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To all the ladies everywhere You are loved profoundly you Have consciousness and reasoning In everything you do Perception and insight Are mindful through and through Cogitative and contemplative In everything you do Valentine a commercial time What we ought … Continue reading

A little cat has found her god who will protect her soul forever

So much fluffy innocence Guiltless and fragile An unfallen state A kitten was bought And then raped It was her fate heinous beyond Any words Gang raped yes as well Seven boys did this To her Took the babe to … Continue reading

Witchety green

Witchety green From the island of fae Her eye catching verdancy Blew me away Sage and weeping willow Apple and pea Avocado chartreuse Eau-de-nil yes she be Rings on her fingers Raven black hair The heart of a warrior And … Continue reading

NInkasi the ale wives and the goddesses

The spontaneous the unbidden So minded for to brew With the patience and discretion In what they really do The predetermination And whimsicality The indispensability The superior force we see Such enthusiasm clearly And dedication too Unprompted with initiative To … Continue reading


In Egyptian mythology Sekhmet became Daughter of Ra A warrior flame Her name meant the powerful one And it is said Her breath formed the deserts Thats what we are led To believe She protected the pharophs And in Luxor … Continue reading