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A heartbeat away From the red breasted two A delightful personage Their joy comes through Able to create In the heart and the soul A perfect magnificence And such control Inquisitive friends Consumers with sight On the meal worms on … Continue reading

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Chinese gangs abusing and torturing cats on line

There are established perpetrators Arrogantly posting now Torturing domestic cats For fun deranged they show us how Their mental instability Their evil their iniquity Gives them free reign To pursue A policy of rottenness Of abomination Through and through Abusing … Continue reading

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At midnight

At midnight out there in the dark Where shadows creep and haunting breaks Ritual shapes the silent brow The moon drives down upon the plough Sweeping over a brilliant sky The eerie crow like lady fly Besoms steering nightly jaunts … Continue reading

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Kat (ibarra)

Kat a lovely gentle lass A caring sharing soul A friend of mine on twitter Whose spirit and whose role In service healing and loving The animals who she Loves with all her beautiful heart And honest purity All of … Continue reading

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Inspired by Pamela

Of course it’s No to dog meat puppies caged for soup Their doleful eyes Their tiny size Every single group Of frightened little angels Shivering in fear Hearing cries of others Who apparently are near To the butchering that’s going … Continue reading

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Significant a moment With an acquiescence you Hold a single mindedness In exactly what to do To safeguard all the animals With a real choice to be true To be really determined In everything you do Animals want their freedom … Continue reading

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We all care about you Reice Brown

Environmental reporting ClimAte change Pollution HabitTs and resources Palm oil All the forces AnimAl rights Factory farming Human rights and testing Workers rights Supply chains Irresponsible marketing Arms and military Boycott calls Political activity Anti social finance Ethos sustainability Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxl … Continue reading

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Moody vegan

The 3rd of May Was the actual day When you saw the light And found the way Forward into light and glory No more dead flesh In your story Vegan meals And a vegan life Clothes and no more Actual … Continue reading

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A  Poet and a builder of empires a washer of pots a putter outer  of fires a vegan followed by vegans who share  their tweets with friends anew what I feel is a truthfulness an intuition and want to stress … Continue reading

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A reverence for Cats

The Egyptians have revered cats As Gods and goddesses they Were held in high repute And loved and cared for in a way When cats were killed out of respect They shaved their eyebrows they Held them in sublimity Forever … Continue reading

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Annette Wardell

Yorkshire’s finest Resolute yes resolute is she In the world of opera Uncompromisingly Well versed in the classics Purposeful and strong She blossoms with her melodies Into delightful song Indefatigability A self determination A staying power An hour on hour … Continue reading

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A blue sky up above the clouds A silver bird glides through And Melanie the vegan She knows what she must do Not take the dead flesh Into Her body and to see If she can sell some vegan meals … Continue reading

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Callie Graves

Callie Graves just about saves All the best recipes she makes sure they are vegan And deliciously easy Attractive and when she presents Them on you tube It’s with expertise She has such a likeable manner And really is happy … Continue reading

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On the front line Up against one and all The corporate masters The hunters their gall Chasers of suffering Torture and death Their woeful ambition Denying souls breath We warriors all of us In the affray Fighting like hell For … Continue reading

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On the plus side

Our garden has joy In its floral displays Positive news Bring a happy phase To our lives Pretty garlands nosegays galore That are fresh And hand picked And we promise you more Creme de la creme Salt of the earth … Continue reading

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A casting vote in influence Is inspiration we See positive persuasion As power and potency We have a global lockdown Enchantments not their thing Hypnotic and mesmeric To the table we must bring Polarity and recoil Some magic let it … Continue reading

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Following a poet Well very soon you know it A poem will be coming A little about you I see you are a vegan As I am so that’s good And that you so love animals As I do We … Continue reading

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The Roo’s in Australia Taking their hit Your empathy Gary It just doesn’t sit Well what some do You feel it you too The airbus unveiling A falcon so new In the past when a copper Clipped us around the … Continue reading

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Terry Cowling

A tin tin fan from long ago Herge the adventurer Whose flow Began in 1929 George Remi Loved his glass of wine Swashbuckling pirates everyone And “Snowy” there To have some fun Captain Haddock A character Comical well they all … Continue reading

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Were caves ever the abode of man

The great disentangle Return to the mangle Evolving with much shorter leaps Campaigning for clarity And perhaps charity Zeroing in often reaps A vanishing point From the caveman Once apelike but Able to be Quite the restrainer And new age … Continue reading

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The old gate (the edge of the moor below Cosdon Hill)

For me “NO HUNTING” Says it all A peaty path Where shadows fall Across Dartmoor A wooden gate A dry stone wall Whose crumbled state Gives passers by A chance maybe To stop and ponder And to see And feel … Continue reading

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Katja Meier

As a vegan and animal lover Though my German isn’t good I get to see from your photo’s The kind of stuff that would Tick some of your boxes As a caring vegan you Clearly want for animals And do … Continue reading

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Ghost hunters welcome to a new friend

Paranormal sightings haunted houses, they Creepy night time horrors That happen so they say In places back in history With scenes of terror there Murders bloodshed butchery And myriad despair The unhinged brutal maniacs And the Body snatchers who Opened … Continue reading

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Your pictures portray the essence of soul Numerical type faces sweep in a role Of artistic temperament, into the heart With patience and care it is how you impart Such wonderment really It is clearly seen Its what makes you … Continue reading

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The path down to the place We first met Just around that bend A harvest celebration She became my first real friend Leaves were falling all around The blush the flush the scarlet rush A hot and firery end She, … Continue reading

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