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Elephants up against villagers

Territory Living space India like every other country we See conflict with the people with the wild life Thereabouts One man who holds a camera can see And show the world at large the sort of loathing The ill feeling … Continue reading

The saving of MOGO ZOO

MOGO zoo was saved It having been ringed with fire A sanctuary to animals Endangered souls so dire From environments where people Got the upper hand Living hunting growing crops Also on the land personally I don’t like Zoos Animals … Continue reading

Baby elephants

Zimbabwe you are better Than what we now do see Selling baby elephants to CHINA Yes you be Selfish and very ignorant babies need to be With their mothers as you know For years yes and at least three And … Continue reading

Cats in China fools in the West

China has unfortunately A percentage of souls Who are as wicked as the day is long Clearly they are poles apart from tHe emotional and sensitive For they Are into stealing pet cats They find along the way Other people … Continue reading

Scotch corner

It happened in Kilmarnock In Scotland so I hear A women fancied going away But she had a dog It was clear She couldn’t take it away with her So what she decided to do Was tape up its jaws … Continue reading

The dead fox

It bappened in Kirk Smeaton IN North Yorkshire so we hear A hunt was going on A hunt for foxes drawing fear In every heart around the place SAbs were parked up they Then saw a crowd of people coming … Continue reading

RHINO HORN and the flaccid Penis syndrome

Purchasers of Rhino horn Goodness knows when they were born So gullible, all taken in So ready to offer up their chin Their purses and wallets For those who come To steal and fool And there’s always some On the … Continue reading

Characterless scumbags

characterless scumbags Fox chasing knobs Pitiless scroungers Merciless bounders Risen in station Their new found salvation guilty as sin And transgression that Skin Over many margins For censured they be Shameful and blushing So obdurate thee Make no excuses For … Continue reading

China and your unbelievable cruelty

Vital and vigorous An obstinate soul That will work for his master In an unflagging role Sturdy and hardy Abled and strong Which sadly attracts Those more feeble along Who too soon lose face For the donkey has strength He … Continue reading


I have to point to arrogance From M&S as well as the Dairy farm in Dorset And the lovely milk they sell It’s all about high welfare M&S says, they Use the best suppliers But it’s isn’t right today COBB … Continue reading

GRAVEL FARM gloucestershire

Everybody wakes up When it’s proven what is going on Red tractor and Avara foods And Sainsbury’s too When they See the report from VIVA’s undercover cameras What the hell is happening In this shit hole every day They never … Continue reading

Unfeeling is it an illness who can say

Hardness as a rock A piece of concrete or cement Shatterproof and fortified Hardly heaven sent Something to be kicked along Without a vital force Meaningless composure Nothing at its source Can we describe Those torturers Who apparently Can come … Continue reading

Heartfelt actuality

Does it take a child To teach us Whose prepared to live without The need to consume that which brings him joy The animals around him Who quietly go about Living as they were born to Something we should not … Continue reading

Arctic heroes

Alabaster and marble a chalky design Coupled with cold winds where many souls dine On other souls living and trying to hide Camouflaged somewhere but they are denied Their lives little Lemmings scurry about Under the snow where their dreams … Continue reading


At the end of October Somebody called A dog had been hit By a car Which appalled us all At the eentre And so we came fast And there in the road was MIghty was cast A very injury Bleeding … Continue reading


Rollrights clad in an ermine lustre The Kings Men there from long ago They Formed a circle on a hill For a short spell as some may know Yuletide blessings the shortest day The longest night a sweet refrain The … Continue reading

Taking a life

The miracle of a living life That spark brought to the fore Vitality and bio-energy and a whole lot more Biological function Across an allotted span Part of the vital building blocks From whence it all began Imagine this great … Continue reading

Inspired by a friend in Mumbai

Existence over aeons of historicity Development perfecting individuality essential actuality And in a nutshell who Are we to ever question What creation chose to do To ever doubt or influence The miracles that took Interplay and interaction That really wrote … Continue reading

If Massachusetts can do it so can the world

The reasoning power of many And the consciousness of some The inner child whose spirit Who perhaps may put their thumb Directly onto a problem With hindsight probably May browse for hours And smell the flowers Before commenting thoughtfully Distracted … Continue reading

Norway’s shame

The circle of the spirit And the magic of each day Understanding Nature It really is a way Of transforming one’s existence Of generating soul Of creating true enlightenment By being in control The reed that gives the life force … Continue reading

Mothers and new borns deleted by the dairy industry

We have reached into the future We are “smart”beyond our age With metering and flat screens It’s so far off the page Mothers and their babies Their offspring are as one But the dairy is so scary It’s where families … Continue reading


In a derelict building Against an old wall He laid as forlorn Didn’t move at our call His eyes staring upwards Empty and alone A little lost soul No joy had he known His back legs collapsing A weariness we … Continue reading


At the heat of the day Is when some Camels pay Foaming their mouth Bloodied by The anger the ire The torment the fire For here in the desert Some die Tormented with sticks The poor camels they Are bashed … Continue reading


There in the road The little dog lay Where he had been hit Had been made to pay For just being there Not moved out of the way Or loved or caressed What can one say Clearly a collision A … Continue reading

When I am lame you kick me you bastards

You raped my mother And you kidnapped me Yes your the MEAT TRADE The murder Trade, we are the ANIMALS In some ramshackle place No grass and no sunshine Just kicked in the face Punched in the udder It is … Continue reading

The bitch needs shooting

when we choose to live in rural parts Of the the country We need to realise we are bound to share Our spaces with the wild folk who were placed There by creation Acceptance is to be the word, and … Continue reading

An Australian Cattle Station death camp

Face to face

The inevitable The face to face encounter A victim feels the peril The victors wearing fur He’ s inherited the vilest Characteristics Working for fur companies Who were Always in the market For the finest furs available Wildness is the … Continue reading


Put upon That feeling of willingness to please Thrown back really in one’s face A despairing tease Inflicting, such heartache For a martyr in distress An ordeal of infliction And a torment giving stress What is residual misery That cuts … Continue reading

Yule message to my Doctor

I have felt so I uncared for A life sentence really Of misunderstandings Out in the cold Left alone and unheeded And I haven’t succeeded In putting my point across My life was on hold My pain has been massive … Continue reading