We all care about you Reice Brown

Environmental reporting
ClimAte change
HabitTs and resources
Palm oil
All the forces
AnimAl rights
Factory farming
Human rights and testing
Workers rights
Supply chains
Irresponsible marketing
Arms and military
Boycott calls
Political activity
Anti social finance
Ethos sustainability

The ethics of being vegan
Understanding it all
Feeling the sensitivity
The sentiments that call
For tenderness and affection
Mindful and responsive
Compassionate the list above
Was why it Really started
And all of this fits perfectly
Among the tender hearted

For you my dear there’s lots to do
To stay positIve and because it’s you
Remain as right as rain and be
Soulful till eternity
Remain effusive everyday
Don’t let the shit cause you dismay
We all have parts to play and we
Must save the animals constantly

Our mental state can swing both ways
Our inner feeling suffering
Responsiveness it’s quite a thing
Involvement to it starts to bring
Red blooded feelings down on us
We suffer lots thus we discuss
With people of like minds who can
Help us just help us to plan

I am always here so try to be
More positive we have a key
To unlock the hunters
The farmers the harmers
The wicked and Yes Of course the embalmers
Taxidermists,The hangers on
Who will be there when we are gone
The animals need us every day
So really let’s blow non vegans away.

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