A US airman
What could he do
But light himself up
Burn good and true
The israeli genocide
On his tv
The killings daily
That he watched constantly

Hearing the rhetoric
Day after day
NETANYAHU and others
There shitty display
Of rancour and horror
His question was why

They were getting away
With this shit
And so many did die
Bombing and shooting
The rubble beneath
So many bodies
We seemed to bequeath

The various countries
Watched Gaza burn
So now they could watch him
With fuck all

So he lit up the scene
Burning as well
Free Palestine
He shouted
From Hell

The Israeli’s came
Watched as he burned
From an airman
Until yes he turned
Black as a cinder
Blood everywhere
Israel were bastards
They just didn’t care.

Zionist arse oles
Killing machines
Babies torn apart
Lined up like sardines
Lack of respect
For the Arabic state
Mind boggling injuries
We’ve all seen of late

And whilst Gaza burns
Our leaders they
Are mincing their words
Its about the decay
Of morals and love
For children who we
See legless and hanging

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Walking on sticks

Needs a good mental state
And strong arms to the fore
Really you have to be
In your own war
Emotional chemistry working
A keen disposition
That’s really at play
Tempered and framed
With enormous desire
To feel like a tortoise
To try to aspire

To let all the others go off at a pace
You will be going
When they disgrace
Themselves tired of foot
Their arms numb as hell
Devoured by your age
And closer to Hell

Two sticks on the arms
Responsively you
Will keep your head up
Doing what you do
A race with the others
Not in your race
They can’t even see you
They are not at your pace

Your hips are afire
There is pain everywhere
Emphatically you
Will be tasting despair
But you will be walking
In your heart will be
The love of your life
Of course the Dear C

Overwhelmed by her beauty
Sold on her look
If only she saw me
A passionate book
Of love and of caring
Of chocolate at Dawn
Of agave and kisses
And yes some puffed corn

I love her as much
I must walk along
My sticks are my legs
Nothing will go wrong
I have pain yes I do
But a look at her smile
Makes me want to walk faster
Mile after mile.

My wrists are going through it
It’s marvellous to see
Her greatness her muscles
It works wonderfully
Walking on sticks
And a battering storm
Everything sore
But fancifully warm

How what’s
she feeling
I try to be fast
A tortoise may kick its future is cast
The need is to battle
Gradually speeding up
And not suffer

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Indonesia at The Hague
Tells us how it feels
Israel’s occupation
And injustice
It reveals
A squalid ugly demonstration
With evil at its core
Genocide and murder and
A terrifying war

Settlers invading Palestinian land
turfing residents from their homes
Who can understand
Why countries let this happen
And in fact turn away
Supply them weapons to carry on
And on social media, say

Israel has the right
To defend itself
We see
The rights they have to occupy
And to murder and we
Sick inside just watching their arrogance
Their threats
Genocide and war crimes
And earth resourcing debts

Truculence and viciousness
Sadistic blood thirsty acts
Taking out the women and the children and the facts
Cutting off the food aid
The energy and supplies
Bombing strafing hospitals
All done before our eyes

The Hague court needs to wake up
The daisies are all dying
Stop the rain stop the sun
Our planeteers defying
The monsters are now bombing us
Threatening life and limb
And laughing in our faces
For them it’s like a whim

Zionists describing awfulness abroad
Going after children famine their reward
Grappling in the rubble
Their bodies eaten by
Rats this is the evil
That makes the angels cry

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Jetsters exploits with the wind

Exasperated by it all
It blows me off my feet
The tousled grass stems
The violent gusts
It really does unseat
All the possibilities in me
When it blows
A downdraught
And a crosswind A waft a whiff
Who knows
Inspiration respiration
A huffing puffing pose

Tempestuous blown this way
Then that way, but I can
Almost be picked up and flying
The hum the roar no plan
Just being in the slip stream
Pumped up and inflated by
The moisture driven fluidity
That almost makes me cry

Low down among the grasses
The portability
Almost feeling weightless
Underweight and free
In the world of nature
It’s tangibility
I am flesh and blood
And all things cat
I leap excitedly

Prostration lying low
Creep and crawl
And suddenly haul
Triple jump and hopTo be alive
To swallow dive
To run until I stop

And mum comes bounding after me
I can hear her heart
Every revolution
A whirlwind at the start
She’s chasing, we are racing
Such a frequency
I will let her think she is catching
Her warm hands are on me

Affectionate she is that
Her true vivacity
Exciting in me rapture
Our game is fabulously
Me feeling every little twinge
And electricity

This mornings air cold to the touch
Exhilaration overcomes
Euphoria so much to life
The exercise the wavering belief
Running away and leaping
The indulgence and relief
I will follow her go in now
A snuggle may be do
Some biscuits and some soup ha ha
My Blessings coming true.

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By catch

By catch wasting species
Held in high regard
Netting the undesirables
Every soul they discard
Murdered in their thousands
Relation to a tee
Filtering out the special
For all eternity

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The path to a heaven radiates
A shared sky drips with glow
Avalons magic highways
The great TOR seems to grow
Glastonbury’s sleeping
The white Spring channels light
The water and the responding health
Burns forever bright.

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The path made of shadows to the Tower
To the golden
A sunburst of silence of softness laid rest
A whole land of mystery possibly history
The glinting all tinting magic at best
And The mind and the soul urge and the heart in a moment
The magnificent TOR Sees us blessed

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Packed with people
Who trudged their way in pain
Told to go where it was safe
Where bombs fall down like rain
These evil Israeli aircraft
Bombers drop pay loads
On the high rise on the low rise on the people roads
Hospitals and everywhere
Where innocent families rest
Imagine listening to those vile noises
The nerves of course they test

Netanyahu rubs his hands
His heartless soulless frame
He doesn’t care for children or women
All are game
in his state of aggression
Rubble hunting, they
Staring eyes and bloodied thighs
Are martyred every day

And the Labour Party snivelling wrecks
Argue the toss and say
Sustainable just bloody words
No votes from me no way
Friends of bloody Israel
These ugliest of sods
Murdering the innocent
Who too soon meet their gods.

Rafah burning demolished buildings
Everywhere you look
Dust and rubble loads of trouble
The floors below us shook
Others come to rescue search the rubble for
Dying suffering children
In Netanyahu’s war

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Give it some thought
Outside the court
Extradition it might be
Warranted upon the hero
Against the murderers

Julian such empathy
A warrior in high regard
Answering to the cowards of all cowards
Who left behind so many scarred
Julian a man of knowledge
His wife and family
By his side
The court system who would believe it
Truth it seems will be denied

Gag the man and send him seawards
America is said to be a friend
We know it’s not no never
And over Israel at an end

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14 lambs a feeding

14 lambs a feeding
In Bramley the other day
Thats Surrey
On grass and wild plants they
We’re joyful happy creatures
Chatting in the field
When too nasty bits of work
malicious rotten souls
Got through two gates
And drove into the pack
The farmer states

All of them were babies
Nick Huntley the farmer he
Said they didn’t deserve to die
Like that sadly they be
Lambs soon for the Meat Trade
Little lambs poor mites
Innocent as the day is long
So frightened
All the lights went out
These boys need packing off
To a jail not getting away
With cruelty on such a scaleBut it’s happening we hear
Every day
Farmers see this evil
Experience it and lose
Stocks and sometimes machinery

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Grass tastes good

Nutrient rich
Is the grass of the field
Look at the muscle the power
It can yield
Tasty and sweet and spicy as well
Eating it’s flesh
Leads man into Hell

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14 years
A saint has been
Banged up
Lost to the world
An obscene act
Of war on a truther who
Was abused by governments
And what did he do

He told the truth
He showed us how
The leaders lead
And basically now
We see the criminality
In the Middle East
The infamy

Innocent life
Is smashed and crushed
Ideologues in bloodied bogs
Slaughter the children
Slaughter their mums
Drop their bombs
Forget the sums

Under the rubble of sanity
Julian sits in his cell
We be
Knowing his truth
Feeling his pain
Seeing the agony over again
Rat a tat tatt machine gun fire
Bodies crumpled
Around them dire
Explanations criminality
It’s everywhere
The finality

Of human failure
In a world where care
And love died Years ago
To share
The Holy Spirit
The constancy
Of truth and perfect

Assange an Angel
In many ways
Has faced the brunt of
The killing phase
Truth comes hard
In History
Judgement Day
Is today you see

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Live exports and the Meat Trade

In the shit and faeces
A female stands
A sunken soul
Traversing lands
By sea live exports
It’s the way
Of humanity

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Courage beyond anyone’s belief
That’s Julian’s prayer today
tossed into a maelstrom
By authorities who say
What he saw he repeated
The hellish devils who
Gave the shout without a doubt
And all we saw was true

Liars crooks and scumbags
XShooting unarmed souls
Predictive was the scenario
We heard the controls
Easily diabolical hellish to our core
Fire the command was given
To another war

Angels all were gunned down
Even a child she too
Took the Yankee bullets
And died, it all worked through
Assange saw all and told us
Truth was ours to gain
The gunners were really puerile
And all of us felt pain.

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Sheep on the TOR today

Sheep enjoying the vista
St Michael’s Tower high
They ramble and amble
Closer to the sky
The early green pasture
As sweet as can be
Above them pure drama
Sky born and free
There’s anger above us
And a firery glow
We love Glastonbury
As well you know

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The trade in wild animals

Alex is just one animal
A white tiger who be
Stuck in Ukraine sadly
Pining constantly
He born in captivity
For the exotic trade
In wild life
Which is common
On so many hearts
Now laid

It all began 4000 or so years ago
Birds and fish
Apparently the thing
Now it’s reptiles big cats bears
All sorts of animals
it scares
The life out of me
where wildness should pertain

War zones private zoo’s
And homes
Where exotic pets appear
Stolen from the wilds
And clearly live away
Victims there are thousands
Trapped in homes and we
See big cats stuck in war zones
With angels trying to free

Why is it people do this
Subject wildness to this
Animals in captivity
How can that feel like bliss
Then we see true angels
Appealing for them we
When Things go wrong and it
Often does
That it’s tragic actually

We really ought to look at this
These tragedies appear
Often these days
Countries should ban imports
It’s so clear
Wildness is the ultimate
Living in someone’s place
Is really very selfish
In all a true disgrace.

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Hertfordshire Warriors

We are proud us folks from Hertfordshire
That in our midst we find
Wonderful wildlife warriors
Who blow the counties mind
Proudly take the forest helm
Fight for wildness they
Protect the lives of foxes badgers Hares
Along the way
Up against law breakers
Who chase and torture who
Violate our solemn gifts
Of love and life it’s true.

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The Royal Courts of Justice
What are they going to do
Take an Angel from the troth
The sins of men are true
Blame belongs to others
Witnesses who saw
Other angels gunned down
In a private war

And soothsayers were out there
Prepared to show us all
The ugliness apparent
Our souls against a wall
Of infamy and dreadfulness
As AMERican gunners fired
Their machine guns we all saw them
Maliciousness was hired

What happened the world saw it
The chuckling as loud
The bullets flew in storms of dust
In among that crowd
They tried to actually get away
Feeling the thrust of steel
That tore into their bodies
Death for them was real

What became of the murdering scum
Actually we don’t know
What became of pure honesty
That much we could show
The resonating fervour
The ugliness of sin
an Angel stood before us
Bursting from his skin

Assange a warrior Angel
Banged up in a gaol
Along with vile insurgents
Looking ever pale
Stolen from his family
Threatened night and day
The murdering scum
Under the thum
Of tge government of the day

Soon a day of judgement
What is to become
Of the warrior Angel
Whose family are numb
They have watched a warrior crumble
Broken man no lie
If he is sent to America
Most surely He will die

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Their faces shouldn’t fool you that’s because they see
Your face looking at them
Wanting just to be
Happy and contented
In a concrete pool
Made to swim like humans
And do tricks just like some fool
And for what some frozen morsal
As we sup your rich chlorine
That ruins our skin daily
We are not just a machine

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Trophy hunting wench kills Lion

Lipstick mascara blushers my god
She’s shot a Lion
It fell to the sod
She sits all aglow
A smile of disrespect
Pondering happiness
Has anyone checked
Who the hell she is
The lion takes the shot
This women took aim
With true fire and snot

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The planes come down
The carousel
The cases round and round
People comes and collect their wares
All now homeward bound
Green light red light
Loads go through
The green light
Nothing to declare
Red faced shifty smugglers
Face the dogs
And yes he law

200 cigarettes
The load
Anymore to declare
Do you mind steeping this way Sir
Of course are you aware
Open up your cases
Packed with cigarettes
You have 25000
A case full of regrets

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Grouse moors

I wish to say how much I hateThese grouse moor
Shooting fiends
Pumping lead shot everywhere
Contaminating scenes
Medicated grit the shit
They talk the rich who bitch
Burning Heather glorious Heather
Just because they are rich

Attracting fat arse ignorants
Who slaughter wild life who
Are enemies of foxes of badgers and
Stoats who do
Nothing except prevail on gods earth
Natives of the place
Weasels crows the gifted souls
Who came with the goddesses grace

Shooting grouse is criminal
Destruction of the moor
Spreading chemicals here and there
So many just ignore
The ignorance aforethought
Entertainment they
Murder birds I am lost for words
What they do each day

Muir burn smoke and filth and garbage
So called shooting estates
They get together chomping drinking
Chucking out their plates
Shooting salvos of lead shot
Up into the air
Grouse so many wounded
Who die there in a lair
Of water pond whatever
And the lead shots fills our streams
All these nasty buggers
Demons in our dreams.

The League against cruel sports
The angels of the wing
They gave time and money
And help wild folk to sing
The Poet bard is writing hard
To try and stop the rot
Leave the moors alone you rotters

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Too many leopard pelts being discovered at airports

solitary Leopards
warriors who
Walk the proud jungle paths
Doing what they do
Ambushed by evil
Gun toting fools
Cowards over powered
With the rifle and all

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Geronimo the alpaca

They killed me
The liars
There was nothing wrong with me
The mountain air of Ecuador
Was all that I could see
Those DEFRA people
Glued to I pads
With no thought to care
Murdered me said I was sick
And it’s not bloody fair

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Hawthorn Hart
Plant trees
Whose occult power
Realise their healing strength
An ethereal bond is how

Under a tree
A good place to rest one’s head and doze
Enlightenment is obvious
It’s where the spirits pose
Questions heaven and earth then be
Asking of the goddess
With answers fruitfully

Coming gently into
Our minds eye lyrically
Trees the power of wooded sight
The godhead actually
Action in the forest
Remains with us for years
The godhead is enormous
It’s Where saints have dried their tears

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Solanum Tuberosum
or Solanaceae
Discovered by the Indigenous
In the jungles so they say
Datura the thorn apple
And tobacco you can feel way
Out of it beyond the pale
Head in the clouds stuff you
Solanine aggressively
It just might hold true

The Tomato used a lot these days
All different colours too
Henbane, Deadly Nightshade
The potato true
Eyes look into being
Leaves flowers and the fruit
And anywhere where there is light
Green is by repute

Poatato in their jackets
Cut away all green
All the eyes protruding
Can be a bit mean
Ninety per cent water
The rest of course is K
Potassium good for the muscles
So the Indians say

Protection against infection
Found in the vitamin C
A poultice of potatoes
Laid on one’s back can be
Marvellous for the kidneys
Ensure no salt is used
Warm leave on for at least three hours
Then bury the purée
The patient will be happier
That thats out of the way

Water in which potatoes have been boiled
Will clean up things
Copper silver old antiques
The glowing light it brings
Potatoes will put on weight
That much we do know
And tend to make folk
More aggressive that’s if you didn’t know

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It’s a very sad story
In so many ways
Parks and municipal places
They raise
Reasons to kick the feral brigade
Cats running free
On who backs are laid
Rules and regulations
Give the will
For shooters to spend time
And actively kill
No reason to do this
Just sick minds who feel
The need to continue
Something that’s real

Cats are extremely sensitive souls
Possibly lost with significant roles
Of wildness of existing in groups
On the land
Wildness takes over we ought understand
Life for the feral is significantly
Worthwhile and splendid
And happens to be

How they survive in parks
And elsewhere
Wild birds and rodents
Their potential fair
Freedom to roam able to be
Forced to engage in
A wild liberty
Where they can be shot
And are being killed
Tragically really their blood is spilled

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A friend who just passed

There was always a smile
Jokingly he
Came across as a man
In his company
No one felt miserable
He was a guy
Whose jollity lit up
The earth and the sky
At Roll rights he cared
Heartfelt was he
A beautiful spirit
So eager and free
Soulful and gentle
So humorously
His countenance clearly
To any who knew
Would for sure feel the love
That he shared 🐇

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Smithfield death camp

Unbelievable deaths recorded
Every single day
Imagine the blood and guts the cries
Of woe there come what may
Male and female family members
It’s beyond belief
All that vile destruction
And what is so much grief

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The 21st of February
His case comes up before
The so called bloody British Court
That the government ignore
He told the truth
Beyond all others
The yanks did criminally
Shoot down innocent people
Who should be true and free

Keir Starmer could have released him
Human Rights boo hoo
Left Julian languishing in a cell
Nothing would he do
We witnessed the American gunners
Jokingly as they
Fingers on the buttons
And blew them all away

It happened we all saw it
And Julian was blamed
He was held in the embassy
A prisoner they claimed
And then alas was arrested
Belmarsh became his place
With loads of awful criminals
What an effing disgrace.

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