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Grouse moors

I wish to say how much I hateThese grouse moor Shooting fiends Pumping lead shot everywhere Contaminating scenes Medicated grit the shit They talk the rich who bitch Burning Heather glorious Heather Just because they are rich Attracting fat arse … Continue reading

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Our wild life

It’s tragic in so many ways That some folk do believe They have the right to kill wildlife Seemingly to achieve A sterile place for their businesses Badgers they must go Foxes they are vermin Squirrels too, high Ho Weasels … Continue reading

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Out in the sticks On a winters day On the ground a Dear bird lay One of those beautiful Red Kites who Circle around as Red Kites do Expressive Nature On the wing Wherever we go We hear them sing … Continue reading

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Watching red kite

Just been watching the Red Kite A swirling It’s moves unfurling A rapturous creative observing arc Attested and deliberate Right from the start Hunting as soon as the light Comes to be A carrion scoffer road kill now be Much … Continue reading

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