storm clouds low and angry

drawing hoary climes

the divinity of the many

stanza’s of bold rhymes

A maelstrom of awareness

a suffering that calls

forth ugly momentum

that rock the varied halls

just an ulcer on an ankle

and a need to ratify

such weakened flesh and

ruptured skin

asking really why

the circulation blockage

the salve had tragically

given way to absorption

And degrees of agony

nursing coming daily

a world turned upside down

little help from anyone

negected we now drown

our sorrows in the meagreness

the fearfulness the fright

rebuked by all and sundry

in what is our maiden flight


and then the palliative enquiring tones

of Shazz at Rothschild House

a surgery expressing hope

for one whose vital bones

creak with pain and agony

a tiny voice of reason

giving way to love and care

our sorrows in the meagreness

rage fearfulfully aware


rebuked by all and sundry

a tiny bird doth share

grapplimg somewhat tearfully

with the agony of blight

comforting expressing

a calming caring sleight

of empathy,  and loving

a calm respect in hand

a reason to be thoughtful

and to truly understand.




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Coffee Luwak

Gianyar and  Bangli  highways

areas where we

can experience the production

of Civet Cat Coffee

a weird and frenzied excretion

sold to us as great

the wildness and collection

that coffee connoiseurs rate


these wild nocturnal Civet Cats

consume the ripest cherries, they

then excrete the berries

which in the jungle lay

collecting them is time consuming

called cats but not cats

actually Mammalia and Bali apparently

is where the excreted beans are

made into a rich coffee.


a discharge from a wild soul

is apparently

richer by far and thus a star

in enjoying  true coffee

some 15 years they walk

the earth in wildness they proclaim

and are trapped and caged

and locked down

until they go insane.


its an evilm,  nasty trade

where lies are told each day

sales literature is often false

the civet cats they pay

held in filthy wire cages

that so destroy their feet

these nocturnal beings

are exploited in the heat


human beings begin to realise

being locked down

freedom to roam,  curtailed

in their frustration drowned

madness of persuasion

that escape is on the cards

prisoners of commerce

ignored even by bards.


wild markets become a breeding ground

for pandemics, worldwide

taking advantage of wildness

from dark down deep inside

taking profound control and

where high profit is the thing

where the evil eye

is seen on high

and the coffee then they bring


into the peoples orbit

this so called wild true breed

that  roams alone through forests

where life and spirit lead

the collection of excretions

though difficult can be

added to the arabica

and sold exclusively.


tourists sold as special

wrongheadedness to me

drinking animal excretions

Such culpability

how can that be normal

its wicked through and through

appealing to the  unpardonable

the iniquitous, who do

take aboard these lies

and go along with it

and buy

into what is cruelty

underneath the sky.


wet markets and pandemics

what we understand

is weakened tormented animals

their life paths just not planned

godly pursuits apparent

not so anymore

obduracy and utter greed

and heartless at their core


What is insatiability

indulgence yes and more


pleasurer of the taste buds

Good and raw

taken in by banter

by puffing and the like

peddling a sick  ideal

a rather rotten spike


as for our true consciousness

to be taken in as such

bound up in trasgression

so way out of touch

its surely impermissable

irregular and wrong

coffee beans and excrement

can never belong


In a dietary programme

its wicked to be sure

mendacious and deceitful

drinking more and more

of this Indonesian excrement

being duped  and led astray

by extremes and immoderation

at a price no one should pay











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Camp Beagle

Camp Beagle get their cop patrol

and the camp of death remains

Huntingdon bears witness

where a confluence of drains

utter contempt for creative life

given over to this vile

puppy mill experimental

darkness who defile

the beautiful Beagle families

prisoners of War

surgical intervention

so far outside the Law


dedicated warriors

camped with great regard

for courage and compassion

hardy beings scarred

themselves by knowing

the cruelty,

handed out each day

neglect and expletive torture

which isnt anyway

to implicate an innocent

in the wonders  of the day

yelping sniffing, worrying beaten

kicked and sworn

imagine being all alone

each  hour since you

were born


a hopelessness encountered

for what is to become

a baby born to be tortured

by such rotten low life scum

dark cold and uncomfortable

comrades lying there

driven by the loneliness

that each of them does share

fed on crap, just wondering

why life is wretched, they

are forced by so called Science

to live their lives this way

handed over for experimentation

these rotten new age Gods

what goes on behind closed doors

in my book they are sods

who need a damn good hiding

clad in  their white coats

torturing and frightening

and cutting babies throats


gene therapy and biotech

horrific operations

testing for Big Pharma

and the vilest of vile creations

karma what a brutal fact

these nasty bits of work

sick and evil operatives

who in fetid cellars lurk


too much power is invested

in Science

we can see

governments around the world

listen intently

to the evil that they spew into the

global atmosphere

the cruelty inflicted on the innocent

the fear

Created by their arrogance

heartless monsters they

truly are a fucked up species

who should be done away




and not guarded by the Police Force.







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Utter and complete darkness

a backdrop for feeding

the  fresh green shoots

whose vibrant watery goodness

drawing sweetness from its roots


we families graze together

an innocent repose

gentleness our cover

sharing what now grows


guiltlessness  such purity

our joeys every one

immaculate of mind and bodywide eyed

and the sun


had burned to crisp our shadow

left us with a way

of feeding in the darkness

of imagining the day


Respect and love

are guides that give

providing vivacity

affirming tasteful expression

and the honest gravity


the starkness of the darkness

and the vigour and the force

the ardent the insistent

primarily a source


of life and all its meaning

the  prospetity of being

homespun and prosaic

unadorned all seeing


gracefulness and harmony

majestic symmetry

aphonic whispering mutterings

what its like to just be free


and all this honest magick

the vigour of the night

a bright light of the glamping bulbs

burns into our sight


a bullet leaden duty

propelled at such a force

ruptures every organ

From a vile uncanny source


our joeys well unfallen

wronged and left to die

a crying shame

the most vile of game

the most evil kind of lie


expressed as such an  outrage

in pursuit of soul

Relinquishing the rightful breath

the manner of control

so very many victims

angels we can say

are swallowed up ny the outback

in a less than transparent way.







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Ode for yule

its been a demanding year

this one

not helped by mismanagement,  we

as the global face of citizens

we have faced great wrath

and order in the scheme of things

with a heavy cloud of doubt

we have faced an ultimatum

at a volume that would shout

subjugation and bondage

in a world managed to be

kindly to all comers

restrained by slavery


internment behind an unlocked door

to a limiting degree

coerced and highly disciplined

and shackled fervently


another piece of promise

as the cold wind rips in hard

lots of  violations from bodies

somewhat scarred


the natural world the backdrop

saw sensibility

the  Sabbats

their affection and



leaders some inscrutable

and darkness left all seeing

excited be the seaons and  the reason that each being


some joy and some gusto

some pleasure to the  score

we could use our convictions

our defiance and some more



division we  have willingness

frugal was our way

Happy Yule


all my friends

sound judgement

day on day



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Lord Frost

Lord Frost  the Brexit  Maestro

has resigned today

clearly he has had enough of the  shenanigans

along the way

its been cause of covid passes

and the suddenness of  Plan  B

Pissed off by the persuasion

and the autocracy


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The cycle of life

The deafening silence

shatters  my nerves

the sheep roaming listlessly

flattening curves

Delta and the Omicron

Greek Alphabets

Viruses  coming

Bees humming

Such debts

Greater than ever

worse than before

life is a cycle

with death at its core



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Is he feeling the pressure

haystacks yes by name

Boris of Johnston

some of the same

of Oligarchy

of making it big

clearly the fig

leaf has now fallen

and a cock of a man

is sadly before us

its not going to plan


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The Protagonists

Starmer is no charmer

but at the monent we

see him with his puffery

a grovelling poodle He

infact takes on Boris

whose bragging and bluster loud

stopping his domineering bunkum

somehow he has soured

the water with defeatism

despairing seemingly

a cheerless desperate unpropitious

fellow actually.

Two cheeks of the same arse

so not a lot to choose

between them

stilted I Can say

sanctimonious both self righteous

at the end of every day


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Jethro was a marvellous soul

He made me laugh out loud

His lovely voice a character of Cornwall

thus endowed

he represented humour

old fashioned maybe so

the respect he had for Cornwall

the greatest chap I know

he saw  it as an obligation

an accountability

his duteousness prevailing

he was decent actually

his jokes were sometimes bawdy

but his ethicality

was appropriate and passionate

to Cornwall where he be

i will surely miss him

his heart his soul his voice

richly decked with sumptuous tones

he was His master choice

lovable for certain

Cornish through and through

the quality he had for life

was endearing and was true.





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Christmas goodwill

A haemorrhaging ulcer
A cretinous thought
The villainous few
So tragically caught
In the variants clotches
The De pop’s long call
A memorable Christmas
Guarateed for us all

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Steve a gentle man

scone making supremo

and a pilot of the skies

riding on his metal birds

its hard to realise

what a man can do

in the cockpit all those dials

and complexity

Testing the grey matter

Up there where its free


and a payload of 500

passengers  each one

nervous at the thought

of being up there in the sun

and Steve clad in your uniform

It is the man we trust

he takes it all  with a racing heart

seemingly he is just


doing a days work

nothing phases him up high

a really special bloke  to know

and that folks is no lie

covid and the pandemic

has drawn the tyranny

Boris of Jong

gets everything wrong

in the sky we’d all like to be

flying perhaps with the eagles


and seeing the blue

the mountains the tip of the ocean

steve knows what passion can do


Now he is firmly stuck to the sod

building the flettons and sand

old stocks and windows

and sand and cement

it is quite tough on the hands

it gets depressing all of the hours

with wintes chill coming in fast

building and weilding the axes and hammers

does make one stand back  aghast


i hear you  are feeling down in the dumps

like an eagle not able to fly

to work those bold wings of yours

clear those big eyes

and bathe in the coolest of dew

instead you are stuck still in building

basically confned you be

bending the back

getting the flack

and knocking back

builders tea


Dear Steve this is me

the old bard with the beard

thinking of you and the great stuff you do

and one hope that more clients  as you lend your hand

your work on the sites and your prowess

its grand

an intelligence  really closer to  your Dawn

i hope that joy floods back and once more it will spawn

Wonderful fortunes and more each special day.

and all your hard work its going to pay

cheer up old son look up in the sky

i remember with will you will be testing the why.


cheer up happy Yule.🐞🐝🐿🍁🍄












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Caviar how selfish the rich really are

Once the Caspian Sea was where

the marvellous soul was born

the Sturgeon a long living fish

surely it was torn

between remaining there and swimming elsewhere

which has meant

how they reproduce preventing extinction

has now sent

things into a thoughtful stance

when realising we

especially the well heeled

scoff lots of it and be

wholly sensed to say

they love it

the creamier they feel

no thought for the murdering

which ofcourse is real


that old chestnut profits

not a prophets anywhere

just those braindead idiotics who see wild life

and just see fair

game to go and catch them

and surgically remove

thousands of eggs from females

who were in the groove

the rich the very affluent

selfish to the core

the godly act of laying eggs

creation and some more

enter Mr Caviar

millions of tiny eggs

over exploitation

really we are the dregs

of humanity for certain

our riches all on show

a small cast of  thousands

thats if you did not know

long lived and late maturing

somewhat like a shark

with a spindle like body

and armoured scales

a mark

of genius personified

these scutes are very strong

botton feeding in river and esturies

Where they belong


humanity has ways of replacing one word for another

it takes the emotion from the soul

when dealing with the food

we call it ROE

but actually its life creating eggs

designed to further the sturgeons very existence

it has legs

meaning it has great meaning and its

sensitively placed

and removing the eggs for cosumption

in my books has disgraced

the scum bags at removal

for they kill the mother who

wasnt sick and loved her life

a bit like all of you


but she was born

a Sturgeon

in the Caspian sea

and the eggs produced by her

are the  caviar we see

those of us that is who feel the need

to bring about

the end of all these whipper snappers

and thats without a doubt

eaten as a garnish

such a waste of life

i hear we eat four tonnes a year

and don’t think about the strife

dont think about creation

the godly gift pursued

just think about our avid guts

yes folks however crude

millions of would be babies

miracles in fact

the  rich cannot create them

science hasnt backed

that winning horse not yet i hear

but already what we do

in Spain is take the great control

and farm them

Yes its true


money makes their world go around

and controlling vital forces

taking over the management of wild fish

all the sources

turning them into slaves

larcenists we be

we are going steal their nest eggs

to sell and eat you see


everyone a new life a miracle a seed

to become a baby Sturgeon

thats angelic, indeed

until man and his grasping fingers his heartless selfish

grabbing style

cuts the mothers abdomen and steals her precious pile


it saddens me in so many way

that humanity so stinks

making money out of murder

pots of it one thinks


and now an endangered species

clearly thanks that we

who set about detracting

the angelic beads that be

known by us as caviar

unethical for sure

immoral thats if you ask me

breaking every law

inglorious and ignoble

mans evidence is high

its murder plain and simple

venality most high


we call it a fine delicacy

the most expensive spread

lemon wedges,sour cream,creme fraiche

it has led

the rich  to want the blini’s

and some even  on toast

eaten from the back of the hand

the way some like it most

we transgress in our wanton way

conscienceless of course

many of us have lost it

that is from our source


for them its like a ritual

an arrestable  offence

of murdering the unborn

you are right it makes no sense

Such respect  is evident

humiliation too

mothers working overtime

preparing eggs for who?

for the survival of her species

or satisfying those

with more money than


who truthfully suppose


no matter how unfitting

how iniquitous they be

the munifcence of packing in

the eggs salty and free

such joyless vulgarity

vegans everywhere

Thinking about  survival

are now  much more aware


they use clean words like harvesting

it all sounds very pure

ultra sounds to find out whether

there are eggs that will lure

the horrid grasping fingers

with stealth and ugliness who

will perform their operations

and remove the roe on view


the coarseness and acerbity

its impious to me

a vegan sits on a higher plain

than the grovelling shits who be

filling their r guts with living souls

unborn but knowing they

in the scheme were starting out

as fry i have to say

but instead must face the stomach dark and

acid as hell

it will be no lark

to perish with the smell

With the excrement

the discharge

that may end again

back in the salty ocean

after a journey of great pain

each fish costs £10000 pounds

mixed with Salt it be


a case for those

who murder constantly.



















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Respect the chickens you keep

Respect a word thats missing

from the poultry farms today

they forget the hens are feminine

and the males are cocks display

chickens are more than feathered bundles

they have a heart and soul

they like to walk about,  to flap their wings

and to control

what  they find to eat and drink

they think, they care,  they feel

but the poultry farms think of their margin

Life sadly for real

is inside a concentration camp

the tiniest cage that they

can cram these birds

no understanding

floors of wire

that pay

a high price on their comfort

their feet are important too

and the shit thats fed to the chickens

makes them grow fast, and who

in their right mind wants to aggravate

a cash cow,   pray tell me

but their lives are racked in torture

and they shit just where they be


nonfacilities for cleaning,mthese are feminine

and they

need to clean unlike the bloody poultrymen

in a way

feeling thinking caring souls do

because of that they do

and farmers abusing chickens

need a bloody screw

painfully up their arse oles

let them feel the pain

that  chickens feel upon the wire

then do it again


the supermarkets are not much better

its margins once again

bigger cheaper

who cares how

they feel,  they are things thats all

for now

stinking because they have to lay

in their shit tragically

and some supermarkets say

or dont seem all that worried

forgetting chickens feel

they think they recognize our faces

really thats for real

when i was a lot younger

12 Rhode Island Reds

i loved and I looked after

and they all had cleanest  beds

clean straw and good food

and wild plants i collected every week

we all get bouts of sickness

and chickens  can reap the goodness

from wild herbs

its their tonic afterall

and talking to them calmly and cuddling them is

a call

they really do appreciate

but torturing them every day

leaving food to mold and empty water pots

that stay


for really too long

in a vile wire cage

these are women suffering

and   sufferings off the page


Morrisons had better

think and show they care

go and see the chickens

for gods sake be aware

improve the lot of the feathered friends

who appreciate the care

make their short lives

just by showing up  just being there


now you have felt lockdown

an open prison you

in your own all mod cons

yes my friends its true

imagine being maltreated tossed into some cage

stinking from just months of shit

that has been lodged there for an age


i expect the likes of the supermarkets

now to raise their game

prove that they are humane

as they fight hard for their fame

respect the  feathered angels

ensure they are treated well

and see that they are fed and watered

And never have to smell.


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Cell bases meat

Pioneers struggle

building a concept

Meanwhile some others are pleasing themselves

when theres a market

when its gets established

the signal is status

and thats what we are seeing


based purely on turnover

which is why ,  they

are ready to experiment

on all the plant based

and on Mary Shelleys character’s way


sadly at this time

only Singapore

Is producing these goods

and are licensed whats more


there are needs out there

and already we see

replacements are ordered

and are needed to be

growing from animal cultures, but for me

means there is  animal  focus its in there

it be

in the cellular possibly so

and may see an end to the real cruelty

then there are other foods

like the awful foie gras

fish maw and sharks fin

where ever we are

we do hear the  psychopaths whose

need is to be

eating the wild souls

Such vile infamy.

all of this really does drive me spare

its a pig of thing and I don ,t want to share

our menu is ethical what will that bring

hopefully to the table

an ethical slant

based not on animals but just’

on the plant.


foie gras a diseased goose’s liver

enlarged by our torturing farmers who be

Lets remain a giver

we love and we care

We stand and deliver

being wholly aware.


as for the former foie gras

making sods

torturing scum bags

where are their gods

no science to speak of

upholding what

challenged by improbity

yes on the dot.














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Trophy Hunting in Scotland

We should not just ban those trophy hunting

louts on Scotlands lands

criminalize their vile pursuits they are poachers

Who out of hand,  stalk torture and murder the wondrous

wild souls who

live and die on Scottish moors on our land both good and true


our wild places we must glorify for exceptionally they do

provide a wild and illustrious home for the animals all

to themselves they seek the balance they live to their own refrain

and to give license to the psychopaths so the wildness they can drain

that they brag about the torture hounded out to those

godly sacred animals being like the wind that blows

they are part of our great Scotland and our people love them so

these trophy hunting shit storms few of us want to know


stop handing out the licenses, call a spade a spade,

these are trophy hunters

with dead parts placed on parade

weird and perverted psycho’s

who need to feel the bite

of a whip upon their shoulders

or a cell wall

where all the light

has been taken these dark specimens need

treatment hard and long

as poachers they need shooting

what they do is wrong


we cannot allow them on our land

they are untrustworthy they cant see

an animal beautiful with a family

no they prey on stalking

on chasing frightening wildness godly souls

they are the lowest of the low

common vicious trolls.


its up to the Scottish Goverment

to grow some bigger balls

tell them in no uncertain words

when their passion calls

to never think of Scotland

for here we love those who

wander though our highland haunts

and do what they have to do


sue their bloody arses off and anyone who aids

their filthy low life

dark pursuits

and their so called pleasurable raids


i urge those  who might read this poem to fight these bastards who

are destroying all the beauty that god put there for you.




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Tomorrow is too late and that was years ago

Tomorrow is too late

for all the Orangutans

the mothers often raped

the babies used as pets

logging completely annhilates

the treetops

and the dreaded Palm Oil

is the devil with the debts

increasing by the hour

these wondrous crimson souls

whole families of them perishing

Palm Oil operatives they have the controls

all the holes in their arguments are wrong

they  are a bunch of bandits

thoroughly disgusting

taking on and oroving just how wrong

all the trees are precious

clearly life exists because

they are growing giving strength to reason

medical finds and so much more

there was

but it was chopped down they didnt even

know the names they were the experts

after all

they drove off all the Orangutans

the elephant the rhino’s

and thousands of others perished

that loud call

that  echoed through the forest every which  way

was silenced by these scum bags

deaths were high

some indigenous women also raped

the extra cost of Palm oil

Including lives yes precious lives

and this was Happening night and day

the sinister  was draped

hanging from the edifaces of sqalor

sentinel trees that never stood a chance

bromen and forgotten

gids medicines just wasted


how I sigh

and often cry

to see the crippled specimens

limping from a shot or machete

they are eternally intelligent

feeling mental pain as well

what we have done for Palm Oil

is turned their lives to  hell


we are carrying out a war

with much attrition

remonstrating which i tend to do

on the front in the eastern meetings

and on the social media its true

hospitals are set up for survivors

Birute  galdikas

my here she

has worked at Camp Leakey

Very quietly

she loves them and they love her eanestly.


one of the three Leakey babes as they were called



Diane Fossey gorillas  she was murdered in the DRC

Jane Goodall  chimpanzees still alive and kicking

Birute Gadikas orangutans











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Local trading


a group of friends

and acquaintances

committed to caring

for each other and, We.

with hemplets and handiwork

With our own currency

it isnt conventional but its fair and proper

all our transactions in hemplets and they

Are fair and sustainable

upholding the spirit of  all  local trading

And by passes the way

of the present where profits are based

on fiat currency

inflation  its coming and

unsettles us all

The intimidation of  goverment changes

when cash is echanged for the digital wall

when every purchase is overseen by them

our independence and our mode of care

is slung between unfairness and their vile spyware

so our local trading scheme all  ought to share.


join us know you worth and learn to shares all of ours.



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Vaccines and monkeys and apes

HIV Vaccines science the bods

making themselves out to be

our new Gods

with Covid we see them processing their gall

tyrannical mouth pieces directing the fall

from Democracy really to Dystopia where

the fine British people

take on their despair

we now cannot fail these precious wild apes

their  familes pining

there were no escapes

they clearly were tortured in terrible ways

each hour of existence for them

was a phase

of horrible agony

brain cuts and more

and we still havent got a new vaccine for sure

karma is out there hearing their cries

seeing the blood streams

their angish defies

sentient souls the world over who see

these science Bods  really as the demons they be.



dont be fooled by governments frightened to tell us we need to

stop this groundswell of de pop crimnality.






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York stood proud

York gave us flavoursome energy

thousands turned out and were seen

marching and drumming waving their placards and flags

de pop its truly obscene

little old ladies they too

part of  the army the voters, the people

knowing now what they must do

vaxxing our children

Neglecting the old

stealing our humour

left out in the cold

taxing our systems

brainwashing, we

are facing their wrath

with a fresh dignity

It springs from their drainholes

with camps, fines and all

the people are waking

their freedom they are taking

back from the fake science

government call.


half hearted Christmas

ruining things

haystack the Pm not

one of the kings

a yes man a follower

decisionless he

does what the cabal

instruction wants him to be

he is no churchill

we are in war

he that old haystacks

whats he there for

Just to bumble through nonsence

pretending to be

The Peoples champion

buts its sad actually.


well done all of you who marched today





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The farmers arrogance when dealing with cattle

our very existence is now thanks to you

in jeopardy, BSE means just a few

can take on these pr9nouncements, for they

will worry the life out of them from today

there was a time when GOD given grass

we chewed upon knowing that it was first class

the odd Dandelion and wild herbs at our feet

we loved how they tasted so incredibly sweet

but then of course Mr Anonymous Git

fed us on cows and the shit quickly hit

the fan, BSE was like the 3 letter word

it appears you have not learned much

from what has occurred

from now tis proposed that toxic waste ash

can be sold to the farmers to generate cash

for those poor sods like the quarryman kilns to the fore

who burns toxic waste

breaking Natural Law

we might only be cows but how long have we stood

around watching you,watching us  and we should


advise you observing We are sorry that we

believe man alone  gave the world BSE

so to burn toxic chemicals and breathe them in

is to our minds Dear Sirs a considerable sin

but to then have the nerve to collect up the ash

and add to our food

its remarably brash

calcium thats what tis said, that it be

and this muck will fortify milk instantly

and are you prepared for what will be for sure

till this moment we looked up to you

But no more


poem written 21/8/1996






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If you know someone who knows someone

if you know someone who knows someone

whose researched these GMO’s

and seems au fait with what

is out before their tiny nose

on this precious little earth

of ours where some do  deem

to poison with dreadful sprays

waterways and stream


they  will log the forest dry

and play around with genes

clone sheep and a cat

and a vampire bat

and even soya beans

these vultures sit a waiting

to pick the bones of those

who works all hours

amongst the flowers

where in the fields still grows


the sweet organic Soya

rich organic wheat

Biodynamic Millet

the foods some of us eat

for some would steal the limelight

and introduce the dark

the evil fetid odours

gene splicing for a lark


across the species barrier

hybridization they

guilty they are guilty

in the cold light of the day

the facts  no one knows enough

about these GMO’s

infants we are, they are

with muck between our toes

and they with brains like peanuts

compared with god on high

now fake decions for us all

I say to them Goodbye.


written  13/5/1999




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Dead flesh Consumption

the Meat eating fraternity’s allegations tend

to be pointed towards  the Vegan

But as today’s Vegans We need to send

Our message of  the families

that are tortured everyday

female cows are mothers

our god given powers to say


its wrong you take our offspring

And  eventually force me

Steal my babies nutrition

and quite possibly


watch as they are carted off to death camps

their dead flesh known as Veal

We animals have feelings

and emotions that are real


abuse us, we have hearts and souls


We care

we love our little babies

our milk we want to share

with them,

but you larcenists steal

yes every  drop

really how unfair is that

its a practice that must stop


we clearly are  just  chattels,

seldom given free


to  go and  ruminate

On wild plants  that are growing

with the green grass of the field

Their medicinal properties

And so  much  more they yield

balancing our digestion

But Now on GM we must be,

the Guinea  pigs,   feeding us soya

and grains,  and so many pills

Its to make us grow  faster and  heavier

yes these are your new age  skills


that farmers are  now using

beating the  retail system

margins  now abusing

everything really that we

are about

we have no freedom

of that there is no doubt


we become stock alive alive oh

tortured and uncared for

and now we all go

onto the truck pushed

and prodded

Arriving at the abattoir soon

those iron gates that creak

When often

we take our last look at the


in the sky

inside the vile stink

the screams and  the blood

its as if we don’t think

we dont care we dont cry

its as if  we don’t know

that we are going to die


At the crossroads of life

the contraption

where we are aggresively pushed

our throats cut


as the oxygen flies and our rich blood

doth gush

we think of our families

and then the big rush


of forces as blackness takes over

from light

its all over


as days become night


abstaining really is not weird at all

its not joining a clan

its hearing our call

its being more spiritual

eating live foods

in your body the richness of plants

that exudes

perfectly balanced nutrition so green

chlorophyl and minerals

setting your scene


our dead flesh and organs rapidly


attract every maggot

around on that day

you then wear our skin its your leather

Our pain

that skin was alive

We are driven insane


our bones become gelatine

for aspics and jelly

marshmallows and brawn

Its awfully smelly

our bones burned and used

to stain sugar

soft brown

we become valuable

you go to town


tortured and murdered

its your karmic debt

hung in the clouds of terror

its set

diseases may hit you

and,when they do

think hard on the factor

that we did love you


some cattle now anger

in their fields maybe so

But why they are  like that

perhaps now you know.


inspired by Cat lady 12


















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Seals have have hearts and souls

Two great big eyes
Thats what we see
A heart a soul
It could be me
Well who can say
A Seal needs help
From us today
Some men can bludgeon
Can watch us bleed
ThecSeal because
on Cod they feed
We have to share
For selfishness
Gets us no where.

Written to Canadian P M
17/10 1996

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Real Hope written 27thdecember1999

with what is happening now  its a thoughtful process to look back


The change is now upon us

as this year draws to its close

2000 the millenium in all

our  spirit grows

Mutations at a level

Of cellular degree

Are happening all over

Our planet thankfully


So many are experiencing

there immune systems at low

and endocrine disruption

will for a time grow

For there is change in earnest

as another helix formed

our dna is altering

but few of us have warmed


To exactly what is happening

and to get one’s head around

Such things are provingdifficult

For many folks around

The quest for real alternatives

Vibrational desire

to get away from allopathic techniques

To move higher


Out of  that destructive mode

To sensitivity that heightens

When one vibrates on a different energy

the power of love is keenly sought

To search its better too

Geneticists know so much more

than they are telling you


and whilst all this is happening

Some would try to draw

Comparisons with history

Maintaining death and war

corporation dinosaurs blunder too and fro

they have grown to big, so insensitive

To energy and flow

Greed Self  and Egotistical

the unloved tribe think power

But soon the people will rise up

and over them will tower


wrote 27 th December 1999





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A Christmas message from Tesco

Their Christmas message loud and clear
Get two jabs and just shop here
Tesco call it Boris Land
Where big pharma’s understand
Covid passports Face nappies too
And Even the snowman is feelingblue
The music of government in my ear
Drowning out the apparent cheer

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The Periodic Tables

The Periodic Table of the elements

have so much going for them

but few see

the elements related to our environments

they fail to see the similarity

Calcium and Strontium are Sisters

Potassium and Caesium are too

Iron and what is hell on earth Plutonium

but this is what the scientists could do

use the brains they have

and walk the avenue

a spot of logic and a slice of care

in a world where bottom lines run riot

science might pretend its everywhere

for where we grow our food the soil is dying

minerals usurped some years before

the supermarket moguls want big margins

and growers pay in blood for keeping score

twas NPK and Leibig on his deathbed

he uttered his last words

and gave free reign

to Tom’s To Dick’s to Harry’s

yes to all of them who in so many words

had much to gain

but a tragedy exists for all and sundry

the agony is long without an end

Cancer is advancing now unchallenged

in the etheric world I now suspend

insidiously, the sisters are advancing

quietly they irradiate each soul

Colloidal and chelation have their place now

a resting place that could produce a goal



Copy of a poem I wrote 25/2/2000

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Shell oil and blasting

Shell oil calls itself after a natural organic shell
But I believe their actions in the ocean create HELL
Drop the S &stop the Seismic blasting right away
For doing it 4gas &oil is a price 2high 2pay
Its going to kill the whales the dolphins all the fish
And so
Boycott SHELL

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Omicron and delta
An anagram of which
Spells out Media Control
So relevant to pitch
The two of them together
Names chosen cleverly
Delta was the Indian
And omicron we see
Was an Italian film
Of dystopia from 1963

Clearly no coincidence then

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Silvertops killings

The silver tops thrown into care homes
Many with covid they said
And many would choke out on their own vomit
So many soon would be dead
They were the veteran people
Their stint in war and in life
No ventilation that was the rule
In their last throes awful strife

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