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My Gothic super star

a dance in the moonlight Continue reading

A kiss like no other

a kiss like no other Continue reading

The poor Mustangs (inspired by films from Brass check TV tonight)

The C word gets everywhere the earthlings end up in some farm stuck in some pound or killed thats the way some change the legislation in The US Continue reading

An appeal from the voiceless

just a short appeal for all the animals eaten Continue reading


A spider walks on 8 legs imagine that and be respectful of a creature with such spontaneity we have only 2 legs and problems sometimes too I can’t imagine how a spider does what spiders do its brain has to … Continue reading

The Steam Fair at Potten End

after mentoring Gavin today I went over to the steam fair at Potten End there were placards up saying come and see the fair so I thought nice bright day I will go for a walk and do a poem on it, something different and some exercise thrown in for good measure, I spent nearly 2 hours there and caught the sun a bit.
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Nocturna Diel (a lass from the etheric world)

a poem for a new friend on Face book based on her name and its profound meaning Continue reading

Captain’s own story

“Captains” last day on Planet Earth found in a filthy dumpster 18/7/2012 died the following day age 2 years in Vancouver Continue reading

Arizona and the poor dogs

This is a strange case of making animal sacrifices by burning dogs its a case under way at this time Continue reading

35 dead souls = 1 coat

Inspired by a photo of a truck of netted rabbits on the way to the death house, aware and trying to push out and escape Continue reading

Bright eyes

an interlude spent relaxing is as valuable a time as we can imagine Continue reading

Hot dancers

her flame now burns inside of me Continue reading

Queen “when you are here” sounds like Guinevere

Sir Lancelot Fox doesn’t wear any socks and Queen “when you are here” any tights Continue reading

Chicks (inspired by my friend Peadar)

the lament of the male chicks “CRUSHED” Continue reading

The ballad of Sir Lancelot Fox

a drop of nonsense at 1 oclock in the morning before going to bed Continue reading

A plea on behalf of a baby Orangutan whose mother was killed in Sabah by Palm Oil workers

Help me I am alone in the world an Orangutan with no where to go and its because of Corporate Palm Oil Continue reading

Woody’s Vegan and Veggie Place

a great little interlude for a hungry vegan who visited this lovely place at about 4.00pm outside normal eating hours
but it was perfect, busy but left me with a feeling of generosity and health Continue reading

A closeness

A psychic connection Continue reading

Junglistan Corporate coal mining in sensitive Forest areas

Junglistan in India, now your backyard, tomorrow the coal, oil, fracking corporates are at it no where is sacred not any more Continue reading

Urmia Lake in Iran

Urmia once a natural world of beauty now a salt flat that will have serious implications for all Continue reading

Who affects the lady more than the moon

how the moon affects my lady Continue reading

The amulet

A Venus hair stone amulet Continue reading

Humane slaughter in the UK

How can death at the hands of cruel and ignorant operatives ever be humane Government Inspectors or no Government Inspectors Continue reading

Tai ji Today a note from Noelene

Note from Noelene on Taiji Continue reading

Berkhamsted Dental Practice

an accident brought me face to face with the angel with the drill and despite her instruments of torture she re built my teeth and was so caring about it too Continue reading

A perfect understanding

a study of 2 climbers on a fence outside my window and other earth spirits fighting for survival in a sea of pollution Continue reading

Travelling through time together

a little tale of magic and fantasy Continue reading

Tiddles story

if we truly loved them we would all seek out an alternative to these cans and pouches Continue reading


Within that fibrous shell is stored something more valuable than gold to a thirsty orangutan Continue reading

Spirit Food

Wild berries from the forest where fox and deer have trod where the dew from heaven wetted and sunk into the sod within a thorny thicket a secret place evolves protected by the Bramble whose mysteries it solves the thorns … Continue reading