“Now zad”

New born  simply put

Now Zad

that was the dogs name

soldiers in the desert

where the Taliban oft claim


we meet the challenge

sitting targets we

are living with such wickedness

and inhumanity

from time to time

we find them the stray dogs

alone too

unliked and apparently

what so many do

is become the pets of soldiers

in their unfallen state

and Pen Farthing

has rescued some,

and out there he does create


a haven for the canines

a sharing in a way

a loving  so in offensive

a relationship they say

perhaps a voice of conscience

a penance in a way

and now we know in


the dogs do make their day





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So many animals are suffering from MAN

Habitat loss and deadly snares

Mindlessness of course

bushmeat the exotic pet trade

really there is a force

of Nature across AFRICA

Where the wild life parks exist

drawing the vile poachers

their evil to enlist

traps and snares

do injure the frustration

It is  clear

trafficking and pollution

its prevalent far and near

thankfully there is kindness

where indifference and unconcern

where insouciance and nonchalance

seemingly do burn

great holes in the fabric

increasing suffering for

many a precious animal

a victim of their war


deadly snares that strangle

as they try to edge away

suffering mortal terror

Somewhere every day

one angel called Mark Ofua

in Lagos comes to mind

he rescues baby Pangolins

with valour thats applied

Where all over Africa we see

evils to the fore

and the victims are the innocent

All up against the poor

the unenlightened locals

creating victims everyday

sacrificing innocence

making the angels pay


every soul’s expectations

a purpose just to be

hopeful of  a pleasant life

starry eyed and free

sharing of the wonderment

that Nature does provide

and not falling foul to  degenerates

with nothing left inside


every soul whether big or small

was given life and they

Celebrate their daily tasks

as they go on their way

whether in the oceans

where discarded nets now be

or  fixed in secluded hollows

where snares and traps

few see

every soul has purpose

is a miracle, we know

and the murdering scumbag human beings

are sinking to a low


their tyranny is everywhere

their arrogance explodes

flagrant brazen selfish creeps

Party to  my odes

Braggarts blusterers supercilious

mean spirited and wrong

Their hostility and intolerance

just doesn’t belong

we have all to participate in the looking after of all animals great and small where ere we walk look down and see

the ant, the snail where they may be

and love them








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The mist and the the body shape

Breaking the surface

life in the raw

to excite us, those who

are able to see whales

come into our being

red blooded, pulsating

sea angels cometh

Exciting the senses

such exhilaration

their rapturous impact

excites every nerve

the flash of a rainbow

the truest enchantment

from deep in the depths

they have risen we know


such elation I feel to be able to witness

an honest euphoria

sweeps over me

they are perfection

a radiant soul

who share their elegance

and they extol

Beauty and rarity

with every moment

sharing their wonder

the pure energy

a great eye observing

a little unnerving

their daring all sharing

and their ancestry.



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Zero pasture

The underlying cruelty

where arrogance exists

in Italy the Parmesan

where farming there resists

the all import factor

compassion and real care

thoughtfulness  and emotions

and of being  aware

cows of course are ruminants

grass is their dream food

fresh, and the warm sun on their backs

yes I dare allude

to understanding freedom

these females love to be

chatting on the hillsides

to each other constantly

tasting the rich greenery

Philosophers they be

chewing over problems

with  such vivacity

but tragically the Consortium

of farmers tend to say

its best that they are locked down

in dark barren cells all day

tethered to a rotten post

Out of  healthy light

and there they spend their lives

in prisons

how can that be right.



the numbness and the stupor

the inactivity

of course it leads to depression

they lose their curiosity

god given thoughts,  the inscrutable

lust for life is gone

Italian Farmers ignorance

it is a great big con

the famous cheese

the cruelty

the ignorance abounds

their instincts are at risk you know

their personality

their state of mind

deep rooted

they want to just be free


the pasture is their heaven

the wild plants are their soul

fresh and sweet and tasty

their vibration, its their role

to just be tethered to a post

is bad vibes Let me say

Italian  Farmers  are stupid

and selfish and we pay

highly in our true health

we are unctuous and alive

we appreciate the environment

its just why we survive

and being locked down

All our lives

our babies so abused

their stomach contents ripped apart

For the  rennet

thats infused

their tears are shared

as mothers,  we so pine every day

and all you  pasta lovers and chefs

Should see their way

to helping us to stopping

this evil for they are

Confining us to their hell on earth

and too soon the abattoir.




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Foie Gras

Nicola Macdonald

and Peta and the rest

have campaigned hard

to stop the sale

Of foie gras

every test

they took and beat the drum

outside the store

in Piccadilly

AT Fortnum and Mason


have stopped what was insanity

profiting they say


Gavage such violent torture

leaving geese and ducks  to pay

lots of famous people

have written and have said

stop this awful business

Those birds that wind up dead

tortured by force feeding

till the liver size explodes

10 times more than Natural

against all of life’s codes


So now Fortnum and Mason

have agreed that they won’t  sell

its known as a luxury

maybe it is in HELL

a man made disease

thats eaten

by human beings who

Bring into their digestion

morbidity its true


the agony birds go through

its totally unfair

Those farmers who produce it

Of course few seem to care
its absolutely awful

to force  livers to swell

into the lungs  imagine that

and then to want to sell


such an abomination





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Wakayama Karma

Taiji fishermen are now preparing

their battle Royale

with angels of the sea

the dolphins and the Porpoise

and the Melon headed whales

the pilots

all these  pods

a swimming free


its all about illusion

and deception

a trait these violent fishermen possess

taking on the valour and the bravery

of sea born mammals

with created stress


A baby wounded

thats when we see gallantry


no elder will leave

the loyalty of families

are exploited by the Japanese

who intimidate

and frighten with such ease


so soon they will be out there

doing vile  things

driving and  harpooning

both they do

Pet food just imagine that

and captured souls for sea parks

who gives them the right

The clueless who

murder godly souls

to make huge profits

such irresponsibility

and they

these Fishermen of Taiji

rotten to the core

wiping out whole families

every day.



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Sheese now if you please

Bute Island on the vegan map

for making vegan cheese

No palm oil

and no dairy

the stuff that makes some wheeze

well sadly its been sold off

to a massive dairy chain

Saputo oh goodness me

the worlds going insane


Dairy Crest  another


associated they

will now be making dairy free

that is what they say

Sheese is off my radar

dairies  not for me

all those calves that died in vain

the ones we did not see

they scream, they cry

their mothers too

thousands every day

and now they buy up vegan sheese

and go on their merry way.


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Meat eatIng and Science

Experimentation and Science

Technology its everywhere

so many excuses

so many abuses

of animals left in despair

the lockdowns have cut back

some  cases

but this year its rising again

some 86000 procedures

all of them with immense pain

dogs cats and Rabbits

Horses as well

Monkeys we know
Who goes to Hell.?

the injured, the animals

the technicians,  who

murder and experiment

thats what they do

Science oh yea the passport

of fear

3 million godly souls

its very clear

laboratories still want

to murder and maim

behind closed doors

so it is the same

animal rights

deleted for sure

Medicine and testing

Its  the silent war


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Hunting experiments

Quietly in the forests

of Eastern Europe they

the scientific hunters


they say


Pathogens are coming

the wild boars sadly thrive

when winters remain warmer

many more survive

And in Poland and in Germany

its all hush hush

but they

are finding ASF is out there

Swine Fever, its a way

of frightening the Pork Trade

from Africa it came

Already reaching Germany

thats what people claim

Cage Traps are the answer

baited and then wait

when the Boars do enter

unknowing of their fate

shot to death  immediately

their tissues will be sent

to the Virologists

victims of intent

the Meat Trade  sees the creeping shadows

affecting Pork and they

Foot and Mouth and Avian Flu

and Classic  Swine

The  way

pigs are suffering

in their barns

Barren and dark where they

are very far from natural

its the animals that pay

locked down  and clearly fearful

their immunity is poor

A breeding ground for viruses

and for pathogens and more










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Australia and battery eggs

the chickens earnestly

have put up with their batteries

hoping to be free

production and innovation

profits all the way

cruelty means nothing

to consumers far away


lockdown we are realising

open cages where

we are cast in our own cells

to live with the despair

the fear clouds really everywhere

and frighteners by the score

the sickness brought the tidal wave

a kind of unholy war


the animals have suffered

years and years of this

freedom loving  environmental

souls living with bliss

until we decided otherwise

to cram them into cells

barns and cages

we decided

and we allocated Hells

for them to live their lives in

be fertilised and made

to then extend their families

so we could steal away

their offspring for our dead flesh trade

and our dairies that do pay


batteries of chickens

winged godly ones who fly

Not in  human batteries

where they never see the sky

Never feel the sunshine

or the cooling rain

and every egg they lay is stolen

for the farmers gain


some fight for the animals

with ferocity

poem after poem

fall on deaf ears


eggs are sold for humans

to eat each tiny soul

Who never gets its  chance in life

lost in that great dark hole


where money and where profit

sees life cut short each day

billions of sweet lives are lost

wildness filed away

Australia is hoping for batteries to go

whilst locking up the human tribe

barbarians now grow

larger by the moment

feasting on their spoils

YES all the animals being killed

for their dead flesh and their oils







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Poor Pigs

The poor old pigs are getting stick

everywhere we go

Red  tractors Advertising Boards

and diners think they know

where their pork flesh comes from

from what they think and see

the torture and the mayhem

its forgotten  tragically


the dark infested cell blocks

dumping where they snore

overcrowded disrespected

people just ignore

their feelings and their emotions

And how they made their way

and all the time were prodded

and shouted at that day

they heard the cries of family members

And how it  struck a chord

smelling the  blood of one’s relatives

and then seeing the bloodied  sword.





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Living with Nature

Living with Nature

Away from  the cities

Such immortal beings

assess their true features

planted and  growing

in league with the forests

have a common interest

and a mindful regard

A pertinent mention

a wonderful connection

people who wander

who ache at the sky

who live in each moment

all wondering why

each has identity

out there with Nature

the great mother stalwart

its out there  to see

the people the families

their eminence matters

the greatest of unions

that there could be

Pagan their thoughtfulness

an interconnection

Magic  and symphony

solidly sound

the compaction reaction

its such an attraction

that even the Soviets

it did astound




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The ulcer

The ulcer

it just kind of grew

and the pain


a tussle and a conflict

Yes again


just mugging the soul

so brazen and so challenging

Stamping out  a role

its there for the taking

so much inner guile

artful and so scheming

It has been for a while

it wept when it was active

affecting my sleep

with its dark hints of danger

And its calamitous creep

accursed and nasty

growing by the day

an insidious adventure

that adds to my decay.



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Harvesting Lions South African dupery

South African farmers

did some time ago

give up growing fruits

thinking they did know

that harvesting Lions

the Kings can we say

Based on deceit

at the end  of the day

the pursuit of evil

a disservice to

Africa’s ethic

making souls pay

for what was an outrage

an insidious wrong

Terrible cruelty

that didn’t belong


canned hunting


the ignorant ones

harvesting lions

the whole idea stuns

and distresses the honour

that Africa spells

Creating adversity

and  pure shame that wells

up in pure hearts

Afflicted  we be

As thousands are murdered

and their bones  tragically


shipped off to Viet Nam

Then to be sold

as Tiger cake  it leaves me cold

lion bones and monkey

and Turtle shell

ground up and sold  off

to TCM hell.


the farmers are pestilence

second rate sods

earning the big bucks

where are the gods

of  the victims

where are they

death everywhere

canned hunting add ons

and shame and despair


We must save the Lions

ban Canned  Hunting today

the cunning the cheating

the Draconian Way

such callous oppression

wickedly they

duplicitous swindlers

get through each day


the angelic prides

unspotted and pure

at the hands of the despotic

Rotters who lure

their wildness out of them

in these  dull zoo’s

Humanity smothers them

and yes they lose

their true morality

its taken away

fodder for shooters

who transgress

every day.










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The inglorious Twelth

The glorious twelth

in truthfulness is

mendacious and wrong

forget the showbiz

Summer is here

in the North hear the cry

the heathers gone purple

and the grouse they must die

4 months of shooting

Today the third day

driven grouse shooting

keep out of our way

a pastime for the wealthy

with riches galore

but less in their heads and their hearts

Its a war

the poor souls are beating

frightening birds

the cowards in their shrouds

oh yes I am lost for words

Beautiful wild souls

frightened to death

fly into the  sky

and then relieved of their breath


so much deceit

Raptors will die

Hen harriers  slaughtered

dont ask me why

huge swatches of land

burned down to the peat

who cares about carbon

It is  the elite


out on the moors

doing what rich souls do

murdering wildlife

The playacting few

talk about craft

when its guile that we see

a bush and snare

and complete dupery


wiping out Raptors

wiping out Grouse

bad for the landscape

where is their nouse

All good  at business

thats what they think

doing their deals

and enjoying the drink


the nouveau riche flourishing they

their affluence flowing

Its all on display

from harmony cometh

a challenging wall

of lead shot and bluster

as the bodies  just fall

like hail on  the hill tops

just spiralling down

underhand tactics

and many will drown

in their own blood

a blood bath  a slaughter


of thundering lead

all caught up in  the prose










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Meadow Lark

About the size of a robin

short tailed and small

Her sweet refrain

It be known to us all

a voice bound to lure

the soulful to be

knowing how pure

And Lyrically she

casts her  lamenting

where none dare to go

over the Tor

to the great mists on show

the meadow Lark singing

in the greenery dear

i feel thee heart beating

for my love it is clear.





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Marks and Spencer’s shame

M &S be ashamed

they honestly now should

making out the salmon is perfection

and truthfully it could

rule the seas and ocean

when in fact its wholly poor

its fed on scraps of evil

something we cant ignore

a crescendo in the making

a vile disturbing streak

a flash  of silver horror

that can never reach its peak

captive lice ridden awfulness

so far from unique






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That face that gait

such clarity

and coherence

he is all there

I am sure he does think

out of  the box

his ideality to share

Camp Leakey was his

comfort place

but wildness proffers soul

He clearly gets the hang of it

and is emphatic about his role

in the canopy with the durians

Nesting  high above

a face that represents his creed

in the forest that they love.


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Rollrights ritual

Midway between the solstices

and the equinox’s

a cross quarter day

important as we know

Fairs, truces  and harvest days

All about the culmination

of the food we grow


yesterday at Rollrights

the creaking gate  when pushed

Exclaimed look out at the fields of gold

and an  August halo spread

the Rollright Stones resplendent

Lord of the waxing waning year

Lugh was ever present

at our ritual it was clear


the games we played of celebration

simply good to exercise

the competition of  each moment

egg and spoon and bean bag tossing

Claudia and Dawn became

wheat sheaf  Queens both champions

worthy of the sudden fame


the Gorsed games poems and stories

the Talking stick more stories there

the sun had etched a glorious moment

warm and sunlit  for all to   share


the feast of  mead and titbits gladly

we felt revived with much to please

13 of us clearly lucky

protected by the groves of trees

Bending inwards quite the haven

a sun trap for the birds and bees

quiet the moles no hills to speak of

an August day was bound  to please

rain had fallen before we started

and the leaves just added to the display

the growing cycle  evident

a true abundance  everywhere

and astronomical alignment

Lughnasedh saw passion shared

after all the wretched lockdowns

distancing and masks we felt

an awareness of each moment

seemingly the cards were dealt

laughter and a degree of joy

awareness of the surroundings there

Rollrights held its poignant message

of which today we were all aware.



Lovely to see Geoff and Deena

and Dawn’s first ritual as a member of the order








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Exciting times once again

the First Harvest

it is here

its all about abundance

And joy, no need for fear

everything is ripening

With all that sun and rain

the season and the cycle

Fruition YES again


the sun God Lugh

the God of Light

the beaming one

Who  makes things right


a whisper of immortality

When the day is done

a celebration of purity

of happiness in Nature’s arms

early apples bursting nuts

the hedgerows full

Of given charms


Gather  the grain

Light the  bonfire  circle dancing


so much we gain

by being out

around the circle

without a doubt

Looking  skywards towards the sun

John Barleycorn is number one

his surrender

It has begun


as bread

,and then reborn as seed

a coming together

It is our need

Ancestral  blessings

To one and all

This my friends

our port of call

thanks be to Lugh

Thats what we say

as we celebrate

upon this day.

these last two years

We were made to ponder

so much has changed

and where ere we wander

We all  have suffered

Our share of woe

But whatever happens

in our hearts we know

The great wheel turns

expressly so

as  the  Cotswold  families

spirits grow.













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Real estate below the sea

An Octopus whilst out

and about

looking for a new abode

its hard these days

to find good shells

And not take on  a too heavy load

he had found a disused ice cream cup

too big but very  light

but living in it, frustrated him

for he knew he looked a sight

whereupon a friendly diver

right out of the blue

offered him some clam shells

relatively new

they were all the fashion

so two of them felt right

moving out of his ice cream  cup

his little heart took flight


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Zero pasture

Morality is missing

from the cheese making I see

Parmigano  traditional

it comes from Italy

hard granula


smells like puke

I think

the poor cows stay in indoor pens

many on the brink

they feed them grass

but cut and brought

zero grazing here

imagine that the arrogance

no sunshine, it is clear

theres something wrong with


cows do love to graze

to select themselves

the wild grass

and the wild plants

its no phase

its what cows do

so to keep them in lockdown


well we all know what that means to US

its wrong in every way.

its unwarranted and unsanctioned

cows love being where

the open fields their majesty

out in the sun kissed air

its an evasion of duty

its totally unkind

I would never eat this cheese

Their irreverence of mind

they disrespect their charges

Neglect  their honest need

riding roughshod  over Nature

just so that they succeed

in whatever ideology

they have

somehow to me

they need to give the cows some light

their methodology


stinks otherwise






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Lovers and the dead Lioness

What amounts to deceptiveness

a beautiful Lioness

Shot by a hunter

His fiancee in tow

It wasn’t  a wild soul

a caged human managed

he a Hunting  outfitter

the bold one still warm

they were kissing

for they were in love with the murder

of wild souls a’ willing

to take this bright specimen

and shoot her to death

there was no necessity

it was all about arrogance

showing off sadly

and a female just died

obnoxious behaviour

Now  mangled inside

how proud are the couple

their trophy before them

their was no harmony

they went out shooting

their challenge that day

brazen and ignorant

Typical hunters

a spoil of their war

travailed in this way


a romantic kiss

they were taking the piss

not  a smidgeon of respect

For the lady they killed

she may have been a mother

or some ones  lover

All that they  saw was one drugged up



staring at the sun when the bullet

smacked hard

they both felt the joy

Thats some joy I must tell you

its thankless and ghastly

no remorse not a shade

just a kiss on the lips

For  the  lovers

rejoicing their raptures

with the nectar that rips

into their mouths so sweet

an aesthetic moment

culturally special

murdering scumbags

Part of  the elite




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Franken Chickens and the supermarkets

Science and Genetics be ashamed

That we

know you deal in Franken Chickens

supporting crazily

Where so  many of your principles subside

Your conscientiousness it leaves you

which then marketing does hide

the evil and the shamefulness

gods creatures are made to take

its, questionable  tactics

for everybody’s  sake

imagining the consumers

Are they  as heartless as are you

they want the chickens languishing

in terror, for to do

this cruelty behind closed doors

in smelly cages they

Grow  so fast

their legs and hearts

give out

the godly way

Superseded sadly

by the margins and dismay

the inscrutable connivance

that green wash takes away

a chickens life is very short

some thirty eight days,  they

In  lockdown, food just thrown at them

no light no where to play

imagine that you chicken scoffers

their protein will be

sustaining you creating in you

perhaps  insanity.


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Dehesa 2

Love we see at first sight

no politics about

Spring has sprung

we are among

the  chosen,  living out

in this glorious countryside

Wild flowers everywhere

the orchestra of insects

Where  all souls are aware


pastel shades and brilliant hues

eye catching petals gaze

the Peony its perfume

and voluptuousness

Such praise

is heaped upon this miracle

Eternia Beetles they

in their gold flushed super suits

pass the time of day


tasting the fragrant pollen

Its meditation time

feeling somewhat jovial

to be seen inside this rhyme

Bee eaters they have just arrived

from Africa,  a way,


than a walk into a supermarket, they

are charming they love grooming

beaks sharpened to reduce

The earths they keep on keeping on

And in short time  they produce


a nice pad for their partner

and a mosaic too

of heavenly views and messages

Underneath a sky of  powder blue


back in Neolithic times

traces still exist

of clearings  made for livestock

where the climate did enlist

A perfect biodiversity

born out of ancient  art

Setting up  an area

Where  artisans  did start

Settling and living

building on it all

like an African savannah

It established  a  fine rule


Cork taken from fine oaks

and charcoal made there too

where there are raised horses

and cattle all can view

egrets at their masters feet

feeding purposefully

Bulls  the fighting bulls

That perish  in the ring

here they taste sone freedom

with the good thoughts it does bring

sternly they may bellow

in the open spaces where

they are Kings  of their castles

Which  audaciously they share.










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Dehesa (a vast landscape of unbelievable design)

A vast array of miracles

a montado  so to say

agro sylvo pastures

an infinite display

Southern and Central Spain

and Southern Portugal

a heavenly crafted Natural World

we see

Wildness at the forefront

green and glowing

packed with birds and wild souls

Bold and free


open spaces open country


wooded vales and gleaming glades

and trees

the Holm Oak and the Cork Oak

Many  growing

and have seen 800 Springs

and still they please


animals and birds and of course insects

freedom and the gift of life is theirs

the ubiquitousness pervading

space and being

minding everybody’s true affairs


the raucous cries of  Common Cranes

Their romantic dances fill

the onlooker  whose  awareness

catching glimpses of them


watch them  and  be impressed

to view

their feyness and the magic

doing what they do


soon they will be arriving

despite the perilous skies

selecting their Winter Paradise

it comes as no surprise

their eagerness to journey

their ability to be

Party to the parchment

and the amazing artistry


acorns glorious seeds whose

nutritional needs are met

the Iberian Pigs will congregate

always in the debt

Of  the oaks their ancestral wisdom

the system at their root

this very tasty bounty

clearly it does suit

life feels everlasting

a confidence it grows

grebes and others flourish

Our great Mother shows

off her daring prowess

incites life to be seen

the nuptial  sensibilities

and every shade of green





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Visiting the dr

If you need to see doctor

Don’t  make the mistake

of not wearing a mask

its for your own sake

the insane are now running

the nuthouse , for sure

its them against us

and we all are at war

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The block CHAIN muggers

Don’t ever sign  up to their trading concern

these mealy mouthed scammers

Out there to turn

your whole world upside down

And our  fingers to burn

a great hole in your bank account

take it from me

with sheaths of phone numbers


their heartless pursuit of the innocent who

pick up the phone and start chatting

they do

scammers  are cancers

Unforgiving souls

like mold on ripe peaches

pushing controls

trading and aiding

the fading of man

”disaster fatigue”

“pounds of flesh”

by the pan

callous vile brokerage

after your cash

mealy mouthed rotters

trying to bash

the life out of people

wanting so much

our gratefulness sadly

they are all out of touch

the whole Block Chain nonsense

a Block  and a chain

a gang of old slaves

Breaking rocks in the rain

“any desk” team viewer

go quick support

trading accounts

if you are ever caught

its like flying into a web of deceit

a great hAiry spider

wants to compete

suck out  your bank balance

watch as you squirm

like fucking nematodes

with you long term






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The Corvidea

I really love the Corvidea

intelligent and cute

haughty, a bit arrogant

But awfully astute

described sometimes as rascals

but sinners  they are not

but who are we to ascertain

they are villians  with a plot


To cause us harm

they are wild souls

created by the same

God who created those who call

out their apparent character

who really are to blame


Black and grey and even white

and all of them do sing

their hearts out really day and night

and to their table they do bring


Once sacred to the Germanic tribes

Odin’s chosen souls

in time gone by, the people

realised their roles

exceptionally intelligent

though now accused of ill and woe

a trumped up charge from the ignorant

indicted  as we know


the Corvidae have rectitude

Their  moral fibre high

characters of conscience

who soar up in the sky


equitable and macrobiotic

eating what they can

but  still disregarded widely

by the common man


they really need some justice

watchers of the wild

able to speak our language

so why are they defiled

Socially demanding

as family groups they bond

they play, and  use tools

so many fools

human beings who

could learn a lot

from these wondrous  birds

obligated they

they can solve so many puzzles

They are  with it  everyday


Because they frequent Standing Stones

Historic memories

their ancestral leanings

,clearly they do please

the Corvidae each one of them

is more  equipped to be

living on this planet

Than even you or me.


all seeing and all feeling

so socially aware

we need to love and respect wild souls

show them some love and care

Not  shoot them or nor  poison them

these victims of the wild

who go to the same Heaven

as any human child.













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Nike and the Australian Governent

Slaughtering the iconic souls

the kangaroo’s we hear

2 million of them shot to death

whilst feeding it is clear

the grey suits are a frustrated  bunch

of scumbags thats for sure

employing ignorant shooters

to really go to war

400,000 joeys thats tiny babies who

end up being decapitated

Australia turns the  screw

And the skin that the great god gave them

is used for cleats, I hear

for Nike for their football boots

ramping up the fear

all the worst intentions

protecting the cattle trade

the sheep lets weep

for Roo’s  all sacrificed

Thats their brand of cheer

for living where their god had placed them

in the outback of despair

Imagine it a miracle

created amazingly

so rif raf can play football

in them and do it so  callously

However  one looks at this

its murder all the my

its protecting the meat trade

Where all animals they slay

it sickens me beyond belief

the inconsideration

the viciousness the spitefulness

How Australia that Nation

can use its mean barbarity

victimise  and abuse

the rancour and the malice

how is that good news




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