Jane the warrior

I am sure they were difficult

witnessing grief

at the hands of pig farmers

beyond all belief

the courage and commitment

It was  lovely from you

appealing to animals

really all through

animals seeing you

part of a tribe

And you  in your blessedness

you did subscribe

to their pain

to their hopeless scenario

so  bereft of hope and forlorn as we know

you took to them

reassured their mainstay

Their glimmer  of hope

at the end of the day


a break in the clouds

you were there it was clear

feeling the fear

an investigation

where your thoughts were true

as for the government

they get away

With  being unfair

P& G Sleigh

their Pig Unit

unit sucks

the government too

you were the hero Jane

yes my dear you

blessed you aided them

And told us all

so called bad practic

a story so tall

So insufferable

the animals pay

with their lives and their hopes

at the end of the day




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