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Salburun (Hunters zest) in the area of Issyk kul Kyrgyzstan

Salburun or “Hunters Zest” when hunters come and are seen to test their ancestral skills where tradition thrives where ancestral spirit still survives I understand such festivals but when the cruelty overflows when a wolf is tied to a pole … Continue reading

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Taiji ( a little place of some 3700 people) facing the Pacific Ocean

We point our fingers directly at the murdering display the Taiji fishermen slaughter the Dolphins any way Stick a metal rod close to their blow hole and they bleed internally to death and we know where that does lead others … Continue reading

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Found in the bushes near Starbucks On Broken Paws fabulous website

A puppy, that’s a baby a tiny little soul who has just come into our world a world or some dark hole found inside some bushes by Starbucks near Kingwood Drive so badly flipping injured its a wonder its alive … Continue reading

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Live exports to death camps somewhere

A mobile prison with tiny slats you can see the world pass by the smoke and concrete and exhaust fumes blind the tearful eye shipped like bales of paper really wedged in tight but we are living animals! we try … Continue reading

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The clock is ticking ominously toward resumption here in Taiji the few fishermen who the Dolphins clearly fear will soon be heading from the coast armed with their metal pipes banging them, confusing the dolphins with the swipes that throw … Continue reading

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Arctic and Greenpeace

The courage of the Greenpeace crew surpasses gas and oil Exxon mobile enjoy the thrill but it makes my blood boil so selfish so uncaring its oil and risks they say are really not as important once it all gets … Continue reading

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Countless rabbits sacrificed for your cleaning materials why I say Why?

Why do countless Rabbits have to be forced to feel pain and agony and misery time and time again to test bleach and detergents the question is now why and how of course we do that is squirt it in … Continue reading

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Breaking us is just too much pain for us

why do they do it and why us, what for big as we are we do still feel sore about all of the torture dolled out to us we are mortified really no apology is ever forthcoming just more of … Continue reading

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Soul (Science don’t talk about science and soul in the same sentence)

A tiger doesn’t need some mad professor to tell him he has soul what would he know he probably hasn’t been into the jungle and even if he had how could he throw any light on such a vast creation … Continue reading

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The Burger Chains and their supplies

Kicking and slapping and bashing and crashing these minor men prickless far from the dashing vile violent torturers paid to do what look after dairy cows and what we’ve got is a terrible place the stalls wringing wet cows being … Continue reading

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Bacon (if only you realised)

The concrete the cruelty the inhuman behaviour conditions that really no soul anywhere should suffer its tougher than we could imagine every day of their lives locked into our despair in their own shit they lay with great swollen Blue … Continue reading

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“Oynx” a dog who needs help NOW!

SELMA, AL – EXTREME EMERGENCY!! ABUSED 5 YO GERMAN SHEPHERD ONLY HAS DAYS TO LIVE!!!!!!!! This is Onyx. He is a 5 year old owner surrender. He was dumped at the shelter after years of abuse and neglect. He is … Continue reading

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A hunter kills a wolf and then the deer it was stalking and brags about it

This just shows the thoughtlessness the ignorance who can redress the balance here the utter woe of what we realise and know about those arrogant prick less sons who feel so big behind their guns anonymous they would have to … Continue reading

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CEO trophy hunters (ignorant of their customers views)

Why is it so called men of Power feel the need to so devour a living soul on a trophy hunt their ignorance more than a stunt its arrogance they have no care what ever they do so unaware that … Continue reading

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The Cove Tai ji

The cove is still a picturesque part of Nature and we can see the sky can see the sea and its as blue as it can be its peaceful and its lovely but in 5 days time alas the cove … Continue reading

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Sanity prevails for the Mexican Grey Wolf

Sanity appears to have come off in front today the Mexican Grey Wolf has won the right to kind of stay Arizona and New Mexico their capture will not be an option which is thankful to their long term recovery … Continue reading

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A little dog died in Knoxville

It happened in Knoxville there was a dispute between two neighbours that seems the root of the problem it seems but a dog has become a victim and it died it was beaten, and some! people who take out frustration … Continue reading

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excuses they have many of them the government feels it is right they’ve sided with the farmers and condemned the badgers for me they are wrong day is night tonight as the moon lifts its presence and peers from the … Continue reading

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Badgers and more badgers

Lord Krebs has told us vaccinations was the way to go The RSPCA said that as well and they ought to know But Cameron and the Dairy Farmers past masters on spin they said it was the badgers fault and … Continue reading

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Dairy Cows don’t last long probably less than the badgers if the truth be known

The cows that we are saving will be, soon shipped off to slaughter most of them will be exhausted that of course we know producing all the milk but not for little calves for the obese public bovine growth hormone … Continue reading

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whose bagged a badger lets boycott the farmers

Somerset and Gloucestershire already have begun murdering the Badgers even before the sun sets, their bodies motionless shot before they know coming out to feed that’s all yea that’s the way to go the farmers they are totally convinced that … Continue reading

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Art ( so called)

The artists using paints and pigments captures and displays mindful interpretations and such created work portrays quizzically and otherwise and a few descend and fall into the weird and ugly into the dark and sinister frightening us all into the … Continue reading

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We have set to work to darken their character and fool the population sadly create a kind of ghoul that roams the wilder areas in search of blood and gore a beast that shows no mercy with a passion that … Continue reading

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The Monsanto Protection Act ( Thankyou Mr Obama)

The Environmental Protection Agency feels its only right to share Monsanto’s “Roundup” this herbicide of might not only to annihilate green plants where ere they grow but the glyphosate will poison us as will the GMO the fight back from … Continue reading

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Ignorance and the Badgers

Ignorance is anything but blissful the politicians what the hell do they know about the badgers or the cattle and the farmers, or diseases of course no way the badgers are the wild ones created for a purpose the purpose … Continue reading

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Pigs in a RSPCA farm in Australia

Premium prices lots of statements all of them a pile of dung pigs in paradise we hear straw filled shelters out among the green fields where they can walk freely every pig brimming with health always clean food really tasty … Continue reading

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Live Exports the Opposition

So the opposition regards Live Exports as a worthwhile cause The people better touch their hearts and then just stop to pause for it seems whatever the people say these grey suits won’t agree the animals will be murdered after … Continue reading

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Kangaroos Australia is flogging you off to China soon

Australia you really do annoy me Caring now so little for the wild souls who Give Australia something so iconic and what the hell is it you want to do flog them to the Chinese who will eat them what … Continue reading

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A victim one of the many ( Orangutans)

Leave me alone I am scorched I am burning look at me now I was and I’m yearning for man with his unkind ways to leave us be we Arborial apes and each lush green tree you burn to the … Continue reading

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Arborial Apes The great Red Souls

Arborial Apes the red soul, yes they live in the trees and we make them pay the forest that lust green paradise where Orangutan lives bound up in despair caused by the corporates and superstores the mangled brained profiteers who … Continue reading

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