Geo engineering

The jet trails tonight
Have formed amazing clouds
The liars who tell us it’s trails
Are just cowards
It’s clear from the blue sky
I see from my chair
That the chemical structure
Is bloody well there.

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Norway the whale killers think nothing of killing a Walrus

Norway’s abusive attitude comes
Across2us all Freya’s heart drums
Out a dirge of such buttock -clenching
Revulsion 2day
2hear they may well kill a Walrus right away
Becos tourists flock2 c her in the c
Or swim or take selfies
That’s how it must be

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Norwegian madness

Freya the Walrus
On an oslo fjord
Is attracting the tourists
Nobody’s bored
With her but then Norway
Has made it clear
If the tourist don’t leave her alone
Then they fear
they will have to kill her
That’s Norway of course
Rabidly hopeless to use
Deadly force.

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We hit on the bees
For all they do
Propolis in defence of the hive
Sadly true
We again steal it their miracle we
Karmically plunder
So malevolently

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Giving bees the brush off🐝🐝

Talking of legs
Vile man does his thing
Fixes small brushes
As the bee tries2 bring
his baskets of pollen
&commerce is there
Brushing the pollen & legs off
I despair
As 2 y human beings r larcenists they
Steal bloody everything
What can 1 say

Those of you who buy
Pollen in a jar
There will be legs in there 2
You r no star
Karma will note
Your ignorant streak
And purposefully reward you
For the sadness you reek

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Pok a friend of mine

A bard and a musician

a talent through and through

the natural gift of telling stories

a realness giving view

to substance and emotion

quintessence and ancestry

a wanderer in Nature

who consults instinctively


Avalonian priciples

his  alliance through and through

a creative an original

Genuinely who

an integrity and oneness

unspoiled in many ways

a perspicacity

and sharpness

that generously plays


into his sage like  offerings

a mentor to respect

quietly unassuming

and inventive,  I suspect.





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Trophy hunting (a miserable breed)

World Elephant Day
Respect I say
For The greatest soul alive
Gigantic large in stature
Why they must survive
Up against the vile the dark
The resentful arrogant mob
Trophy hunting inveterate’s so
With their evil malicious gob

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The honey bee and their store of glee

Honey is a fragile source
It’s miracles ruined of course
Commercially an exotic gift
From wildness which creates a rift
Profits of the unholy kind
Tend to truthfully blow our mind
The marvellous Bee
Protects his store
From the greed of man who just wants more

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Bee’s are taking hits all around

Agaricides and honey
EMF as well
The bumble bee is suffering
Living in man made hell
Every plant they go to
For nectar good and sweet
For pollen no matter how laborious
They have to compete
With chemical so sickening
It simple does deplete

Their in born powers

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Cattle and raw soya beans

Cattle are ruminants
means the cud
They chew it all day
It’s good for their blood
2 pound of raw beans
Plenty of fat
And lots of protein
Knowing where they are at
Farting, gas problems
Carbon and all that
The ozone layer
Knows where they are at

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Cattle and soya

Feeding soya beans to cattle
Not so much thst they will rattle
two to three
Will do the trick
just check
Your arithmetic
Mycotoxins yes and mould
And rumen aches and pain
I am told

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Foie gras

Feathered goddess
Drenched in sweat
Forced fed balls of corn
Throats where ulcers grow and be
Livers so enlarged we see
Breathing compromised and we
Know foie gras insanity
Served with toast uncertainty

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Fur hag 2

Wild a captured real heart
Caged on painful wire
Tearing into pretty feet
With agony and fire
Gasping a lone terror
Gassed and left to die
Soaked in blood and ugliness
The skin you wear no lie

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Fur hags

Those of you who dare to wear
Other souls dear skin
Tortured so laboriously
A soul wearing so thin
Gullible to ravages
Of beauty some might say
Your ugliness created
By the threat that you display

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Energy bills are killing us

Threatening our credit score
Due to the unholy rise
In gas and electricity
It spells out our demise
In winter we must suffer
In summer suffer too
Energy bills are through the roof
What are we supposed to do

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A carriage horses lament

Their struggle for survival
Made to haul those who
Because they fail to walk enough
Their combined weight does screw
The ligaments and tendons
The carriage horses they
Lose their will to carry on
And flake out any away
The sun the heat the traffic
On this their dying day

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Plant milks those big boys cashing in

Plamil scores a 16
Nestle scores a naught
Danone scores just 2.5-3.5
A thought
Crosses my mind
That Wanda &Alpro
& Provamel
‘Do have terrible ratings
And are less ethical as well.

Ethical Consumer no 198 Sept/Oct2022

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Dairies selling plant milks as well as dairy milk

The new kid on the block
Right now is plant milk,baby food
Sold now2 the weaned
What we should b drinking
Is fresh water
Not the mucus forming
Non vegan dairies making
Lots of money
Also selling dairy every day
Vegans buying in2the confusion

Profit  for the masses

all the whey.

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Almond Milk

Almond milk forget the stuff
Pesticides galore
If it’s not organic
What are you buy it for
It has a lot of additives
Its not milk anyway
Its very mucus forming
And it costs a lot

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Suckling pigs and the vile carnivores

The meat trade or the torture trade
The death trade they don’t care
A suckling pig is a piglet
Some one that’s aware
But profit is the keyword
Suckling pigs do die
Stolen from their mother
Watch their mother cry
So nasty ignorant human beings
Can stuff her in a pie

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New Zealand Dairy crimes

New Zealanders eating Dairy
Be sure 2own the rap
The industry is murdering
Babies yes the crap
They tell u about dairy
4 to 7 day old calves
They r slaughtered
In 24 hours nothings done by halves
Down a slope 2no where
3000 babes gone
If u r eating dairy
You are guilty

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Lion bone trade tiger cake con

The government could step in
And end this grisly trade
The lions are being so abused
In reality it’s a raid
On their lives and their wildness
Pure criminality
And all because of canned Hunting
And the lion bone trade

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Traditional taiji diets are killing the people

The ignorance of taiji’s people
Eating tainted meat
Mercury and PCB’s
Not something they ought eat
Their brains are being coddled
From all the toxic mess
Eating all the dolphins
Apparently without redress.

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South African criminality farmers

Cultivating lions
Can you believe their arrogance
Tis true they once grew
Fruits for export
But their extravagance
Of rearing lions and cubs
Abusing totally
Supplying drugged up targets
For canned hunters
Most who be
Lousy shots the lion trade
Pure criminality

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The Faroe islanders consumption of terrible toxins

Methyl Mercury PCB’s and PFC’s
As well
Over the safety limits
carcinogenic hell
In the flesh an blubber
Of the faroe islands where
Whales and dolphins are butchered
On the beaches with little care
The levels now are dangerously high
Eating the dead flesh why oh why

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The Matriarch leads the herd to the waterhole

The matriarch leads
Others follow
The trail maybe long and be hard
She knows the memory of water
In her vast memory starred
The path it be rumbling northwards
And she guides and leads from the start
So many long miles she has covered
And each step is ruled by her heart.

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Live exports to their death

trampled to death by the others
Live exports in the clapped out old boats
Not fed or watered
Lying in excrement
Really it’s lucky it floats
Tossed here and there
Fallen over
Lying in filth from above
Many will perish in terrible pain
Basically free of true love.

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Fur the skin of animals

Fur the skin of animals
Why would it be that we
Wear their skin upon our backs
The stench of fat for me
Treated with vile chemicals
Acidic primers they
Stop the flesh from rotting
For that alone they pay

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Lolita the Orca bath tub warrior

Lolita the Dear Orca
Still in captivity
Rolling in a concrete bath
Her chlorine wash is free
All these years of suffering
Her skin a sensitiveness
And living on their
frozen fish
And all that dreadful stress

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Circus all done with cruelty

Circus equals cruelty
Bull hooks to the fore
Starving them
And using whips
Bashing them in the raw
Getting them to do the tricks
The suffering immense
Circus equals cruelty
From those shits with little sense

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