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To all you rotten sods who wear fur or skins

Wearing the skin Of another being What does that make me Am I all seeing Am I a monster Seemingly so Why do you do this When clearly you know A rabbit or a bunny A fox and or a … Continue reading


Fur hags Dead eyes Thats the FUR Hags Lovers so they say Ignorant opportunists Unreliably in the pay Of Trappers. Murderers Hunters Scumbags who all wait To tempt a hungry animal And kill it at a rate Of knots, The … Continue reading

Ankara or Angora “Caveat Emptor”

A breed of Rabbit Associated originally with Turkey That was taken over to France In 1723 Their Royal Family loved their silky Soft fur and it seems from where Another ten varieties were born And one remains still there these … Continue reading

A special note to Marlene

You have been through a lot for me That much I know And me a mere Rabbit With little to show You gave me my name And I love it so With good grace And dignity Things seemed to flow … Continue reading

The meat trade RABBITS

In Queensland and Victoria The meat trade does its stuff Farming rabbits in wire cages Where life for them is tough It cuts into their feet And causes abscesses and they Suffer in their 8 weeks on this earth For … Continue reading

What is entirely wicked

A so called lucky rabbits foot As a key ring Can you imagine How the rabbit feels Let me take you through The whole procedure Lots of noise And smells And countless squeals As each is yanked from cages and … Continue reading

God gave us eyes

God gave us eyes That we yes can see The drama and torture That happens to be In front of our heads As we wait in this place Wait to be murdered It’s such a disgrace The blood on the … Continue reading

The Laboratory&Pharmacology&Toxicology MIENBUTTEL

It’s good to report that a place That has been Violent and cruel And wholly obscene Is closing down Animals rights have said so A prison of horror It soon it will go Within the EU In Germany they Took … Continue reading


Apparently an outbreak of A rather bad disease Has come to life in Shipden Near Halifax and to ease The actual situation People have to know That suffering from This weird disease Can be one awful blow Wild rabbits they … Continue reading

The pet killer still at large

Are we no closer to catching This creep Who dismembers the animals Whilst we are asleep Leaving their bodily parts At our door His frenzy and fury We dare not ignore Theres an absence of sanity If you ask me … Continue reading


What makes people want to go and shoot wild animals at night Using lamping thats a rifle with a big bright light Normally 3 people go a driver spotter shooter who Having permission from the land owner then do what … Continue reading


Free range and battery Thats who we are Wild as the wind Or penned up real far From the nearest farmyard Over the hill Down by the lake Its there where they kill The turkeys the geese the chickens The … Continue reading

There is a deviant on the loose

The first case was recorded in 2014 In Croydon And since then we know 400 Cats Squirrels Foxes and Rabbits Have been murdered And just left on show Many spread eagled Left under bedroom windows A deviant clearly around Making … Continue reading


L’oreal exports its products into China A market that is lucrative yet cruel The big boys want the money Who cares about a bunny 375,000 of them fall Victim to the testing that is going on Cosmetic tests continue there … Continue reading

We are very different

Really we are very different Rabbits have short ears And I Have long ears with black tips I am very different And if you look into my eye Their eyes are dark mine is amber When they run their tails … Continue reading

The forest of angels

Behold the timeless forest Great drama we may see The players clad in their own skins Coming out to be Themselves among the sentinels The dancing spirits who Shake their leaves like tambourines To the beat thats often true There … Continue reading

The age of the cage

Its awful its something you dare not believe Great sheds of rabbits what does it achieve Coffers of money a market of shame hell cannot be worse and who is to blame The public so ignorant they have be Aware … Continue reading

The draize test

I have big eyes But I cannot cry And I cannot blink But I can sigh To tell the truth i do not lie To the corporations Tell me why Since you know Tear ducts for me I was not … Continue reading

Saboteur’s v Hunters

Who gives them the right to kill Wild souls, I have to ask Blood sports are a violence That should now be brought to task It doesn’t help their case at all The so called hunting clan These sod’s who … Continue reading


Benetton they shut their doors Which of course got our applause A busy day and a potential wall Of customers listening to our call Angora hear those rabbits scream How can bunnies ever dream Of Easter eggs and pretty things … Continue reading

Benatton and the angora angels

Tsunamis of people great tidal wave surges pour passed the Oxford Street Store and there in the front stands one  Robert Platt and his angora angels and more   it takes courage and fortitude up against that lot and the … Continue reading

10th Grade Biology

Idaho I don’t know a women too what did she do   broke a Rabbits neck in class and skinned it honest what an arse   in front of 16 students she had no idea how that could be   … Continue reading

United colours of Bennetton and Angora

The united colours of Benetton And the scourge of Angora which Drifts across the psyche and of course Can pitch A struggle for survival An agony of thought As Rabbits sweet and innocently Are In the madness caught Their graceful … Continue reading

3 men in a bath

with their cans of lager and nothing much better to  do than to torture a rabbit they got wetter 3 men in the bath and a poor little soul suffered their wrath they were all on a roll   3 … Continue reading

Experimentation must stop

Those eyes thats what you see deep soulful eyes total incredulity   once trusting now the size of golf balls red and swollen looking inside of you wondering why you let them do what they now do   experiment on … Continue reading

A general lack of compassion towards animals and for that matter women

they seldom use the word at all empathy is off their wall they lack compassion and think its cool to just go out and act the fool often the animals seem to take the brunt of the message that they … Continue reading


There’s no empathy in the Meat Trade no empathy at all take Rabbits many come from Spain and don’t last long as a rule   if they happen to be smaller they are thrown straight in the bin left to … Continue reading


Marks and Spencer once the mainstay once the shop above the rest but you have dropped in my estimation for the things you do which you could stop its not like in the past now the commercial world has erupted … Continue reading

Angora ( Boycott it now)

Blood curdling screams are all you hear from Rabbits being plucked clearly the Chinese labourers have all bucked their total responsibility to be paid for doing this is torture its egregious its something all should miss but clearly every few … Continue reading

The Phillippines and a new wave of crush video’s

Crush video’s are hideous they are heinous and hellish they are made for sexual gratification and for that these babies pay in a way that seems unbelievable in any day and age its an evil that’s personified and followed by … Continue reading