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It is love

Jetster a male cat Sufficiently mentioning His needs apparently Life kind of censoring Close to his lady A meeting of minds No truer perspective A glance at the signs His pattern of living Habitually Getting up hunting Sleeping a free … Continue reading

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Water and responsibility

Shit in our rivers Shut in the sea High water rates So seemingly Privately run Which is clearly seen As a bloody insult I mean it’s obscene Companies bankrupt But earning a lot Shareholders dividends Each has a pot But … Continue reading

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Chemicals everywhere

chemicals everywhere sole heel and tongue upper for supper the clarity rung vagueness and muddled a style and a grace biocides surfectants degreasers we chase   swell regulating agents sodium sulphide soda ash formic acid its now everywhere the need … Continue reading

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Swan’s Lament

Heartache and discontent A mothers plea A swan on an island Her nest seemingly Hidden from view But apparently so A crowd of yobs Threw bricks at it We know The mother beside herself Imagine her pain the angst and … Continue reading

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The mooring

The magick of a mooring Where the lapping waters flow Where reasoning and consciousness And thoughtfulness does grow The canalside offers so much Of the mysticism we Deliberated on it seems Back in history We can with observation See a … Continue reading

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