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A great chasm has opened

individuality an essential part of  soul a coming a great friendship taking on the role existent in my psyche attested to be sure Helping  me endure it all that creature in my core palpable and injurious a sparseness of its … Continue reading

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A teacher like no other

an affirmation Truly can  be a powerful tool delivered by a sage or guru asserting as the rule of thumb expresses emphasis an unretractable desire to persevere completely with the warmth from one’s own fire apprentice through to investigator an … Continue reading

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Who would contest the method

who would truly battle to retain this vile foie gras a callously soft substance that for me is not the star performer in the culinary world where torture is now rife the arena is a stadium a farm of sorts … Continue reading

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Innocence suffers (or they pull the wool over your eyes)

For farmers to take innocence And the unfallen state And torture and defile lambs Who distastefully create Pure criminality When slicing off their tails All done with a hit knife Honestly it pales Into illegality Its an outrageous sin A … Continue reading

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Big eyes no heart

A South Korean Restaurant In Pusan prides itself on offering its customers Living foods. How loathsome and our hateful To imagine it can be right To consume living creation Enjoying every bite Torn out of the ocean As painful as … Continue reading

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PAIN is really strengthening not weakening Pain can be the banister that you hold It boosts your true resolve It helps you to evolve It warms you if the weather has turned cold It is a part of you its … Continue reading

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