Four toads

since April  a tent

was erected  on ground

sadly a place  where slugs

Settled  down

which attracted the Toads

from out of town

imagine the spot

it was dark it was  damp

food was  abundant

we were making our stamp

children arrived

Utopia ours

when the tent  was sold

after all of these hours

being forced to flee

at losing  our powers

of darkness on tap

as the light flooded in

and began to unwrap

the curtain of safety

so what collectively

we decided to hop It

that done frantically

into the bog

helter skelter away

come on dad hurry up

thats what we did say

he was  lethargic  he now had to leap

out of the  ground sheet

find somewhere to sleep

in a creek near a rock find somewhere fast

Our forever  home was a thing of the past








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This despicable crime

this despicable crime

penetration and all

just imagine the pain

and the obvious gall

the mental and physical

evil one feels

the violence and anger

That this crime reveals

a victim of such

has no right to say

she wants an abortion

what  juror would say

what judge has the where for all

to thus surmise

Rape a dire circumstance

and realise

her fate must be give birth

nurture and care

go through nine months

of torture


inside her is growing

a baby from sperm

that came from a Rapist

who she’ll remember long term

his vile cruel aggression

his awful intent

he threatened to hurt her

and savagely went

further than legally

though she is  on trial

abortion the women

no judge should defile

should hand out a sentence

thats  really not worth

a happeth  of difference

just an arrogant streak

rape is abominable

its abortion we seek

take away womens rights

judges today

imagine if it happened to you

what you’d say

how you’ d feel

at the end of  it all

lets just reveal

how it would appal

in her space in her face

violence and wrath

injury too

and leave her to fester

for nine months

would you

Change this  vile law

do not make women pay

not one second more.

change it please right a way





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The indian rope trick and Ted

The Indian Rope trick

Ted told me,he

loves it when customers

tug him, he be

happy as a sandboy

its really his test

suited to be-friend

customers who

he feels have a liking

f9r Dogs

for they do

mostly say Hello

friendly  they be

a welcome  from TED

is a good place to be.



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Tony Wild Camping

Tony Wild Camping

in Woburn Park

the realisation  that they

leave their mark

in an emerald grove

in a circle of trees

When the wind blows,a  symphony

there if you please

Attested and true

and laid out, we see

all manner of tents

well appointed

they  be

all shapes and sizes

So many more

large ones and small ones

colours galore

a wonderful service from Sarah,,

For she

More helpful than most

and is really friendly

With heaps of  knowledge

thats what sellings for

and a dear little staffordshire

you won’t ignore

He carries his rope


it is his hope

you play, joyfully

walk with him

It is relaxing to be

Where there is masses

of integrity

At Tony Wild  Camping

they  all just reveal

great sum and substance

embracing the real

honest to goodness


in touch

with outdoor pursuits

and accessories much

of your  time spent

in this marvellous haven of green

This  halcyon  place

you will

be glad you have been

Its beautuful countryside

With good fresh air

cajoled by high trees

A sojurn to share


Tony Wild Camping

Woburn Park

Park Road


pass the Lodge

through  the two  stone Lions

and turn right follow the signs to

Tony Wild ,Camping























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a women walking home

at night

no criminality

some vile sod

decides to rape her

beat her,threaten her

some ones girl friend

someones sister

someones wife

and now she’s lost

abortion not the USA

then you carry on

you have to have

the buggers kid

imagine  it

will you ?

go through

9 months

of hell on earth

Which you are expected to


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Snail trails

Hansel  and Gretel

and breadcrumbs


and their silvery trails

much of it


a glue and a lubricant fails


under the sun a reminder

from whence they  came from

to where

tiny neon arrows

with dancing light

hygroscopic  protein

its there in  full sight.

an enchanting magickal


we see in our gardens at night

a phenomnal message

a genuine path

what is whole what is fair

what is right.


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Sun in Cancer solstice sunrise rollrights stones

witnessing the phenomena

of the sunrise

from the Kings Stone,

monolith  of old

in that field a vantage point

was chosen

the sky about

a miracle to behold


since the 14th century


have  played out rituals

at sabatts and we

followed in the footsteps of our ancients

family members

Transported there to see


the sky resembling waters of the  ocean

Neolithic aura’s seemingly

swept into our minds eyes

a great palette

the moon and sun both

in the sky and we


mere mortals

in our pagan realms

all sharing

what our long lost families possibly

did see

oolitic limestone  by a monolith

known as the kings stone

and there were we


and there we stood


was high

and gradually the sky


as new light streamed uncontrollably

and we understood

very early morning

light flooding through to show

fields of wheat and groves of trees

descending as we know



half light, gloaming

a spectacular  affair

an intensity was building

illumination yielding


all aflame with radiant air


darkness had given way

To the abberation

a highly coloured patterning

we saw

sentinels of softness

alabaster chalky white

striations garnet cherry

and lots more


a flush a blush

a cinnamon glow on high

developing cadmium yellow

a cornflower blue and why

powder blue and  sapphires

gems remarkable

marbled veined and pretty

from on high


a patchwork

of  such dancing light apparent

grandcstanding the onlookers

full of glee

kaleidesoopic, gentle pearls of wisdom

fast horizons everyone will see


honestly a true representation

For  every door or lock

we have a key.

myriads of colours every which way

rollrights circle

took on so much light

the moles they had been busy

with their purposeful energy


the  sky it  came alive

for , all to see

carmine cochineal

and roses ruddy

a firery standoff

emitting relevancy



rose coloured peach

the little rainbow colourings

looking at the sun

we knew our role

to watch

to gaze

to be mesmerised

for certain

turquoise a bright halo

wrapped in gold

woad and other shades of purest colour

borrowed from the kings

and  queens of old



spirited, we  watched

the sun evolving

proudly sending light beams


diadems of merriment

and laughter

summer Solstice

so good to be there


bodying forth and eminence of grandeur

a drumming swirling lass

took on her role

scintillating revelatory wisdom

mastery was clearly in control


no sorcerer alive could mimic surely

the Sun  and all  its radiance galore

getting back the dream Alas I had  woken

i just  felt sad it was over

to my core.

















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Animal killings

chickens are dying a hundred or more

each minute of life

its worse than a war

terror and evil

its ugly its wrong

no where on earth

should this

Carnage belong


these are innocent birds

godly and pure

tortured to hell

and there  isnt a cure

for this manic obsession

guts filled to the brim

maggots are weeping

out on a limb


one after another

on a big cutting wheel

a razor cuts heads off

one terrible squeal

each miserable second

bloods spurts everywhere

one after another

till there is no more there.





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To Rebecca

a dizzy day of celebration

The Watchers kindred space

Rollrights were resplendent

its such a peaceful place

to be welcomed by the members

and you Dear lady I

really felt the fusion

and the  joyfulness on  high


fulfillment  it was brimming

the fire lit the  flowers all there

it was blooming harmony

a willingness to share

an assemblage of the cordial

fascinated by

the circle and the ritual

and the energy so  high

quite a sky above us

sharing its drops of rain

but it went off with humour

so much there to gain

Watchers clearly buzzing

auspicious through and through

you perpetuate such joyfulness

the initiatives all do

marry up the fervour

the togetherness  of thought

it influences everyone

and everyone seems caught

in what is a day of happiness


a pleasure to be with you  all

for Litha blissfully.



the flowers the food  the beverage

is it by contribution from those who want to assist

or is there a fee to attend.










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Hawthorn Hart

Hawthorn Hart

a group of souls

all on a journey

discovering roles

a connectedness

a strong rapport

interests in magick

and lots lots more



for all things bright

and beautiful

including light

the fae


an affiliation

of whats to be


each to their own

masters none

the  sabatts the seasons

of course the sun

the moon the planets



and diversity


magickal places

lost in time

multifarious steps

to climb

allegoric and times before

creative and genuine

to the core





and endearing





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Stevie Nicks the highwayman

Claudie Ferri a story telling songstress,
A crimson heart of fire
Standing and delivering
A crafting from the lyre
Adrenaline was pumping
Manifesting light
Bodying forth
Great presence
Really at her height
Of significance and honour
A wondrous identity
Conjured from the magic
That her voice and imagery
Shatters the illusions
Brightens every eye
Her clarity and distinctness
Is the reason why
She takes our hearts for granted
A secrecy of sorts
A mellowing of ages past
In the mystery of her thoughts.

Another verse explaining a feeling
Of her unmistakable perceptibility

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my ode  to you bold warriors

Ordinary not at all

beings like no others

with your heart and soul, you call

the absolute the immortal strength

dragged up from deep inside

enduring and indestructible

its more than for the ride


adament and ready

to go into the breech

genuine and attentive

you are  going to reach

the physical and the mental

the cruelty thats there

you are going to force them

Away from  behavioural  despair


a hollowness, an emptiness

a force of empathy

beating up the animals

who should  be running  free

but instead are locked in cages

in stalls, in crates, in pain

Its your phenomenol example

and tangible disdain

Going all out really

to expose the vile divide

to protect the animals innocence

and improve their actual pride

their spirit and their  back bone

at the Business  end

an ethos born and ready

and to truly be theirk friend

your eyes and heart wide open

for a soulful echange

an inherent understanding

right across the range

expose in film and purpose

their conflict and their plight

living at the  crossroads

where really nothings right


I praise you for  your honour

and of course your care

extending love to animals

diabolically aware

warriors each one of you

transferring your power

thankyou from the botton of my heart

for being there.


















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Arrogance and Ignorance

farming it is harming


thats for sure

excuses are the abuses

its really like a war

of the vilest  kind of attrition

Which countermands the cure

animals kept in feed lots

in dirt  bowls so many more

forced  to stand together

cajoled in many ways

fed on grains and fescue

because of course it pays

in dead weight and the cost ratio

its really a dity game

and with extremes environmentally

its an uncreated game

the  great error of terror

resistance goes away

adverseness and calamity

where the  animals do pay


thousands have just perished

they couldnt stand the heat

more likely if you ask me

it is what they eat

science into muscle in to  profit

at the stall

is the costly acreage

the feed lot one and all


hundreds cooped up together

on the  flat dry soil

no true grass to turn  to cud

it does  make our blood boil

just because its cheaper

and there is money to be had

it makes no odds for what we see

in Kansas is so bad

excuses become abuses

weakness it does show

intensive concentration camps

where actual care is low

disrespect is common place

and animals do feel

they are  entirely sensitive

and very very real


of course the heat is cumulative

when its night and  day

but feed is so important

with extremes the victims pay

excuses lead to abuses

arrogance as well

ignorance  amongst farmers

Its their poor cows, the hell

they subject them to, is awful

and some give up and  die

standing on these dust bowls

under a raging sky .

or it could be much more ominous

down to sabotage

Toxins in the water

the mass deaths have been large

which will affect the  markets

prices will be high

de pop the agenda

and the people don’t know why

its the cabalistic  mob

with their fingers in the pie














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A significant drowning

an old rusty tub

of many decades

overloaded and of course

It went and sank

leaving Suakin

on the red sea

bound for  jeddah

in Saudi thank

our lucky stars

the  15800 sheep

died together in the sea

in jeddah they would have

been carved up

and all that done



halal  sadly takes  no prisoners

a prayer  and throats cut through

a real sore route to Heaven

so theirvdrowning in the blue

overloaded tragically

8000 should  have been

on that boat

greed took control

it really was obscene


live exports account for two billion

animals each year

it is a horrendous journey

where agony and fear

and injury and dying

is all matter of fact

.many many die on board

its how sad souls react


carnivores should open up

and realise their sin

their  guts are laced with evil

no way can they win

animals so threatened  an ugly

journey where

animals are slaughtered

in what is extreme  despair.






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The corvidae and the cherries

they have eaten every cherry

off my tree this week

swallowed them down

or knocked them to the ground

and then they seek

to let them ripen more each


and eat them  from the floor

what  grows is  fruit they see see as theirs

and its something they adore


there was  a time

when i waited to taste the Summer fruit

thought about the netting

but then it didnt  suit

my  ethic

we must share it is a trait

That we can do

watch them taste the wildness

for it makes good sense to view


in supermarkets flavour is very very poor

too much artificial stuff

farmers they ignore

Nature and organic soils

its what the  public say

they want

and a terrible sadness comes over me











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Joker 4

on the underground

dressed as a clown

submissive in a way

forfeiting  one’s self respect

being made to pay

ill feeling from the suited ones

intolerance and jealousy

a tension and a rancour

and an open breach disloyalty

the men  unsympathetic

taking umbrage to his look

and, why was he laughing

inimical and distant

suddenly he shook

And fired off  his weapon at all four

all daggers drawn to pose

a threat he laid the lot of them

out cold and it just  shows

like an iceberg and a loner

he blew them all away

running like a greyhound

gets back to his place

locks his door

and  taiqi emanates

from him at pace

thomas Wayne  the

anti rich

gotham city

quite a glitch

arthur doesnt give a shit

his standoffishness

becomes his wit.





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Thai curry and Aberdeen angus Beef Burgers

Twas 1968 that Peter  Green composed

a gem

inspired by the “Albatross”

wanting to soar with them

across the many oceans

inspired he was to see

their truly wondrous temperament

and vast ability


it conjured up a melody that

became a number one

in 1969 and since

what they have really done

the supermarket  moguls

borrowed  the melody

and  hung on Peter’s  genius

and his  feeling of flying  free


the sadness is that

The albatross

are significantly under threat

from plastics in the ocean

and on beaches

we have let

too many marketeers create

masses of this waste

being eaten by these wondrous  birds

Their internal organs graced


seriously being put at risk

And M&S might  know

the music chosen to accompany

Their Aberdeen Angus Beef Burgers  show

and previously Thai curry

is the great bird flying free?

or dying on some island

its poor  gut tragically


full of jettisoned plastic waste

the great bird   alas

Doomed  for our transgression

which comes across as crass

it saddens  me the  poet

to point out and  confess

and highlight the poor Albatross

who is now in some distress.


Peter Green and Fleetwood Mac

took on the mantle, they

Felt the state of wonderment

the enchantment  and the way

music mirrored  freedom

Soaring night and day

As to slaughtering Highland Cattle

really there is no way

And  to sell that poor admission

with a musical array.

M&S its saddening

the onset of death’s we see

from plastic waste

and slaughterhouses

and combined servility.














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Joker 3

The  naivete of a loaded gun

the T V on

dancing upon

a living room floor

ridiculously risible

so really raw

mentally apparently

no fear of death


the gun goes off

and the  bullet hits

the wall the sound

in it he is drowned


is his to hold

and only then

does he feel cold


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Potten End’s hidden gem

Potten End, a hamlet

a shop or two, and I

found this amazing Hairdressers

and I gave  her a  try

clean and bright  and airy.

with an identity

three beautiful stylish mirrors

casting light so beautifully


a realness undeniable

Alex effective and she is fair

a wizard with her cutting

what she can do with hair

she is open and a world of difference

honestly to me

a unique experience

unequalled actually


she is genuine and pleasant

original as hell

if you want a nice haircut

give Alex a bell

she’s  creative and enobled

by the expertise, its there

many years of experience

and totally  aware


parking  right outside the shop

nothing phases her

long hair short hair beards

and all

whatever does occur

eyebrows,and  ear hair

With her happy disposition

you just feel good in her chair


Actually through the entirety

its  charming and its clear

a splendid dose of harmony

birds singing Nature’s here

it just feels very special

and a nice bold ochre floor

the mirrors really caught my eye

and the open door


a panoramic  view point

there is nothing complex here

she does  what You expect of her

A service all with cheer

its peaceful you just get that

and in essence its serene.

i went along on at 9.30

and am so happy

that I have been.


E mail :


















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he loved his mother earnestly

he bathed her every night

he cared for her  within his span

Which seemingly was slight

beaten up by vagabonds

he thought the world was Filled

with lots of crazy people

and that blood was   Being spilled

as true as a little apples grew

it is of course much  more are now

unhappy with his  actual face

a clown a permanent smile

was how

though many many souls seem sad

and insensitive  to the crowd

he always wanted to perform

as such he was very proud

he met a neighbour in the lift

a source of some black comedy

he called on her

from time to time

and followed her, remarkably

on a bus he caught the eye

of a little girl

though the mother high

on ignorance and crassness she

saw him as a nuisance

exhibiting pure nullity

a sadness, he  misunderstood

by everyone

oblivion for him he could

not operate in this savage scene

a fictitious style some thought was mean

but far from it a complex soul

who sadly could easily lose control.









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Joker he was called

grease paint

a clown  with bright red lips

Diamond  shaped blue eyes

he dips

he who laughs

laughs  longest


who cries

And  quite savagely

there are few   who will listen

even fewer will care

a broken soul

who few will share

from a broken home

lost alas

and left to roam


the violent streets and alleys


who can hear

this white mouse moan

beaten up he All alone

To lower levels where he might

draw some money to

feel the plight

and to buy some warmer clothes at night.







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When the drapes are pulled

when the drapes  are pulled

when the eyelids close

rotten bend i do suppose

its latent oxygen enriched

by the animals

their journeys pitched

the other  night past midnight

a great moon smiled and I

rounded the bend

by the  old folks place

and an enlightening did descend

as my lights came on

two badgers possibly mother and son

waddled disconcertedly to the  left of me

in fun

i imagined what they were doing

in unison of gait

in the golden moonlight

at a fair  old rate

and its gorgeous groves

at peace in so many ways

very few humans on the scene

energy then flows

raptors deers and witches

the odd poet perchance

seeing with his night eye vision

the invisibles who dance

unworried by the  flashlights

the  noisy  engines who

threaten  to crush and collide with us

for that is  what they do.







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Netting birds

wild foraging is bird talk

some of us share it too

Nature adds  thorns and toxins

knowledge thus its true

we need to learn the ropes

and pick the foods we know

the various seasons bring us

fruits and nuts

which is why we sow

and learn

respecting living foods

and animals too abide

so the netting and the trapping people

are rotten deep inside


selfish  greedy insolent rogues

not prepared to share

egoists and thevself indulgent

and surely unaware

the corvidae love cherries

and fruits of course, they do

and we must share our offerings

and make their dreams  come true


feathered,and  furry  friends,  wild souls

who clamber and who need

not to get all  tangled up

their rights are too succeed

seeing them dying slowly

unable to get away

is just awful  behaviour

which i view with such dismay


these innocent birds did  you no wrong

their  purity deserves

immaculate our gifting

yes just have some nerve

eat less yourself,mmake a little less

and live in fact to be

generous with what the goddess supplies

on the bushes and the tree


it is wilfully vile behaviour

netting fruit and we

should listen to the voi,ce of reason

be kind to those the free

sharing gifts and daily

sowing seeds at will

netting is for the stone hearts

who prefer to instil

in little souls  misfortune

frighten and abuse

be kind to all wild creatures

And just downright refuse

any other way.








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Dairy darkness

A staggering involvement

unprepared for where I was

the slaughterhouse of horrors

really just because

thoroughly unanticipated

like a  thunderbolt to me

pregnant with a baby

emerging tragically


it felt  unprecedented

exhaustion to a tee

coming from the farm yard

from the dark  dairy

Caught napping stark and wondering

birth apparently

my little calf was on the floor

bleeding surprisingly


my maternal instinct to love her

right away

the noise around  us awful

like depravity

Frighteningly obvious

my calf unexpectedly

not moving eyes wide open

seeing little seemingly


on the edge of darkness

my thought to try and see

to assist my darling calf

To appreciate and be

alive to breath and  being

loving was my aim

clearly we were in a queue

and would never feel the same


death clearly approaching

reminded of my sin

a life of utter torture

i must revive my baby

the end though near for me

a savage slash of terror

closed my eyes regretably


no real time  for anger

smouldering was I

revengeful to the obvious

i was about to die

the severity was out there

provoked into a roar

a gurgle and a tantrum

entering a war


Clearly not of my making

a darkness overcame

a bitter pill I tasted

A botheration game

a flame in me ignited

no longer could I feel

death the end of everything

a disgusting reveal.







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the gentleman

he calls himself that


a fat belly, perhaps

lots of red meat

lots of claret

and sweet trifles and tarts

and braces  elite

ideology thats what he’s good at

on the moorland he farts

and he shoots

burning the peat

he wants to compete

wild birds shots fired

up in the air

what has transpired

beautiful birds filled

full of lead

let the  dogs bring them

thats what they said

carbon stores burning

who cares a fcuk

Red grouse a pheasant

a beautiful duck

shoot out its guts

watch it crash to the floor

burn off the grasslands

its just like a war


the burnings illegal

we know it to be

gentleman shooters

yes we can see

blitzing like crazy

lead shot in the sky

lets have a ding dong

who cares how many die

scorched and black lands

embers and ash

trees looking crippled

just so much trash

its all illegal

a ruddy shame

gentleman shooters

you are all the same





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Honey Bee’s and Balm

the miracle that is Honey

a curative in fact

for  Bee’s

it was  one  joyful nymph

Melissa it was she

a Bee Nymph

a true ovate

who discovered wild honey


she realised its potency

as such the Lemon Balm


were charged with exaltation

So she fed  young Zeus

for  hours


the tiny balm flowers laden

with pheromone rich flowers

the pollen laced with genius

and unbelievable powers

in that cave in Crete

this mixture gave him power

contentment and a glorious health

from the Melissa flower



there is  no finer medicine

for Bee’s not anywhere

the pheromones that  it contains

so sweeten their  air

around  the hives

each congregation benefitting more

Meli equals honey Melisssae

even more.


never pull up Lemon Balm

to do that is to be

ignorant and arrogant

and in fact so guilty


of causing them such massive stress

they  need  the elixir raw

stealing it and heating it

and shaking it will ignore

its properties,nthe Bee needs

this heavenly god like cure

its wild its truly magickal

and very very pure.


all we do is mess with it

destroy its heavenly touch

it really  is a gift of the gods

which is why its much

sought after man is far from  kind

mindlesdly he steals

from the Bee’s sad coffers

and by so doing reveals

toxins in the medium he ruins


fools the general public

and creates the vilest sting












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Calf roast

imagine it

its just so awful

a darling baby

just born,

so to say

we are a charity

do in the making

Come taste the baby today


It has been  roasting in spices and whey

how tender it is

Now wouldn’t  you say

overwhelmed by the pain

such disloyalty

pig  roasts and suckling  piglet

it be


white bait and the like

human beings

filling their belly

Aspic and salt

pork flavoured jelly


its infanticide

its destroying

,the .miracles

eating inside

the gloom and the doom

from the womb

lets decide


to cook in a pan

i can’t  bare  to imagine

Something so small

so little  time on this earth

All this vile shit does appal


to expect to  make money

whose heart is that hard?

can they see the baby

Its being scarred

throat cut and bleeding

and now it is  roasting

sliced on a platter

Everyone’s boasting


charity parity

tears in my eyes

a baby was sacrificed

That was the size.

we saw its face

we watched its tears

a calf roasted well

Stoke the fires    back  in HELL









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Blood Lions

South African Farmers

once many grew

fruits in the sunshine

but sadly their  view

of food for the people

and export abroad

disregarded their earnings

it felt like t no reward

they moved onto Lions

harvesting Lions

petting the cubs

humanising them all

supplying the hunters

with victims

their  school

of thought was  more profits

from killing big game

criminality surfaced

exploitation by name

drugged up containment

released for a kill

the bones shipped to vietnam

the blood they did spill

on a regular basis

from devious men

who could shoot

what they thought

were wild  sadly when

the farmed  lions

were placed where the hunters could shoot

it brought in a vast bounty

a great deal  of loot

productivity up

cruelty too

getting overseas workers

to work yes  all through



they were  helping the  cause

hand over fist

no time to pause

full on criminality

cruelty too

these stations  of filth

were a vile kind of zoo

this is not farming

its squalor and pain

blood Lions  the guilty

an ugly campaign.

South Africa knows

what is happening here

criminality took over

spreading its fear.








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Neolithic burial site

Elmet & Agbrig hill fort long barrow



I view with consternation

the want to place a cafe

on and around a Neolithic burial site


from sacredness and true respect

the  inconsiderate would

spoil outstanding beauty

just because they could

its vulgarity beyond belief

its disrespect as well

intolerable behaviour

why doesn’t someone tell

these clearly ignorant traders

it feels  like a nasty spell

insensitive and tactless

uncultured and unrefined

a pimple on a pretty face

that plans like this  are signed

The hideousness

how  ill – proporioned one might say

a callous disregard  for life

there must never be a way

to cheapen and to commercialise

history for we

See its shameful and insidious

and injurious to see.






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Crabs and Lobsters

the  fishermen are up in arms

live crustaceans mostly dead

poisoned so says  DEFRA

by algal bloom on the sea bed

for me  a vegan  animal rights man

i cant abide a job

that deals in live foods just to kill them

its the  ocean that they rob

pyridine an endogenous metabolite

dredged out of the mud  and left to be

filtered by the  crabs and lobsters

dying in their droves

of,what is the vile toxicity

somebody is lying

dredging up a cloud

of terror its no error

its a highly toxic shroud.




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