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The Ranger

A willingness and inclination A gratuitous effort To please The keen obligation and spirit Unprompted is offered with ease Resolve and a vigour to finish A constancy that all can feel He’s tenaciously there for the voiceless And gives of … Continue reading

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The grizzly man

Werner Herzog a film maker Working beautifully with his eyes Giving us splendid footage So as to realise The wilderness around us The mountains and the sky Katmai National Park and all The Bears that in there ply 13 amazing … Continue reading

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CIrcus with wild animals

Life on the road is one hell of a struggle For us human beings no matter how Nomadic you are its travelling people That seem to be able to work with it now No fixed abode living out of some … Continue reading

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LIving sea creatures and all in a bowl

A restaurant of sorts Where clearly some thoughts Were the total transgression And a menu that sports Animals living alive alive oh Served up with cabbage and sauce All on show Chopsticks to the ready Thailand seems proud The total … Continue reading

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40,000 Bulls a year murdered

The arena gives light to the tragic event No amnesty present an emptiness spent A vile indignation an obsolete force An annihilation direct from the source For the good of the people The BULL is ,the soul A manifestation of … Continue reading

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Tiger tiger the light force King Fully grounded and able to bring A genuine spirit to all who sees His vertical stripes among the trees A solitary fellow whose rank is high With a primacy that does apply A supremacy … Continue reading

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The garden at Lammas

The last remnants rock Their blouses are torn And lots of dry seed heads Warn of a new dawn Lammas time beckons the mints look a treat Providing their fervour For the salads I eat The last of the Buttercups … Continue reading

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WIld Blackberries

Ebony bubbles hang off thorns Plump and ready where silence warns The unsuspecting pilferer who Comes with his parched throat Raring to chew The scrambling berries the jewels of July They ramble and clamber on stems so high That cling … Continue reading

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This Lammas time (a question I put to you all)

Summer came, the odd blue sky But tragically ask yourselves why The skies above now are seldom blue Without streaks of artificiality too Are crops abundant there are a few Grains to be threshed when cherries do Look plump and … Continue reading

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Few now aware

A fish gasps for air A refugee too Nobody cares about them And do you? Do you care for me You don’t know me so why Would you be perturbed If I was to die Drowned off some beach Lost … Continue reading

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129 Pilot Whales

120 Pilot Whales Lost their lives today The mistake they made Was swimming passed the Faroes And the bay Of violators came for them Brandishing their knives A violent wicked rotten bunch WHo set to and stole their lives Many … Continue reading

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18 islands in the North Atlantic

I know if something is bad then you Don’t want it mentioned And this is the feeling I hear When you go to the Faroes Dont mention the grind For it won’t bring them feelings of cheer 18 rugged islands … Continue reading

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The incoordination And the disharmony Created from the kidnapping Of creatures from their sea the randomness and turbulence. The inferno they all feel Torn out of their existence Inverted to reveal A whirlwind of emotions A rumpus of desire A … Continue reading

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The handsome hog

a caring sharing organisation Is any piglets true salvation An RSPCA appointed Farm is honestly annointed Imagine it the forest stretching Out across the verdant plain The sky above the trees together On our Backs The gentle rain The capacity … Continue reading

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To repeal or not to repeal that is their question

For me to repeal to go back in time To honour the torturers who would climb Back into their saddles and chase Brer Fox A child of the forests whose wildness rocks It’s absurd and senseless and asks a lot … Continue reading

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Their world of sound

Abstract relations SEa World creates Chemical pools With big steel gates A concentration of torture and pain Of poor nutrition And a life spent in vain We use the word voiceless But it’s not true We are the heartless For … Continue reading

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Fur boys and girls everywhere

A tiny cage An avid soul Tail all torn It knows its role It lives near water It loves to be Seen to wander Wild and free But I am a Mink And some know why As a Mink you … Continue reading

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This is my feeling

SPorts and death and conservation Culture tradition it’s no usalvation And of course those no good arses I call them psychopaths who all need glasses To every sink hole everywhere.. Let them share in our despair They shoot to kill … Continue reading

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Polar BEARS (do not belong in zoo’s)

Polar Bears in Zoo’s It’s evil ugly and it’s wrong ZOOKEEPERS suck In any zoo’s these BEARS DO not belong Primed to withstand Arctic realms Winds and violent snow MAde to swim for miles and walk Not just to and … Continue reading

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Poor baby

A laborious insult For a baby to take It’s mother is missing And thus for its sake It’s frightened and woeful Of why it should be Left on its own and tied to a tree What kind of message Do … Continue reading

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Bears riding bikes

Converting the wild spirit With cruelty and pain Is a human trait Unfortunately It’s bigotry for gain It’s erratic and unstable It’s rejection of a soul Refusing to accept a freedom Coupled with a role That relates to a wildness … Continue reading

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Drama at the waters edge

Stalwart and strong And seldom wrong Stalking the river Bank So statuesque Looking and waiting And so demonstrating The great need to be there The hunt is now on There in the rushes a rat Seldom blushes Wet with the … Continue reading

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The frustration borne in Dolphin hearts At the great wide world outside The chicken wire that prevented me And the world at large denied Me freedom to go forth to find my family And so be Just another soul a … Continue reading

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EL Sinaloense the pure blood BULL of the Yucatan

A corrida is a fiesta a family day out where Bulls are lassoo’d and ridden and everyone can share Cymbals drums and music food served all around In temporary wooden buildings in a ring upon the ground A hot sun … Continue reading

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That poor horse

The greatest cowards are the picadors Who attack on horseback, they Plunge their swords into the Bull And the horses often pay Clearly it is hazardous and menacing to see For the horses are so vulnerable To attack and can’t … Continue reading

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A busted leg stabbed many times

NO compassion Nothing the a sordid arrogant fool Prancing in gold satin The BULL answers his call All can see it’s leg is broken Swords hanging from its back In a cloud of agony And receiving lots of flack For … Continue reading

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Bears and hunters

Hunters killing bears are clearly Not the farmers friend Not the friends of anyone And the environment does send It’s messages apparent Out across the great Sky of true effectiveness That its miracles create Complete equilibrium And hunting the predation … Continue reading

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IT happened in July 2015

In the stormiest weather A thirty year old Boat plyed its way And deep in its hold Were animals bound for The UAE From Puntland Somalia Into the sea As the old ship went down 300o or so camels and … Continue reading

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Asiatic Lions

The roar is a voice out of no where It springs from the inside to wake Those who would hear it and shudder For honestly it is no fake Almost 400 reside here In India Gir National Park Acacia and … Continue reading

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A post human

The coming reality seemingly so The intrinsicallity comes with a flow Of energy if it survives what we see The end of the great path to humanity A post human so called stands in the sand A small glass of … Continue reading

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