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Heads up

The slaughter truck The view we see It stick its head Out tragically It can’t get back All it knows Is it’s life of love As the wild wind blows Successive souls Realise their roles

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Exemplary The night sky Beyond the St Michael’s Tower Starlit serendipity Music on the hour Dreaming I be dreaming Of Glastonbury where The Tor and where once Avalon Provided us with air

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Kings Nympton Devon

Out hunting foxes Masters of deceit With hounds they have brain washed Being the elite Posh people and all that Countrymen they Believe they have rights At the end of the day Saddled up groups Ready to run Chasing the … Continue reading

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Illusions via Sweden

Illusion or intrusion Politicians they attack our freedoms So selfishly into our souls they play Havoc with emotions Oceans of alien sorts Rivers of blood Polluting the mud And making light of our thoughts.

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