A sow laments but few hear her

A female A mother who struggles to be

noticed or heard in a cacophony

oa  gestation nightmare

so restricted is she

by farmers male farmers

who refuse to be

open and caring and thoughtfully


To cut  out the pain

and really try

to respect to be honest


stay above board

with probity

just how insulting

f It is  to be left

with a litter of piglets

and truly bereft

of what ought to be done

that duty of care

That pledge to be kind

its surely incumbent

it tortures ones mind

to be left in  this state

requiring true care

But  only neglect

Which is  bloody  unfair

its a disgrace

Farmer of the year

What  have you to say

dry eyed and hard hearted

Impatient and gruff

Too many  expletives

and my god its  rough

red tractor painted

that angers  me

where is the love

and the sympathy


being cold and morose

being cruel drawing  fear

s much trepidation

all around  here

a mother gets frantic

a stuttering wreck

despairing  and cheerless

she’s just a speck

on the broader horizon

a cynical yarn

unpropitious and broken

in this filthy barn.













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