to jump to save their life
Abusing horses night and day
Just to gate our blooming way

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Cameron’s squeals

To hear the Lord of a lords
Someobody else’s lords not mine
Wriggling out of the questions
About Israel yea down the line
Blowing up an embassy
Killing many men
It’s alright go do it
Sign it with your pen

Kate Burley got up early
Thank goodness I must say
To make this Jewish gentlemen change his view
No way
He is for the Zionists
Iran is the culprit here
Well I shan’t vote for the tories
Or the glories that is clear
Starmer the embalmer
He can run and leap
All blooming arse oles
Should all go back to sleep

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For them it’s a an effort
A slam ditch last effort
Sustainable palm oil
For me it’s a con
The rainforest energy
There’s nothing like it
Created by god
An abundance for sure
Medicinal trees
A wealth of medicaments
Sustaining the wildness the animals who
The birds and the insects
The mammals
It’s genuine
Miraculous true

Ripping out trees and all tHe vegetation
The cover crops all the animals too
The great Orangutan no trees to live on
Palm is so useless the red apes view
These arborial geniuses they need the forest
All the different fruits
Palm is for them
An Alien truly
it’s a killing regimen
Sustainable palm
oil insults life is a con it’s an evil
The cost to the jungle
Causing terrible harm

The Indigenous natives lose out completely
Life as we know is ruined for sure
Sustainable palm oil is a bloody misnomer
It’s cost to the world at large
So so much more
Death and destruction innumerable losses
Soils and bacteria remedies too
Everyone suffers forget all this palm oil
It’s wretched and horrid and
And this fact is true.

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65 horses dead as dodo’s

Prime racing horses
All dead as dodo’s
Aintree the National
Racing for bets
Prime healthy animals
Real cocky jockeys
It’s all about money
And no doubt group debts

Since the year 2000
65 horses have fallen
And died
They are dead yea no more
Beautiful creatures made to jump fences
It’s like a battleground
So let’s explore

Why do we do this
Make jumps even higher
Force them over distance
To struggle and be
Wasted and beaten and broken
And pushed too far
That’s the a grand National
That’s what we see

Sweepstakes all over betting for gamblers
Loads of big money
Loads of sad days
Horses start healthy
Jockeys start wealthy
By the end there are causalities
The annual phase

Of killing behind doors
Prime souls legs broken
Worse still careers ended
They just become
Hopeless the knackers yard
Will be their testing ground
Life means so little
The victims. Yes some

Dead to the world
On the flip of a gold coin
Broken and tortured and twisted and gone
So many victims have been killed
In the races
For some it’s a bet for others it’s fun
For the horses it’s ugly it’s torture it’s rotten
Death comes to them shot perhaps seemingly
The bloody Grand National is killing so many
It’s a race too far and it shouldn’t be

Allowed to continue.

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They were taught to be inhuman
Taught to torture friends
Intimidate and violate
How maliciously it sends
An innocent to hell and back
Spain creates bad taste
Barbarism and vulgarity
And even worse its laced
With a really awful hideousness
Ending a life we know
They call it fighting
But it’s much worse
It’s loathsome it’s a great big
Ugly show.

A matador sits heart a beating
Watching his great friend die
Stabbed and poked and beaten
Had chilli in its eye
And there it sits hunched over
Blood pouring from its snout
Looking at its friend it thought
And now in final doubt

The matador the baying crowd
The rasping sounds of grief
Blood dripping from the four legged friend
It’s all beyond belief
So frighteningly obvious
Karma in the stands
The audience extra raucous
So many bloody hands

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Fox cubs looked after when they had been abandoned

Wildness is a huge degree
Of teaching for the soul
Abandoned animals
Treated well
Knowing their chosen role
They know love and affection
The safety and the care
Assured by matters of the heart
To want and need 2share

Their lives with whoever they knew to be their true friend

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Leave the women be. FGM ban

Men act with a militancy
Sub human I can say
Making girls and women suffer
Mutants I will say
Imagine how distressing
It is to operate
To butcher these young women
And try to appropriate
Stop this vile behaviour NOW

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Only the Dairy

It’s only the Dairy
That ever did try
To prevent a young calf
Supping milk, that’s no lie
A gadget created to prevent suckling
Can then steal the milk from the mother
Each day
To be sold to humanity
Thats how we try
To profit from the milk
And we all know now why

Ice cream and yoghurt and dairy and chocolate
Milk shakes and custard we can abuse
The calves many shot and just lost forever
We steal the cows milk few though deduce
That adding cows milk to one’s cocoa or coffee
Is killing the baby
And increasing veal sales
Really the dairies they don’t need a pay out
They ought everyone of them to fill our jails.

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A Wolf soul departed

My beautiful coat
All female
Just stressing
Out in the cold
Life a real blessing
What happened to me
I was struck in the snow
By a shit on a snowmobile
One of the low

The Lowest of low
Of antipathy
This repugnant git
What he did to me
I was wild as the wind
Estranged from so much
Of my life of my family
Of whom I’d lost touch

This evil of men
His odious way
Abhorrent and revolting
That was his way
Disenchanted with wildness
Such serenity
A smouldering evil
He revengefully
Ran over me twice
And hurt me so much
An irascible moaning like hell
Out of touch

Fractious and horrible
Sadly a spell
Of shit in his clutches
He taunted me so
Punched me and kicked me
So violently
What had I done
Nothing unfair
He was vicious and baleful
And so unaware

He so frightened me
His language was foul
In his vile clutches
I wanted to howl
To the heavens above
To the darkening sky
He pretended to kiss me
I wanted to die

His gut stench was awful
His face rugged so
I earnestly wanted to bite him
And know
My canines thrust deeply
Tore at his throat
Watched him die slowly
From all I had wrote.

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For year outside of Harvey Nicols
Our little team of fighters stood
Giving out leaflets shocking the public
With vile extremism where we could
Racoon dogs electrocuted up their bottoms
Cried in painIt was done many times in China
To the sound of a sick refrain
Before they were dead they were stripped of fur
Their blatant screams went on a while
Fur for the ugly in store buyers
How could they ever reconcile

Such evil such unbelievable cruelty
Bleeding from their mouth and nose
Screaming to the hearts and minds
Of people wearing fur it shows
The smell of death the bloody rot
Preserved with chemicals every day
The fur trade is a nasty business
And on their hearts and souls it’s laid

Death and injury death and cruelty
No distinction for all this hate
Don’t wear fur don’t ever buy it

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That arse who kissed a dying wolf
A baby he had shot and killed
A baby he had run down with
A snowmobile
A clearly spilled its blood
A Hunter brave was he
Murdered a creature tragically
Took his injured body to
A bar and shot it yea it’s true

Fined by the local sheriff he
Is a big man in the territory
Meat eating hunters
Get the nod
They think they are closer to their god
But this nasty bugger needs to be
Locked up for ten years it seems to me
Cody Roberts is no hero

So join his social media show
And tell him

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The great sky born artist
His pallets so full
Of all kinds of colours
Each image to pull
The angles the colours
A true emanation
Of amaranth flotsam
And variegation
Dappling stippling
Mixed up with light
The camera catches
It From a great height

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Who wants to Go To school when tHey can instead kill wolves

Why go to school to learn about
Being kind to animals
Better skip the learning
And go and kill some wolves
Detour lots and lots of miles
And ambush two fine animals
That’s the education a father gives his child
In Canada remarkably
At Yellowknife they do this
Education just a waste of time
The wolves were wild
They shot and killed the two of them
And brought them back
To town
An eleven year old
Accomplished this
A father ought to be in jail
On killing he was sold
And that’s what’s going down

Murder before learning

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The buildings are falling
The sky seems to be
Falling we are falling
Nobody’s free
Not any more with Israeli’s around
Settlers the buggers
All over the ground

Stealing our houses
Killing our mum
Shooting at grand pa
He’s lying numb
Lost both his legs
Dad says he will die
Our worlds torn apart
By what fell from the sky

We know the bombs
Are from the USA
From The EU
And sometimes from the UK
What a bunch of rotters
You say you are our friends
But honest where will we be
When the war ends

Under the ground
With the maggots that’s where
With those kinds of friends

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Trauma Surgeons

Coming back from Gaza
American Doctors who
Volunteer to help the injured
That’s what heroes do
The touching beautiful caring
Courage to the fore
In the land of Israel
In the land of WAR
In the land of larceny
In the land of Ill
These doctors fly to save the children
And are trying still

Bombs create such agony
Children dying slow
THeir bodies packed with shrapnal
Sepsis and we know
Evil are the fighters
Evil injury
The children without painkillers
Die eventually

Zionists care nothing
For the Gazan children who
Are blown to kingdom come
And crushed
All of this is true
Israel is an evil force
War mongers one must say
Settlers bring no real relief
They murder night and day

The injuries sustained by babies
It just sickens me 2 shots to a babies head
Why what infamy
Hatred is the cancer that spreads
Just everywhere
These doctors coming back explain
Realise life isn’t fair
And the evil they now share.

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Dairies are repulsive places

Dairy farmers have no feeling
Cow mums have it all
Profit what is money
About where is the school
Of true imagination
Of caring what we do
The cruelty of Dairy
Something that’s so true

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Faroes Islands and their continued sins against the ocean

Grindadrap they call it
Wholesale murdering where
They drive great pods of pilot whales
To what is pure despair
Complete family trees are killed
Grandparents through to the young
Torn limb from limb
And brutally stabbed
All of them among

The families
Just imagine it
Even pregnant mums
With babies ready to be born
Waiting in their tums
All are dragged mercilessly
And killed in just cold blood
By islanders whose viciousness
Comes at them in a a flood

These creatures riddled with mercury
Lead and pesticide
With glyphosate and run off
Sickened its denied
Dealing with the humans
The murdering scum bags who
Then eat the toxic chemicals
And all the residue.

Throw back the dead babies
Just chuck them away
Ignorance they are good at that
In the blood soaked spray
Massacre after massacre
Unrelenting screams
Of grandmothers and babies
Yes nightmarish dreams.

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Dairies are sicko operated

You have to be a sicko
To abuse the calves and cows
Rape the mothers
Kidnap the babies
Farmers have these powers
Of ignorance and arrogance
And cruelty and pain
They mistreat just every animal
Again and again and again

Milk and ice cream scoffers
From children we know why
They eat the dairy fat and lactose
Their parents just apply
The shit taught by the milk trade cruelty does pay
Little calves scream
Their mothers too
Scream the night away

Farmers getting hand outs
From government they do
Always screaming poverty
They are abusers who
Harm and hurt the animals
Husbandry from hell
Shorten their created livesThen of course they sell

These females off just bloody slaves
Tossed away when they
Cannot even walk
How the poor cows pay

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Cody Roberts Hunter

Wyoming that’s where he is from
The bloody hunter who
Tortured and killed a wild Wolf
With nothing better to do
Than ambush a wild creature
Tape it’s jaw so it
Could then be tortured and murdered
By the chequered shirted shit

A big dose of insanity
His malevolence all see
The sheriff has been after him
His fame it is clearly
Vile and dark and horrible
He must be locked away
Put some tape across his gob
And let’s see his dismay

Killed this baby after running him down with his snowmobile
Taking him to the saloon and then shooting him
A cruel arsed nasty human

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Transporting sheep

In to the trucks
So laboriously
Farmers a rotten bunch
Shutting the lids
Then walking on them
Can you hear the crunch
Of sending them to the death camp
Innocent souls they we see
Shivering in collective fear
It’s how it has to be

Huddled together
Hearts a beating
Marked up sprayed in blue
Why doesn’t this idiot
Fall off the truck
And break his neck
The view
Of him and his heartless
Farmers a rotten bunch
Just so meat eatingHumans can pack themselves some lunch

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Who is a hunter

A Hunter’s identity
Is as a coward
The rifle he carries
With it he is proud
He kills just by pointing
His weapon and fires
He can bring down whatever
For it just expires

An Elephant
Is a majestic soul
The largest land animal
With some control
Against the hunter
With his weaponry
Less of an advantage
As we can see

Take the weapon away
The hunters no more
He’s perilous oaf
With a head full of war
He can summon up courage
Ambushing his prey
But alone will be crushed
At the end of the day

The tusker immense
With a heart good and strong
He can walk many miles
And does belong
In the country where he was put
And where he stays
Understanding his worth
And what business he plays

A fantastic memory
Gifted let’s say
Massive brute strength
A blistering way
Of indulging his life path
And knows what to do
Only cruel men with rifles
Can work their way through

Scumbags withstanding
Town dwellers who
Are artificial in all that they do
Refining their diets
Out on a limb
Hunting and killing
It’s really on a whim

Killing big game
A frightful idea
Re loading his rifle
For him he is clear
Ambush the victim
Pull the trigger and see
The bullet explode
And the animal be
In its death spiral
Drowning in blood
It fell to the ground
With an enormous thud
A murderous act
Of a coward of a thug
Whose brain is alive
With the vilest of bug

Eating his grey matter
In a quiet repose
A maddening joke
That surely grows
A heart without status
No soul anymore
Just an impassioned lust
To create just more gore
To murder the holiest
Creature and say
What you have done as a hunter
Creates a fine day.

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Gorse the rugged predetermined
Order of this present day
Impulsively declares its need
Brimstone clad and bound to play
With thorny candour it progresses
Stresses strength and it impresses
Those of us who realise
It’s creative force sits well
Bees may bumble
Mason’s n tumble Honeys Humble
Lace wings stumble
For Spring has sprung
We are enjoying
an extra-sensory Spell.

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The red door
It was old and worn
The Holy Trinity Church me thinks
Lower Beeding
Where’s this leading
It’s magical
It’s in the ranks of Poe perhaps
Or even Stoker
A family name upon the door
140 years before

Go to the side door
Along the ramp
Knock twice
And you will be heard
That is when we met Dear Kitty
A violinist with a word

She ushered us in
She had been preparing
For a children’s concert
The next day
I told her my dad he was born here
And out of respect I came today

She told me that a parishioner died
Recently his name was too
Thomas Tyler my dads name
I couldn’t believe it but it was true

My dad died in April of 1978
But this man died
Just a few months before
The lady’s name was Kitty
We reminisced a bitty
Then said goodbye
Both absolutely sure

‘Twas magical ‘Twas mystical
A cold sweat as we left the place
A blackbird came to wish us speed
His coat of ebony
He sat atop an old gravestone
He left us with a flap around
Still very wild and free.

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Hudnall Lane

Hudnall Lane
A squirrel
High wire act
Care of BT
4 legs and a stupendous balance
She’s performing just for me
An audience of one
This morning
Few aware and few ever see
Nature really
in plain sight
It truly was extraordinary.

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The weather vane

A weather vane no wind to speak of
Clawing clutching greenery
Purple lilac stretching skywards
Unmistakable wizardry
The purple dragon
The skull and crossbones
A black body in the shine
Really it’s a revelation
Of observational design.

Whilst waiting for my friend

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