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The Jackdaw Brothers

The Jackdaw brothers are on my tree tasting the cherries they  want to be tasting the juice sugary sweet with caps on their heads it just feels complete watching the boughs  being weighted down letting them share going to town … Continue reading

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The builders

the builders erected their scaffold outside my window ladders poking through the Jasmine wet with dew and rain some green leaves on the branch tips a sprawling grappling array that rises and dips and gets tangled All gardens  must adapt … Continue reading

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The time of day

Lacy branches Leaflessly Allows the November Sun to be Hiding gazing Meditation A bird or two Find their salvation Black of feather Underside of slate and purple Far and wide Defiance in a daring way Challenging The time of day

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Sunset just happened Peach melba in blue Spread over tunnel fields Sunlight peeping through Pursuing the ethereal Into slate grey What my eyes see At the end of today A gentle breeze As the Jasmine flowers show The Copper Beech … Continue reading

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Pretty little lilac coloured rosemary In bloom A certainty and sureness Reliably in tune With April’s attestation And natures testimony Clusters of persuasion And infallibility. A myriad of splendour Unequivocally Dancing in the early breeze Its how it has to … Continue reading

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Ashridge Forest

A study A tangle Of uncontrolled growth Knotted artistically Sculptured so I Can feel for the forest The soft leaves beneath My feet as I wander And ask myself why Look at that tree there Clad in moss green the … Continue reading

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Berkhamsted Castle

The Dandelions now represent the fallen each one a soldier cloaked and battle scarred beyond we see the moat of living wonderment decked in heavy reeds and richly starred in bygone years it offered protection for those who looked down … Continue reading

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