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The poor old fox

The refusers to recant Their sinful stubbornness Where they Dress up in their clobber And chase foxes half the day A schooner full of fino A whip a horse and they Tanked up on the thought of spilling blood Are … Continue reading

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Wood ants of the jura and their ability to make ANTibiotics

Material existence The fundamental show Under the sun the living god The so enduring glow They seem indestructible Subsisting as they do Essentially one great big family Tangible and true A colony of wood ants The thought of war and … Continue reading

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Herisson rose- ofcourse she knows

Inspirational and inspired Your jewellery really makes me fired Up to tell you That I be Thinking that yuletide presents, we Love you for your jewellery The earthly spiritual toolery I love your work love it so much And I … Continue reading

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中國 there are no excuses

An audience of satanic sinful malevolent Intent Standing witnessing degeneracy their Degradation spent The enormity of suffering The flagrancy we see The heinousness the wrong doing Its base iniquity Unworthy to be human They are the fatal flaw Po faced … Continue reading

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Sirius in Moni Cyprus

Who is really the brightest star In the night sky I think you are Devoted to loving the forgotten stray That is lost then found by you today Such thankfulness is on their face And appreciativeness of the human race … Continue reading

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Hermit crabs and housing

Hermit crabs grow annually And really need a place to live Home and housing sadly Causes stress that seems to give Crabs a really miserable time The natural shells are taken By tourists off the beaches Leaving certain critters shaken … Continue reading

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Macaques of Thailand

Southern Thailand Sees the limestone cliffs rise to the sky The Andaman sea as blue as blue And its there macaques they fly Up sheer cliffs with old man babies Wrinkled codgers they Hang beside their mothers Whose no spring … Continue reading

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Tag me a Roo killer

Superior airs and graces Puts them through their paces Scorn and much disdain And derision is their gain Unworthiness and puerility Contemtible for all to see Consider beneath one And ignore To underrate and what is more To have moved … Continue reading

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Hunters of foxes beware

We have an air of decency against each killing spree Of roguish rotten hunters whose place in history Is to be vile and scornful Chasing a wee soul Across the English countryside Out of all control Taking hounds left hungry … Continue reading

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Child trafficking and chocolate

The big boys joys Are many The Nestle’s of this world MARS KRAFT CARGILL Corporatocracy Unfurled Africa West Africa Is indeed a melting pot Where buyers based in Abidjan Are earning such a lot The tragedy child slavery Trafficking its … Continue reading

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Imagine it its an hour or two yea infact beyond Noon that is on Christmas Day Where everyone is fond Of eating a roasted bird That wanted to live , but we Decided it was time to leave this mortal … Continue reading

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Free range and battery Thats who we are Wild as the wind Or penned up real far From the nearest farmyard Over the hill Down by the lake Its there where they kill The turkeys the geese the chickens The … Continue reading

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Above us all The cover our protection Its the sky Eternity The philosophy of existence Which is why We look up to the heavens In our times of need Undeniably rejoicing In the hope we can succeed Above all else … Continue reading

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I was saved

Barely breathing Lost and broken Her reward was left By the roadside Wondering why she was bereft Of true and goodly empathy Would should this baby be Dumped beside a busy road To die in agony Where was the integrity? … Continue reading

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The dairy and those of you who support them

There is nothing that is positive About this ugly trade Drinking milk or eating cheese On your souls it be laid The malevolence and brutality The callousness and pain Subjecting female cows to degradation Its a bane In my life, … Continue reading

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The jumping spider

THe Australian jumping spider No bigger than a grain of rice Gets stoked up and thinks he is ready To meet a lady if she’s nice Life for him is precious But his liason here Its all together different For … Continue reading

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Your pictures portray the essence of soul Numerical type faces sweep in a role Of artistic temperament, into the heart With patience and care it is how you impart Such wonderment really It is clearly seen Its what makes you … Continue reading

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Takifugu or little puffer fish

The reef is full of life Thats multi coloured Conspicuous in every single way In Japan there is a puffer fish Tiny and hardly noticed Just very plain although this I can say I am sure deep down he wants … Continue reading

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Grass cutter ants of Argentina

Argentina’s pampas great grasslands of old Thousandsand thousands of miles wide On its spirit most are sold The tiniest soul lives and struggles For they Are the tiny grass cutting ants All working away Such immense vitality All their true … Continue reading

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“Sengi” that elephant could be my long lost brother

Tiny in stature But fast on its feet Fast for its size not even a cheetah Can compete A builder of paths all over the place Ways to escape from the monitors face The forked tongue of fear That will … Continue reading

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Our extended family

Cotswold’s arms caressed us all As we knelt down on the sod We took on the power of being Took on the rope and were shod To walk the grassy meadows In search of tree and thorn Marvel at the … Continue reading

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To all my tweet friends

We tweet like birds Using our words To break the ice and be On social media Friends which tends To target and to see Another form of communication Parly odes and more And so this yule I want to say … Continue reading

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When it comes to knowledge and communication the Inuit remain part of it all

Dream worlds comes from far way The eternal life force day to day Whatever tribe inhabits earth Each communicates with avid worth Some imagine they have reached A higher echelon and have breached Consciousness and out beyond Wherever but Do … Continue reading

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Intellect and the Sperm Whales

The Black Cod or the Sable Fish Is supposedly real good Fisherman use long lines Baited as they should 5 miles of line dropped overboard To reach the bottom they Wait for bites then haul them up Which hopefully does … Continue reading

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I was that Polar Bear

There was a time when bears like me Were hunted very regularly Now the ice is melting fast It feels the die for me is cast Seals no longer come to lie For me no reason to ask why Its … Continue reading

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To be consumed by money To spend at any cost To completely destroy the environment That a forest can be lost A persons home and garden Destroyed because they do Want to frack with What is their new age fracking … Continue reading

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Musiara the baby elephant

In January a baby Was found a mystery As to why the herd had left him Such a tragedy Covered in dry mud and weak He had been seen by air And he was flown to Nairobi On a drip … Continue reading

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NInkasi the ale wives and the goddesses

The spontaneous the unbidden So minded for to brew With the patience and discretion In what they really do The predetermination And whimsicality The indispensability The superior force we see Such enthusiasm clearly And dedication too Unprompted with initiative To … Continue reading

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Our legacy -we were the fracking generation

An invasion Is now happening The fracking clan are here Gas and oil are after Our blood and it is clear When the coppers and the government Actually get their way Life as we know in England We all will … Continue reading

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New Energy ( thoughts on a dying year)

With Christmas around the corner And a new year coming fast The corporate enforcement role Of the police That die is cast We witness that involvement As the corporate giants come Into our communities And imagine we are dumb Or … Continue reading

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