Fox hunting perpetrators

deception and kidology

these hunters artfulness

trail hunting and make believe

dupery no less

dressed to kill

the clobber

the tight pants and the whip

they advertise their goings on

and give the  cops the slip

a bunch of hounds

yelping running here and there

throupgh people gardens church yards

no trail  blazing despair

they are just illegal

and most often they

are getting away with murder

at the butt end of each day

a fable a concoction

all dressed to the  nines

a tot of brandy in the  hip

helps them  read the signs

keeps them   bold  and angry

to take on  sabs at will

more for their  edification

and no doubt for the thrill

of catching a ginger being

seeing the hounds engage

all of the spitting fury

in a right old rage.



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Badgers and government

wildness is a quality of life

and we have here

Foxes  Badgers Weasels Squirrels

yes and Deer

all around us  rabbits Hares

we know

they improve  the fabric

and seldom do they show

nocturnal many of them

having to compete

with us lot and the dangers

how they remain discreet

with vehicles and speed limits

dog walkers and the rest

hunters shooters trappers

all of this does test

resolve in them for certain

pheasant of the  field

munjacs all competing

though many stay concealed

blamed for all and sundry

animals everywhere

take the poor old Bruin

who is very aware

family life is rigorous

and now bovine TB

meat and dairy have a lot of weight

behind them actually

lobbying the government

cattle and TB

blaming it on badgers

not the farmers, who be

cutting corners themselves

on the given feed

and big pharma’s medicines

no ofcourse they seize

the badgers,  get the government

to cull them  put an end

two schools of thought

does it do the trick

or extend their range

the  sick undoubtedly

is occurring  figures up and down

setts   under scrutiny

it only takes one clown

to upset the apple cart

sensitivity wild souls do live on their wits

more so  than you or me .





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Pangolin or Spiny Ant Eater

the Pangolin the cutest of animals around

a primitive little fellow

walks slowly hardly a sound

lives on ants and termites

a simple little soul

the  Chinese quacks are after them

believing that their role


assists hysterical children

and, lactating mums

its flesh is eaten its scales are dried

and all this crap I cant abide

God  made little creatures

they,ndo have a place

when the ants  are in your pants

you should be face to face

with the charming scaly anteater

their existence apparently

so at risk  from these carnivores

and their quackery


it truly is a real disgrace

meat eaters just about

eat bloody anything it seems

why eat  scaly ant eaters

cant you hear their  screams

more and more are being slaughtered

every single day

their lives need protection

lock the hunters away


pangolins are godly

pangolins make sense

we must save these creatures

make sure they are not past tense












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Leave the foxes alone

hunting with dogs

is,against the law

wild foxes live

in the  wild and whats more

liars and cheats and criminals too

dress up as god knows what

and what they do

arrogant pond life

thats what they are

chasing down wild souls

,To torture and scar

hence there  are warriors

saboteurs do

fight back and try to make

these blighters who

Keep  breaking laws

Keep telling lies

deceitful cronies

Yes porky pies

trail hunting

excuses and abuses


they think in their heads

they are above the law

and for some reason

they get away

the  toffs in their tight pants

and their hip hip hooray

The cops some are hunters

detectives should be

at every meet










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Murdering black BEARS

the MOD rejects the fact

tgat we tge oublic do react

murdering bears to replace guards hats

their  skin is used  when they are attacked

often their   little babies too

one law for corgi’s

what we do

is murder animals far away

£1710 they say

every year per busby hat

the  stench of death is where they are at

the queen should  see

and realise

faux woukd do

forget  the lies.



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Fil Fil 21 Gardner Street Brighton

Virtuosity your man at Fil Fil

exemplary was his desire

spontaeously engaging

with nimble and force

bright as a button

Really At source


reminiscently talking of Haifa

and Palestine

And falafels under the sky

of transporting arabic pleasures to


very quickly we thought to rely



we sat in the street

with the wind  in our hair

festooned by the arabic

and by the fayre

scrumptiously tempting

our taste buds excited

sustaining our energy

we were delighted



in the moment

your man

does his stint


ebullient and keen

exuberant he

brings reviving refreshment

he so adept

a practised artisan

and he just swept


backwards and forwards all

under the sun

and we were  grateful for all

he had done

a magician of sorts

he possessed such rapport

reciprocity too

with him we were sure


the world ought to know

the  food he brought to us

When replenished we’d go

the food and salads

all part of the show

he cheerfully clearly had surely been dealt

a very good hand

thats  what we felt


his respect for you Amal

clearly he was  there

a wonderful partnership

really aware

and the business was thriving

esteem so true

falafels  and ba ba ganoush

humus and  chilli yes indeed who

With   sips of malt ale  fighting off  the wind

that was blowing

whilst the customers coming

were  growing and growing


dear Amal

it was great to find your oasis

and meet up with your other half.

and just sit and enjoy ourselves










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Vegetarian Shoes Gardner Street Brighton.

Tracey and Eddy

behind the red door

Veggie Shoes a haven of Soul

Pineapple, Apple,  vegan profusion

clearly the pair took their role

of purveyors of wonderful footwear

their empathy,and full  on  care

the  shop occupies and delivers

on the Jubillee Saturday, there

a warm  windy day, expectations high

we had travelled quite far

a pair of spiders

some grey boots  and sandals and a belt

two souls

yes both  aware

the  street was  bustling

the sun out,  the gulls

swooping with

expectant  cries

positive and all of this wonder

in fact under

the bluest of skies


nothing but help and a caring

second to none from these two

Tracey and Eddy, spirited, thoughtful

their message was just sailing through

so good for Brighton

compassionate trading

an ethos

this pair carried through

Robin be proud of them

surely you are

unprompted instinctive and true.


So thankyou to Robin and everyone

Vegetarian Shoes, number One

in the business of footwear

Clearly the ethos

to care

saving the animals undoubted pain

terror  and untimely deaths

a big gain

in spirit, and in plenteous and  abundant


exemplary service

Inciteful shares

admiral, creditable

words maybe so

but invaluable for the  creatures

that  deep down we know.

have been spared

the animals rigour

inspiring great playrights as well

Its  subtle

and for  some it goes over their head

the time we spent with you

a remarkable spell


thankyou so much.


Claudia and Rex















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Brighton rock

pink and sweet

a pebbley beach

it spells brighton

who will reach

into the salty briny sea

and know it is the place to be

gardner street

a special time

veggie shoes

an eden rhyme

the scent and perfume

Drifts  and wafts

all over you

its good and true


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Spital bugs

Lavender its ebullient self

striding off towards the sky

green and sacrificing soul

and fragrance coming from on high

in between the glorious shoots

grass like creeping strident stems

offering up the olfactorial  glimpse

of purple spirited glowing gems

.Froghoppers dancing nymphs they be

ugly frog faced cock spittery

hanging fast and drooping white

soon will come the resplendent sight

the  flowery tipsv i know so well

let me drift under  the spell

of everything that  i know well.

evolving from the strangest spell

known to gardeners anywhere

a wondrous  way to stay aware.

spital white and spital  cream

it comes  and it goes just like a dream

hangs aloft seen by those who

deem to wonder

what is true.





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As the dancer   He was excellent

His arms went one  way

One  leg Another

artistic of figure

nothing left in check

exercise his master

orchestrated by

a complete control and


and all of it  was why


He was deliberate  though  distant

Uncannily we felt

Joints entailing  suppleness

The challenge he was dealt

Everything in this distinct sense

contortion set him free

His academic masterclass

Was brilliant seemingly


A  building up of  confidence

Able therefore to

feel bounteous and joyful

doing what he loved to do



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flags and bunting

in the street

noisy bikers

now compete

jubilee whats it all about

energy hikes

for me no doubt

inflation big  on food today

partygate won’t go away

light shows

over stone henge


the neolithic needs not there

to me it all feels overoiled

light shows truly it has spoiled

the queen’s long reign

her corgi’s too

great wealth she has


we do

feel tears come rolling down our face

black bears are shot and killed

no grace


And cubs are murdered too

for guardsman’s  hats

Their fur, its true

all those animals sacrificed

share the year and realise

despite the joys

Many  sad eyes

animals  really  everywhere

Disrespected its not fair

we need love

we need care

and celebrate

and try to share


Johnson’s boozing



it is far from great

huge fuel bills

we cant afford

thats our jubilee reward.

the people are expected to

bow and scrape

and take the view

jubilee a way to go

taxed to the hilt

with nothing to show

the royals

great lap of luxury

whilst pensioners

fail miserably.

And finally now

all around fireworks bangers

jubilee bound

The frighteners for jubilee

Wild animals again you see

burning money

polluting skies

acts we hear of the  far from wise

celebrate the jubilee

Any excuse

it seems to me










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The geneticists looked sheepishly

when asked what had they done

alone in their laboratories

hidden from the sun

they had worked like maggots

in their darkness they did creep

emerging from their twilight world

with a perfect grown up sheep


they made their big announcement

to help the  world to cheer

a sheep whom they called dolly

hello, dolly what have we here

absolutely amazing

it had been made by them

the minister was thunderstruck

this scientific gem


they would keep their  beady eyes upon it

although it did seem pat

for the next soul  from their wretched sleeves

was a humanoid dont bat

an eyelid laddie,nthis is what

the  planeteers could  do

take on Gods  creation

and maybe start with you.


written February 25th 2000

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Selective uptake

the  periodic Table of the elements

have so much going for them  but few see

the elements related to the environments

they overlook the similarity

calcium and strontium are sisters

potassium and caesium are too

iron and what is hell on earth Plutonium

and this is what the  scientists could do

use what brains they have got

that is one avenue

a spot of logic and a bit of care

in a world where bottom lines run riot

science could  pretend its everywhere

for where we grow our food the  soil is dying

minerals have gone many years before

the  supermarket moguls want big margins

and growers pay in blood for keeping score

twas NPK and Leibig on his death bed

he uttered his last words and gave free reign

to toms to dicks to harry’s, yes to all of them

who in so many words had much to gain

a tragedy exists for all and sundry

the agony a long one with no end

cancers are advancing  now unchallenged

in the etheric  world  many suspend

insidiously  the sisters  are advancing

quietly they irradiate each cell

colloidal and chelation have a place now

a resting place upon the road to Hell.


radio active substances must be eliminated in our environments

and Nuclear Power  is  a vile and regrettable short cut to  disaster.




Written  friday 25/2/2000

zinc 65  bones and reproductive organs   Zinc

sulphur 35?  Skin      Sulphur

iodine 131     Lungs liver reproductive organs    Iodine

cobalt 60       Liver reproductive organs    b12

cesium 137     Reproductive organs liver muscles kidneys potassium

strontium 90   Bones     Cakcium

plutonium 238/9   Lungs liver reproductuve organs   Iron


if your body is missing any of the  organic minerals

or animals are deficient that is when we may take  up the radio active sister if it is available.

organic/bio dynamic whole foods are essential

and worth every penny you pay for them.

avoid animal flesh like the plague












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“Rich red” and “GingerTan”

it was a bright Autumnal morning

out across the woods

the sunbeams leapt into the spirit

lots of  riding hoods

had gathered with their  hairy hounds

foxy for their pie

peering through the thorny  hedges

my heart began to fly


back to the waving fields of corn

where first I met my Flame

a vixen she was gorgeous

she very soon became

the mother of my two fine cubs

“rich red” and “ginger tan”

who both loved eating   voles

but soon learned to hate man


especially the hunting types

who rode their horses hard

forcing them through brambles

where the man race had been barred

up through spikey tussocks

where only foxes go

down passed noahs overgrown pond

where the wondrous Alders  grow


around the Oak to Leeward

of the maidens  house at Stow

then  hack down up the bridle path

and double back to see

if i can shake these horrid hounds

now coming after me


my heart sounds like a tom tom drum

my eyes seem  set to pop

I’ve got to just keep going

i can’t afford  to stop

Clouds of really rotten breath

enveloped me  for  they

were getting closer as i was slowing

they wanted to catch me

tear me limb from limb the bastards

make mince meat out if me

whipping hard their  horses

on their violent spree.


thankfully it hit the earth

i was home at last

through the tunnels deeper down

My die thank god was cast

out of there and into the secret hole where we

lived down through the hillock

in the hollow of a tree.






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Howard lake farm

200,000 chickens lost their lives

when they

found themselves in a great big fire

that  stole yheir hearts away

Forsman Farms  a great big barn

with manure and chickens piled

high it seems a  fire was  caused

and the lot of them did die

one after another their screeching filled the air

all those birds with no escape

of coursevit isnt fair

the news reported luckily no casualties

but they

forget  the poor old chickens

and that none had got away

it happened in Minnesota

stockholm township where

manure piled sky high it seems

and all those birds despair

agony and frustration

locked in cages they

couldnt get out imagine that

and no casualties today.



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chemicals are everywhere

on everything we touch

even the art of breathing

of washing of cleaning

theres so very much

toxicity around us

in everything we do

some 200 in our body fat

this Dear friends is true

in fragrances and deodorants

toothpaste and skin care

nail polish and make up

so much of it out there

anti bacterial hand soaps

sunscreens and the like

and mixing it

is frightening

and can cause a spike

you just have to  be more    aware

our hormones get a battering

our nervous systems too

phthalates are imbalancing

and personal care though new

some bring on early puberty

parabens They do

synthetic organic and organic

parabans now be

hiding in a toxic soup

never to break free.






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If you know someone who knows someone

if you know someone

who knows someone else

and seems au fait with what

is out beyond their tiny nose

on this precious little earth

of ours where some do deem

To poison with their dreadful sprays

waterways and stream


they will log the forest dry

and play around with genes

clone sheep   and rat

and vampire bat

and even soya beans


these vultures sit a waiting

to pick the bones of those

who work all hours

amongst the flowers

where in the fields still grows


the sweet organic soya

the rich organic wheat

biodynamic millet

the food some of us eat

for some would steal that limelight

and introduce the dark

the evil fetid odours

gene splicing for a lark


across the species barrier

hybridization they

guilty they are  guilty

in the cold light  of the day

the facts are no one knows enough

about these GMO’s

infants we are, they are

with muck between our toes


and they with  brains like  peanuts

compared with god on high

now take decisions for us all

i say to them goodbye.





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Cattle deserve better written 5th Oct 1996

If thirty per cent  of what we feed to cattle

Is corrugated cardboard and we can

supplement their calcium with kiln ash

and feed the flesh of cows in fact  to man

chicken waste fulfils some extra protein

if this is what we think is really right

BSE and CJD Beware Dear friends

For what is waiting  around the corner isn’t bright

the next disease to hit us will be awful

for feeding living creatures as we do

we just deserve what Nature will throw back at us

who stands and makes pronouncements

is it you?

someone now in government the arrogant

must believe they are God to take this on

i have been a vegan for a lot of years

and by tge time it happens

i’ll be gone

But what I know is that a ruminant is so worthy

of so much more compassion than we show

we speak with high ideals and fail to hear their squeals

And this  is how we trust them down below

our children never ever will forgive us

the Buck will stop with us and thats for sure

I urge you to ban toxic waste in supplements

for cattle, for that isn’t what it’s for .







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To Jean Chretien in Ottawa october 1998

I am told god cries seeing their blood

on hearing well their deathly thud

which makes each tiny seal implode

its brain awash it’s eyes explode

this tiny creature of the sea

its heart was beating rapidly

on seeing man the sentient soul

Bludgeon it and lose control

it’s only crime the fish it shares

it doesn’t understand our prayers

we are  Told  it’s life is futile and

That we always have the upper hand

I am told God cries  I know I do

and this is why I write to you


Prime Minister.


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New builds everywhere

a cheapening of living spaces

we surely are losing ground

impoverishment for wild stock

the contagion is around

it is a deterioration a spoiling

and a misuse

our hollows and our hedges

and our wooded vales abuse

and so we animals everywhere

trapped and hounded out

shot and killed for pleasure

there really is no doubt

we have to become new beings

to compete with the new  ways

be much more aggressive

an armed with horns and talons

and fangs and try to raise


and restore and just revitalize

we need an antidote

these fabricated boxes

are impositions they

are causing angst and torment

for all  of us today

concrete is laid everywhere

green grass fields of corn

forests lush with cover crops

as more wild ones are torn

their docility  is softened

we are going for those  who

are creating Risk of accidents

such danger signals do


bring us into needing

mobilization too

all of us are joining

the wild ones on the land

arming ourselves with weaponry

to help them understand.


We have a right to be here

wild as god intended

and new builds blooming everywhere

nothings being mended

our haunts our earths our  burrows

are being dug and lost

our trees  are being sawn down

at an alarming cost

we have to form an army

of like minds  and we will

fight the bloody new builds

and more of us will kill









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New Grange

a massive feat

of workmanship

farmers and Astronomers

used their mighty muscles

to carve out an astonishing tomb

5200 years ago

270 foot diameter

a structure so much older

than the great Egyptian pyramids

43 feet high it is

a 62,foot passage

into three dark alcoves

imagine this and try

only their  mean intelligence

their  muscle and their breath

a collective work of many weeks

wherein those steeped with death

would lie for an eternity

and the River  Boyne

from Carberry to the Irish  Sea

count kildare to coin

a phrase this beautiful valley

in Neolithic times

8 miles from Drogheda

this massive stone tomb climbs

upwards to the cloud cover

A 97 stone kerb

seldom were their rhymes

written down to  acknowledge

the brilliance of the build

the entity apparent

clearly a massive yield

still standing at this very time

a homage to their dead

a monolith  of miracles

which to this day had led

thousands to the wondrous  site

the integrity is there

that it has stood the test of time

surely is very clear


the finest ingenuity

a fulfilment one can say

harmonious and symmetrical

ancestors had a way

pathfinders and explorers

specialists in every field

adaptable and conforming

their hammers and picks did wield.

before Christ by some 3000 years

they maintained their arduous task

that bedrock of solidity

Which was all that we could ask.







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All lit up for jubilee

the sarsons and the blue stones

their ancientnesss alight

with pictures of the aged Queen

for me it isnt right

glitteringly out of place

across salisbury plain

remarkable in so many ways

but Do we really  gain

Putting a spin of modernistic

character to bear

a neolithic stupor

frankly to see it there

dabbling with the ediface

divinely seems to me

to destroy its essential  beauty

and harbour a constancy

portay another face to all

this really wondrous place

illuminated desicrated

Its  eternal  space

made to look as a light show

obliterating style

the favour of the ancientness

becomes this  rabid pile

Of wondrous  neolithic stones

their weight  of which all see

Standing in the minds eye

of the great queens jubilee

it takes away the magnificence

for me the eternal force

Stonehenge  feels unnatural

as a matter of course.

its artificial stoked by light

across the Salisbury plain

a remarkably un edifying

picture in refrain.




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five long years of crying

of broken heartedness

the  government sits on its hands

the whole nation must stress

those victims trapped and burning

no exits which  we saw

the cladding adding to the fire

which many did ignore

cosmetic cladding  councils

added to the high rise

left in a hopeless quandry

we all must realise

the savage nature of this  fire

the neglect was everywhere

and five years have gone

and all I feel was  absolute despair.

all this cosmetic cladding

the  councils who agreed

to reinstating all of it

have to now concede


they were in the wrong

and must pay  for it





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Ban trapping

bright eyed

and of course bushy tailed

trapped inside a snare

a vixen and her cubs

in some deep earth

yes away  somewhere

a cruel and nasty hunter

relentless nasty too

spiteful heartless rotten

violence through  and through

hunters should be given

a stint in their own snare

lets watch with   their bones broken

trying to ignore

the  pain the rods are causing

feeling so awfully raw


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Cherry ripe

a stormy May day

the wind blowing away

birds on the wing

are sheltering

cherries on the tree

some three by three

hanging on for dear life

just wanting to be

ripe full of flavour

later on bold and red

not blown off and lying

unripe and then dead

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you probably were not aware

that there was someone who

could communicate with Ladybirds

and might reply to you

there I was imagining

the study that I had done

and now I could relate it

you know to anyone

and in the Times on Wednesday

they carried the report

about so many Ladybirds

who have given life much thought

you need to know their story

and I am just the boy

to put it down in poetry

which I hope you will enjoy

transgenic’s is a frightful thing

its something I have found

peeves the female Lady bird

and covers well new ground

through aeons they have been sampling

aphids good and sweet

and now transgenic potaties abound

which lots of aphids eat

on eating them some Lady Birds

just dont feel at ease

their  wings become so heavy

and they complain of creaking knees

and there is a dearth of aphids

upon the plants she feels

which is causing huge frustration

and stress too  she reveals

on mating disappointment

its bugged her everyday

and she’s noticed laying fewer eggs

and wonders why  okay

was it down to her hormones

thats what she asks of me

and could it be transgenics

was a selfish  theory

your Scottish Crop Research Group

in their annual report

might have just concerned themselves

as to what the ladies thought

on swallowing down the aphids

and tasting their  fine goo

they  were beginning to think the flavour

wasn’t what they were used to

reflecting on what happened

Less eggs they had made

bright young “with it” Lady Birds

which had been her stock in trade

tis stress I now relate to you

and hopefully you will try

to put yourself under her spots

and feel where she does lie

her future broods are dwindling

her life expectancy

is shortened i can now confirm

dustraught take that from me

transgenic’s is pure arrogance

the threat is all who live

especially when Organics

has so very much to give.


Poem written  24,th October 1997





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Feeling light

the feline luminary

lives for the light

and in its resplendence

its feeling in spite

of human involvement

How   somewhat intense

Its in the profound

making, much more sense


its eyes are ablaze

with the light of the moon

with the fire from the sun

it remains so in tune

with the  gloaming, the vividness

its spectrum does show

a vast variegation

it so needs to know


Its  true scintillation

its sparkle reveals

its aware of the shadows

its spangle then deals

the great luminescence

its glistening might

flamboyantly eager

and from a great height


At the  top of a tree

It generates cause

polished  and gleaming

and timely doth  pause.

looking up at the stars

to the  great Milky Way

its confidence blooms

to a fulgent display

in its mind eye

to sleep perchance dream

And On its bough in the sky.

it reflects on that  theme.






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On the web

i just spoke to a spider

who lives on my car

not inside but outside

infact quite the  star

eight legs and bundles of

webbing to hold

he clings to my wing mirror

and says he’s not cold

he holds on for dear life

when I drive along

now I know that he’s there

and he says i belong

to him , its his car

so exceeding  the speed

is not only wrong

but its cruel




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A new found love

there is a blackbird in the fig tree

singing his heart out, he

clearly is a tenor

for his music sounds to me

to be wholly melodic

in readiness no doubt

to attract a lady chorister

who might just be about

And might pick up his carolings

and could infact just be

attracted by his passion

and his fervour earnestly




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Cruel and insensitive

louis Vuitton

in Tokyo they

found protest  the reason

they attracted that day

dealing in skins

in death so to say

sold out as exotic

on words they do play


It is violence of course

a dark tour de force

forcibly slaughtering souls

beautiful snakes

these houses are fakes

murder and torturing roles


its a frightening scenario

quietly we know

capture and skinning creates

terror and agony

and these so called designers

Are peering through Hells

darkened gates


these skins  unique leather

to influence those

whose ignorance  of such things

does grow

its so severe

that we persecute reptiles

there is no counter balance its clear


each soul is unique

which is why people seek

fashion and form

that is clear

the essence of contour

an art form

dressed up in fashion and fear


people with money

deface and deform

knock out of shape

so that they

can use the dead skin

on their person

in a barbaric

and artless way


sold to them selfishly saying

beauty and balance on show

when truths are

unsightly and ugly and cruel

watching them writhing

We know


Whilst each was alive

i unlock their cries

every feeling of sadness

We heard

fashion is sinful

thats how it appears

Bringing madness

to those  who have heard


Its cruel and deceitful

and grossly obscene

and no creature alive deserves to

profit from selling

capture and torture

which is  what these boutique people

















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