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Mothers will be Beside themselves, key to An awful campaign Children out in the rain Learning to fight In an army of might Some sadly will Pick up the bill Lost in a maelstrom Of uncanny light.

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Majestic elephants

Majestic notably elephants are The biggest land animals Really they star Immensely able terrifically strong Great on the trumpet They do nothing wrong Matriarchs monastery Melodiously Forget the bull hooks And shine wonderfully.

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That old chestnut. 1000 years old

Gnarled and philosophic A thinker and a prophet A master mentor learned judge It’s roots dug in they will not budge The mycelium a dogged stance Scholarly much more than chance An intimate aquaintanceship Look at it now as it … Continue reading

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Age related

Milk equates to age perhaps Still heartfelt But alone No,lesser spirit honestly I am para phrasing Like a stone Solid but still beating A heart a strong desire Picking up emotion Like an ever smouldering fire

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