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I watched it three times the dark waters I mean

Despite the dark waters Of Parkersburg, we Despite all that sadness The deaths that we see C8 is so evil And Dear Rob Bilott Industrial Processes Yes so Many we’ve got More every moment Dead in the ground Scampering maggots … Continue reading


1080 sodium fluoacetate A devilish nasty source Of pesticide so inhumane With a terrible force Against the godly creatures Vertebrates and all Mammals even cats and dogs And humans too The call Goes out from me and others Why Australia … Continue reading

Unfair trade thats chocolate

Growing cocoa isn’t easy Its hard work and the prices paid By our Multi National Buyers Seemingly Make unfair trade The reality accordingly Margins seemingly Are weighted against the growers Which is why slavery And why growers are Disrespected seen … Continue reading

A silver spoon in the mouth of those

A silver spoon in the mouth of those Lobbyists Who do propose The reintroduction of neonicoinoids Bee killing pesticides That Good sense avoids Why on earth are we prepared To sacrifice and not be scared Of murdering the precious Bee … Continue reading

It’s over

Without knowing the meaning Of joy we experience Life with our mothers Idyllic it was But So many changes And Humiliation Come to the family And it is because Humans continue To search in our homelands Our vulnerability Seemingly sets … Continue reading

36 Beagles saved

Unconquerable and unflagging A stalwart rugged breed Strapping and up for anything Thats why they could succeed A certain agri science corporation’s Big idea Was to feed these dogs with their fungicide Adavelt that Clear Ofcourse it could have harmed … Continue reading

Pine weevils

The use of insecticides to protect And industry Can create more problems To the environment and be Really problematical In a woodland setting where Birds and pollenators The trees ofcourse they share Cypermethrin has been used in Scotland But due … Continue reading


New Zealand is at war With invasive species Especially those who frequent The wilder climes Use is made of 1080 Or sodium fluoroacetate A metabolic poison And a sign of the times Its delivered by drops From a single aircraft … Continue reading

Human’s detestablity

To loathe those cretins who set out On a mission to cause death By poisoning the wild life Denying them of breath Leaving baited carcasses For unsuspecting souls Who may be very hungry And forget that certain trolls Amongst the … Continue reading

The EU commission why I ask?

Glyphosate a chemical herbicide to boot A substance that could have been banned But apparently it didn’t suit The unelected commission In the great EU Who decided we should have some more And made Monsanto’s dreams come true Another 18 … Continue reading

The roundup is coming sooner than we thought

Lethal injection The needles of sin To be tried out on babies Lives for the bin Thats what is happening Thats what we know The American Corporate Sinners will grow Monsanto and Merck Are doing their stuff Glyphosate being included … Continue reading


I sit here this morning Wondering why Concealment of facts On that they rely Its about their suppression Of truth that we see Its all in plain sight Where it should be But few people see it The great EPA … Continue reading

Not all Farmers are our friends

They spray with such impunity they apparently have no care for people living around their fields and the environment all share and some curtailed by margins with supermarkets they have to watch their prices or of course they have to … Continue reading


Agriculture knows little about culture a lot about toxicity in fact 35 different residues of pesticide on tomato’s how the hell does anyone react this is a salad product a love apple some say what has love to do with … Continue reading


Its a broad specific systemic herbicide it kills weeds dead and us too there has been many studies so these facts are never new its just the world has overlooked and whilst it was asleep Big Pharma has been working … Continue reading

Lets do a spot of peering

Where to start I suppose, the heart a muscle that’s so strong it never stops throughout our life it represent our song what of  the crazy scientist how does he get embroiled in what is anti nature in what becomes … Continue reading

Sulfuryl Fluoride (Rat’s don’t like it much) a bit of a rant

Dow would have us believe since white bread its the best it goes in the water supply to invest in the nations teeth programmes caries then slow and somehow they got the dentists to throw their caps in the ring … Continue reading

“Round up” ( the act of gathering together)

Monsanto created its round up and we face the most negative that there now could be glyphosate a broad spectrum herbicide will take every wild plant around it and kill into the earth where its rooted the power if there … Continue reading

Some were ridden over and blasted and told they should be happy with whatever for this was their judgement day

We all now know the outcome the writings on the wall Monsatan has the upper hand which fills the heart with gall “Roundup” is the devils bounty and the EPA seemingly emotive have just paved the way for them to … Continue reading

2 4 D

2 4 D is a component of agent orange Australia made men spray this around a herbicide that really is so awful Look at Vietnam in it they drowned cancer has affected all and sundry many of those men who … Continue reading

What we have produced to kill insects is now killing our children

We have reached that ediface long long long ago where some of the pests we want to kill really want to grow their immunity has been strengthened to counteract our threat and now our own blood we must spill for … Continue reading

Whats happening to the approval Process

Over the years quite a number of medicines and pharmceuticals have been approved only to later be banned what is wrong with the approval stage is it not as good as it might be? Continue reading