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To all you rotten sods who wear fur or skins

Wearing the skin Of another being What does that make me Am I all seeing Am I a monster Seemingly so Why do you do this When clearly you know A rabbit or a bunny A fox and or a … Continue reading

The Folly Donk Crew

We have, an angelic mother In all the world there is no other More caring more sharing More beautiful, she At the crack of Dawn When its cold and frosty Nothing deters her Nothing at all Jack frost tossing icicles … Continue reading

That poor mule

Animals have to have rights Otherwise We hear they get raped By the sickest of guys In Brazil yesterday At the ranch Taperao In an unfallen state What we here now Is a man of thirty Living close by Took … Continue reading

Horse mutilations in France.

Apparently ESMS can affect Stallions it appears Who mutilate themselves and others Raising considerable fears Abroad one really has to think Why animals act this way Could it be down to the chemicals Ingested along the way. Mutilations of live … Continue reading

E Jiao (the cruelest medicine known to mankind)

Africa has been supplying donkeys Far and wide Most go off to China Who wants them for their hide Soaked and stewed it makes a gelatine Substance that is used As a medicine apparently Which is why they are abused … Continue reading

Horses for courses

Blood of horse blood of  Donkeys Vampires  draining all’s  awash equine serum keeps them barren Crowded  sheds oh golly gosh   tied up with ropes their hopes in shatters they cannot move just there all day When they lie down its … Continue reading

Horses going down with virus

Thailand’s going through the mill Since February horses there have been Infected by some midges which caused A really frightening virus Where seventy per cent infected Sadly die. It started in Pak Chong Not far from BANGKOK A race horse … Continue reading

Bramble Hale Farm awful cruelty

It happened in Pembrokeshire Attested and rotten beyond Any imaginary circumstance It was good someone did respond To the unbelievable cruelty Going on all around this place Unlicensed breeding of dogs Up for Sale Welfare and keeping alas unsanitary conditions … Continue reading


We found him on a construction site Looking the worst for wear Clearly he was hungry and in his own despair Scalding at his rear end And a big wound at his side His tail was full, of maggots And … Continue reading

Eating donkey in China

It’s not just Ejiao From what a hear Donkey meat is seen As tasty cheap Nutrition And altogether green The donkey lives on grass and hay And wild plants of the field Unlike the cow and sheep And the farm … Continue reading


A sanctuary in Israel Catering for souls Beaten up and left for dead Who do take on their roles As work horses a carrying And shifting night and day Often owned by human beings Whose dullness on display Is evident … Continue reading

The Donkey and the Wolf

A wolf captured in Patok A mountainous terrain Was brought into a farm And put in a cage Which was a strain On the wolf’s abilities And Although the farmer fed Food to the wolf thereafter He wasted it which … Continue reading


Standing by the roadside A victim, Passers by Hardly realising That this donkey he did cry Suffering the agony Of his legs wired Up and he Left to face the music As some were soon to see Taken back to … Continue reading


Put upon That feeling of willingness to please Thrown back really in one’s face A despairing tease Inflicting, such heartache For a martyr in distress An ordeal of infliction And a torment giving stress What is residual misery That cuts … Continue reading

Bamoko and it’s donkey

One of the poorest countries Mali seems to me To have It’s share of rubbish dumps And mountainous they be Worked by little donkeys Who live each rotten life Of long hours dragging huge weights And Causing them such strife. … Continue reading


She was tentatively rocking By the side of a busy street having escaped from a merchant Racked up with deceit Who beat her and who worked her And tied her legs together So she just couldn’t get away She was … Continue reading


Put upon Made to work Neglected often every day These donkeys really enjoy life And work hard for a Bag of hay Considering the work they do Its very hard to understand Why owners should neglect them Often tied up … Continue reading


In this great big world of ours Neglect apparently Is really very widespread And animals do see And feel a lot of terror Like working donkeys they Get paired up with real bastards Every single day Who disregard their food … Continue reading


“Flopsy” was old And clearly sad Standing still Feeling real bad A wounded ear The maggots came In the road And did inflame His Fear apparent Spitefulness Clearly There was no redress Agony was his to hold Was his to … Continue reading


The rope was tight around his leg His flesh torn open wide Neglect had caused the injury The rot was deep inside It must have been so terrible When we found him lying there So many tears had fallen But … Continue reading


A donkey mangled on the street And speeding rickshaw Trying to cheat Time the passenger Sadly late Lambert into Lolo’s Gentle gait head and necks wounds Lacerations Cuts and bruises Her location on the street A mass of sores She … Continue reading


A gentle soul hardworking All his days His owner was of unsound mind With wrathful indignant ways Too many bursts of anger A frightful man was he Gnashing teeth and fury Was often how he be Poor “Veeru” always working … Continue reading

The little white donkey

Imagine falling down a hole And landing in a pile Of sewage in the darkness Of ourse that so vile To contemplate the feeling Underneath the ground To have fallen into a septic tank And Luckily not to have drowned … Continue reading


Lance was looking poorly Front and back leg torn Left tied up and neglected The flesh alas was worn Bleeding terribly painful Standing all the day Just left there really to bleed out Whilst most looked the other way We … Continue reading


We got a call from someone A donkey sadly had collapsed and was lying in a shed Clearly feeling bad Plastic rope around his legs Had torn into the skin Wounding them and exposing them To flies that had crawled … Continue reading

April the donkey

There she was the worse for wear A gaping hole A soulful stare A Jennet suffering all could see And probably feel that agony She was in a dishevelled state Abandoned to her probable fate Death was close One had … Continue reading

BIRJU scalded and left to die

They found him by the roadside Wounded and bleeding he Just looking at his injuries I cried how can they be So very very terrible Who allowed so much neglect Scalded him with boiling water And the street dirt did … Continue reading

Genevieve and her dear Mother

An innocent baby Guiltless and cute Was attacked by some dogs And one hungry brute Bit into the baby Savaged her so Clearly the agony Daily did grow Bleeding and sore They used haldi to try And stop the bleeding … Continue reading


Harrowing scenes of horror And cruelty exist It’s incredulous to imagine That staff there Don’t resist The frustration they are showing Where is their conscience they Have a job to organise Slaughtering every day Sheep and lambs are sadly Beaten … Continue reading


Twenty five years Of everything A donkey Ever needs Greetings on a lovely day When truth of course Succeeds A donkey loved and cared for When so many still Abroad Are worked Are ridden If only like me A sweet … Continue reading