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Why I became Vegan and stayed the course till now

why veganism Part 11 Continue reading

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Why I became a Vegan (Inspired by my new friend Despina from Sydney)

The beginnings of my vegan tendences Continue reading

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Vegans do not drink any milk after they are weaned

Milk is for toothless infants vegans remember this avoid animal milks and dairy products Continue reading

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Vegans should avoid

Vegans don’t eat animals products of any kind but also must be aware to avoid those cooking oils that contain vile chemicals Continue reading

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Artificial Sweeteners Vegans avoid at all cost

all these synthetic artificial sweeteners when you become vegan you omit these too Continue reading

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Animal milks and honey not for the true vegan

Animal milk and Honey to be excluded from our vegan diets Continue reading

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a bit about foods written for the vegan

As a vegan its good to know that some products are best avoided Continue reading

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Animals are our victims

Experimenting on animals is sinful but experiments have risen this year in GB and its trending higher in the coming months and years Continue reading

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30 years and we are free(from experimentation)

following 30 years of experimentation and then allowed to live the rest of their lives in apparent freedom Continue reading

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Trophy Hunting families

Trophy Hunters whose judgement is any thing but sound who then rope the whole family into the trophy picture which does its round of the internet sites, bringing upon them a whole tranche of negativity Continue reading

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Sensory deprivation tests on kittens at Cardiff University

Kittens being tortured in Cardiff. These universities are overstepping all ethics here Thanks to Ricky Gervais who i sickened by the procedure Continue reading

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Bear Baiting

Bear Baiting I find it hard to realise that men can stoop to such evil but they can and they do and we must raise our voices above their’s Continue reading

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Namibia and beyond

The Seals are taking the matter into their own hands forsaking the humans who seem powerless to prevent this slaughter of their offspring Continue reading

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Is there a future for the ORANGUTAN(person of the forest)

We orangutan( people of the forest) must stick together Continue reading

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Oceans and devotions

The pull of the ocean the mark of devotion Continue reading

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Exploitation of the forest and those who become your victims within it (Commercial Palm Oil)

When man destroys the forest for his own gain he will never profit long term and along the way there will be many forced to sacrifice everything Continue reading

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Unsound judgement in Namibia

The precious seals are taking a hit daily despite what we do Continue reading

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We are all the Indigenous! and don’t you forget it

We are all the Indigenous, we live somewhere and we put down our roots till the idiot oil men /frackers/gas/uranium/gold/nickel/coal men arrive to take charge of our lives. Continue reading

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The Funeral of Urmia

The funeral of Urmia the once beautiful salt lake in Iran Continue reading

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Fur is far from glamorous

The saga continue’s with our dear fur bearers Continue reading

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Its not that they have no voice its just that they have no choice

Animals do have voices its just they have no choices Continue reading

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Compassion and Ignorance

The sanctaury of Hell that Namibia know real well Continue reading

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The Baby Seal v The Hunter

Some may laugh and imagine all the stories are good publicity for the continuance of this awful trade in baby seal skins- the time is coming fast when all will see the great error of their ways Continue reading

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Translated into French for me a poem I wrote on Seals

Seals are bludgeoned to death and markets are out there to process into clothing for the unenlightened Continue reading

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More on Seals and the markets that support the killings

a brief look at the seals and the markets that promote the killings Continue reading

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Shed men or Paid Assassins

Shed men/assassins paid to slaughter the seals and process them Continue reading

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The Kamikaze or The Devine Wind

Warriors prepared to sacrifice themselves for their friends, and further lay down their lives to discourage the fisherman Continue reading

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Life and Death on the Canadian wastes (written for a Canadian friend Heidi)

Was life worth the efforts- I don’t think so Continue reading

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Its a cultural thing murdering Bulls for pleasure

There is a different culture in Mexico and Spain towards to brave Bulls but I am afraid I can’t go along with thinking the Bull is anything out there but murdered and humilated Continue reading

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Rodeo the place where so called cowboys hang out

sponsored torture and murder by pumped up so called cow boys sponsored by corporates Continue reading

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