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Shiloh Pepin the little mermaid girl of Maine

I met a young lady last evening On a youtube video I watched it in its entirety And she moved me Just with her glow Shiloh Pepin born with Sirenomelia Where she Came to be known as the mermaid child … Continue reading


Out of the ocean Comes a light A voluptuous sight For the eyes of the world To be moved at A single minded solution A ceaseless unflagging phenomena Pulls down from the sky Soul driven The face is yours Embedded … Continue reading

Snobbery murders

So many untruths And downright lies Surround the grouse moors No surprise The callous way The wild souls With their lives All pay Its snobbery Its fabrication Shooters Yes a delegation The glorious twelth Or so its called Hatched concocted … Continue reading


First daughter of GEB Who was God of the Earth Her mother NUT goddess Of sky A polytheistic pantheon Of Egypt She most high Health marriage and wisdom Her attributes its been said A friend of slaves and sinners And … Continue reading


A serenity evolves around A soul who seeks to be Taking on the sunset Of the night sky and the sea Bathed in utter privilege In all these colours too Each subtle immersion Draws such harmony right through To be … Continue reading

“Swann and shadow lovers of life”

Our pod was swimming merrily Off the coast of Japan I was with my mother she was my life time fan My goddess and my mentor creation brought her to me Undeniably a friend for life and someone who could … Continue reading

Life changing

The incisiveness An ardour the vivacity and verve inspired and Impassioned with every single inch of nerve A doctor so incensed by the extraordinary events each an eloquent deposition that clearly did incense what is his whole being The sonar … Continue reading