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Exciting times once again the First Harvest it is here its all about abundance And joy, no need for fear everything is ripening With all that sun and rain the season and the cycle Fruition YES again   the sun … Continue reading

Real estate below the sea

An Octopus whilst out and about looking for a new abode its hard these days to find good shells And not take on  a too heavy load he had found a disused ice cream cup too big but very  light … Continue reading

Zero pasture

Morality is missing from the cheese making I see Parmigano  traditional it comes from Italy hard granula parmesan smells like puke I think the poor cows stay in indoor pens many on the brink they feed them grass but cut … Continue reading

Lovers and the dead Lioness

What amounts to deceptiveness a beautiful Lioness Shot by a hunter His fiancee in tow It wasn’t  a wild soul a caged human managed he a Hunting  outfitter the bold one still warm they were kissing for they were in … Continue reading

Franken Chickens and the supermarkets

Science and Genetics be ashamed That we know you deal in Franken Chickens supporting crazily Where so  many of your principles subside Your conscientiousness it leaves you which then marketing does hide the evil and the shamefulness gods creatures are … Continue reading

Dehesa 2

Love we see at first sight no politics about Spring has sprung we are among the  chosen,  living out in this glorious countryside Wild flowers everywhere the orchestra of insects Where  all souls are aware   pastel shades and brilliant … Continue reading

Dehesa (a vast landscape of unbelievable design)

A vast array of miracles a montado  so to say agro sylvo pastures an infinite display Southern and Central Spain and Southern Portugal a heavenly crafted Natural World we see Wildness at the forefront green and glowing packed with birds … Continue reading

Visiting the dr

If you need to see doctor Don’t  make the mistake of not wearing a mask its for your own sake the insane are now running the nuthouse , for sure its them against us and we all are at war

The block CHAIN muggers

Don’t ever sign  up to their trading concern these mealy mouthed scammers Out there to turn your whole world upside down And our  fingers to burn a great hole in your bank account take it from me with sheaths of … Continue reading

The Corvidea

I really love the Corvidea intelligent and cute haughty, a bit arrogant But awfully astute described sometimes as rascals but sinners  they are not but who are we to ascertain they are villians  with a plot   To cause us … Continue reading

Nike and the Australian Governent

Slaughtering the iconic souls the kangaroo’s we hear 2 million of them shot to death whilst feeding it is clear the grey suits are a frustrated  bunch of scumbags thats for sure employing ignorant shooters to really go to war … Continue reading


Lughnasdh or Lammas a time to celebrate its really the first harvest when the weather feels Just great hot and balmy Summer days Fruits ripe for the picking they provide those luscious flavours yes my friends hip hip hooray   … Continue reading


A fine old Gaelic festival The Harvest Seasons here half way between the Summer Solstice and the Autumn Equinox its clear Lughnsadh, Samhain Imbolc, and  of  course Beltane the first Gaelic Festival Hear the Great God Lugh’s refrain gatherings and … Continue reading

Wickedness from the NAVY

Cobra Gold,  some exercise hard men so they say killing snakes and chickens with their bare hands all the day decapitating cobras and supping their raw blood and who knows what contagions are included in the flood chomping Tarantula  bodies … Continue reading

Evil doers

The chicken millions suffering bred with torture by scoundrel farmers punks who should no better who apply offenders hardened criminals Brutal everyone they are shown no mercy when the day is done   robbing Peter to pay Paul That is  every … Continue reading


A mantra of being all seeing that footprint of life feels so freeing the Mail in so many ways And integral part of your name of your standing It stems  from your  heart a vital reaction a prosaic theme a … Continue reading


A masterful predator a wondrous team player chequer board colouring and a sooth sayer a quality sharer thats the killer whale known as the Orca with the strong powerful tail a mouthful of weaponry a heart beating loud ready for … Continue reading

Runner beans

Runner Bean orange flowers,  bell like to me dancing about in the  wind of July Visited daily by any old Bee an industrious fellow wings very small the wind is a bully trying to haul waving the leaves on bean … Continue reading

Jane she knows she sees she feels

An undercover investigator seeing things that eyes should never ever contemplate to deviate a rise a bleaker picture now we have got what man will do to his chosen few the pigs, the bars,  the dark Their  eyes do see … Continue reading


Bessie was a fighter a street dog  who must be wide awake and ready But  what happened  tragically she had a little barney with a vehicle and she Sustained a compound fracture of her backleg and we see a frigteningly … Continue reading


His sense of responsibility His handiness  one feels his true adaptability when helping he reveals a deftness and a prowess skilful one can say resourceful and clear thinking with a betterment thats way ahead of many others he lends his … Continue reading

The poor old hens

Chickens in cages  a man made idea it goes against Nature, creating fear debasing the poor hens all losing ground bound to impoverish and neglect, I have found   spoiling to their detriment man is unkind defiling the chickens with … Continue reading

Jane the warrior

I am sure they were difficult witnessing grief at the hands of pig farmers beyond all belief the courage and commitment It was  lovely from you appealing to animals really all through animals seeing you part of a tribe And … Continue reading

A sow laments but few hear her

A female A mother who struggles to be noticed or heard in a cacophony oa  gestation nightmare so restricted is she by farmers male farmers who refuse to be open and caring and thoughtfully try To cut  out the pain … Continue reading


Waiting 38 minutes from seventh in the queue getting quite frustrated and then I spoke  to you Cindy on reception the kindest soul about helpful, thoughtful, genuine I was in no doubt I would even wait an hour to hear … Continue reading

Alpaca and clothing

When you start talking up your ethical stance Being  carbon neutral it raises your chance the old eco friendly these days it goes well but the leather  and cashmere and Alpaca you sell calls into focus Cruelty  yes Take the … Continue reading


The Chinese are ancient race how is it they  are fooled by the BLack  market  gangsters who seemingly have ruled their roost, why is  it ? they are patsies swindled in a way rhino horn is KERATIN our finger nails … Continue reading

The Faroe islands massacre

They talk about tradition these retards of the isles throw backs   from vulgarity Off all  the present dials evil men and women who go about their life ruining the life of pilot whales with so much strife   whole … Continue reading

Careless with plastic

a discarded bottle ring a wrong headed move someone just passing not in the groove tosses the plastic just anywhere and a duck gets all caught up in  plastic despair Vile rotten idiots Don’t  know whats right chucking shit everywhere … Continue reading

Quality dead flesh Scotland

The contempt  of Assurance Scotland a Board  member  so  someone was called the disrespect and irreverence shown they bloody well ought to be hauled out of the so called assurance knowingly getting the mark whilst being really objectionable to the … Continue reading