The Tarkine2

The Merino Sheep Farmers Had whispered the message The awful destruction The brutal ordeal A stench of disruption Of the immortal and giving So vital to life force And everything living So much symbiosis The survival of all The distress … Continue reading

Ecuador and the gold hunters

Prospecting for gold Where eternity sold Its soul from the earth We now hear And indestructible force Direct from the source The rainforests too They will clear Panning for gold So many now sold On the thought of the riches … Continue reading

The Tarkine

How thoughtlessly annihilate The wilderness of souls The aboriginal custodians How history controls Our very life the air we breathe The land we walk upon The Tarkiners for 40000 years They had not gone A realness and actuality An enduring … Continue reading

Mark Parker

The foothills of the Eastern Pennines The spine of England its been said Santander a Spanish Bank In Nelson Street its App bright red One particular gentleman Mark Parker thats his name A cheerful helpful more caring soul Thats him … Continue reading

Diane Sable

Deleting e mails Whatever for The buildup was massive More than before with my swollen fingers One hundred an hour A remarkable stint Just think of the now The essence the spirit Expressive and pointed Sometimes I wished That I … Continue reading


The magnificent Andes Marvels of time Snow topped and hopeful That someone may climb Known as New World Vultures Sadly you see Its the quechua respect As to how we fly free We are the Condors ten feet of wing … Continue reading

Respect is what we need

The composter The grower The healer The mower The greenery supper In real terms The upper Soul in the great Mob that leap off the plain The carer The sharer With so much to gain Born to the bush lands … Continue reading

Ise foods Japan

An Olympic Certification Which I guess tells us a lot The athletes animal protein Clearly they care a lot About how good production is How Eggs are markedly Being served up via Ise At the highest degree The tragedy is … Continue reading

“Hakka patas”

The unenlightened empty headed Rural people they Sometimes suffer from wild animals Here their crops are on display And Elephants and wild boar Where bewilderment exists Where habitat loss is prevalent And where some ignorance enlists Some rather wicked weaponry … Continue reading

Happy eggs a play on words

Free ranging happy chickens Do you get it What do you see Green pastures full of naturalness Fresh air and liberty Thats what the Happy Egg folk say Chuckling birds so prime Pecking picking flourishing Happy with their time Egg … Continue reading

Rubbing shoulders whilst neglecting the poor pigs

Having a name Thats potent and powerful It gives one great influence Dominance too It! can do wonders For getting the business Behind the great man and all that Yea its true Pig Sleigh Pig Unit A chairman it happens … Continue reading

Where are the great once upon a time hunters

Once upon a time South Africa was famed For Peaches Pears and Apricots Pineapples rich and sweet Melons Ginger wondrous conserves Truly hard to beat A positive respect for farming On goodly fertile earth Producing exceptional produce Exports of great … Continue reading

Hunters and beef producers

Its absolutely pitiful That Idaho can claim An end to wolves by trapping them They honestly inflame The hearts of many Americans Who see wildlife and know Its doesnt belong to the hunters Or the ranchers But they show Themselves … Continue reading

Taiji killers

So much violence From the Japanese Throwbacks from the war Hard hearted pitiless morons Hellhounds from before Out there in the ocean Vandals of the sea Excessively tyrannical And misanthropy Like yunei so bloodthirsty Spiteful bitterness Child abuse they are … Continue reading

Live animals sent by post china’s absolute wickedness

China’s pups and kittens Packed in boxes Sent by post Ignorance and rotteness Wickedness, the most Wrongheaded profiteering Inexcusable they be Favouring their profit The elementa is key A living form is packed And posted And of course may die … Continue reading

Taiji Fishermen

Dolphins have a brain Much bigger than the Taiji Blokes Whose nasty pranks With pipes and noise Seriously invokes A fear A culpability A wrongfulness A vile Miasma A kind of shrilling buzz That threatens pods and families Illicit and … Continue reading

Foie gras

Ok i am a goose Just a bird, some might say But I do have a right of respect And today Locked in this farm In France what they do Is force feed, us all Yes folks its true My … Continue reading

Yves Salomon and all the other names who march to the same music

Blatancy and shamelessness Delusional grandiosity Self important swagger A fanfaronade of publicity Searching out the innocent Godly creatures who Wear their coats to keep them warm Its exactly what they do The pageant of cruelty Innovative they say Murdering the … Continue reading


An alkaline earth Atomic number 38 it be When exposed to air It goes yellow A reaction all can see Used in glass for Colour TV’s and cathode rays To prevent x ray emission And for cancer its phase Found … Continue reading


A Darpa funded Race Specific Bio weapon And Following the Project Coast A Replicating stand And infertility vaccine From the death star long ago A nightmare of proportions Where suffering will grow Out of the minds of devils The Deep … Continue reading

Ocean Water

Plastic fish Its everywhere Inside the fish Maybe Tangled on the outside In Rivers And streams The sea Great oceans Everywhere that little fishes Go Plastic has a place it seems Although it doesn’t show Its stuck inside the fish … Continue reading

The footballer the hunter

The unconcern and apathy Of trophy hunting scum Their callousness Their unsentimentality So numb To the wildness of an animal Go hunting its the thing A male Lion holed up in a zoo For a year What that does bring … Continue reading


Can you feel your right Foot tapping A mob of hair has she Lit in gold On her I am sold All those curls Eyes closed Rhiannon and what a voice The Fleetwood Mac an amazing track Excitement she has … Continue reading

Chocolate boycott the corporations

The big boys are making money Hand over fist they be Slave labour Children kidnapped Forests cleared we see Cacao bushes everywhere Glyphosate is rife The workers have no protection Who’d want to live their life Spraying this shit now … Continue reading

The Faroes

The head of a whale On a hook as a gesture Of ill will of violence and pain It proves to the world How the Fareoese Aid and abett the disdain Knavery roguery villainousness This is the emblem on show … Continue reading

Bit coin

A call came in from Denmark Just who could that be I got thrown off a trAin once there Too much energy But this mans name was Steven No PH just a V Who passed me onto Jason Who lost … Continue reading

Tigers being poached near Nagpur

Low flat topped hills and Table lands Streams and rivers The black soils During lockdowns what we see Is poaching a true tragedy Tigers several murdered For their skins their teeth and meat And Their paws too happening often The … Continue reading

The Faroes and the madness

Throwbacks to the Viking hordes A kind of lunacy The murder of the pilot whales True angels of the sea Pods of family members Schooling children they Live together peacefully In A family tree some say The elders training younger … Continue reading


Science what the hell has science Anything to do With whaling di you remember They paid their boats Its true Research just pure deception Throwbacks to a time They were just degenerates Thinking they could climb Up into the heavens … Continue reading

Poly fluorinated Alkyl Substances

Poly fluorinated alkyl substances Forever chemicals So they say Even unborn babies Have them in their bodies The edifying truth and why we pay Banned in Denmark Not so here The supermarkets they Stain resistent carpets Water repellant clothing Cosmetics … Continue reading