Innocence suffers (or they pull the wool over your eyes)

For farmers to take innocence
And the unfallen state
And torture and defile lambs
Who distastefully create
Pure criminality
When slicing off their tails
All done with a hit knife
Honestly it pales
Into illegality
Its an outrageous sin
A lamb seldom cries out
In pain
But alone there
Wearing thin
Lamenting at the true despair
The unspeakable desire
To harm a little baby
To create that instant fire

That burns white hot and awful
No veterinary around
The immodesty and shamefulness
Letting out a sound
brings fear into the equation
It is punishment that should
Never ever be handed out
TO an angel thats so good

Chastisement and castigation
What does a baby think
It is its flagellation
When taken to the brink
A baby will be given what is
The third degree
And will always remember
This illegality

How very sore and bloody
Dishonoured in a way
Left alone to bleed and cry
Perhaps for many a day
Alone at night recalling
The manhandling one received
Abandoned in the barn alone
Who actually believed

A grown farmer would do this
And unrepentantly do it to the next one
And the next
How painfully how terrible
A baby After all
Its truthfully is beastly
And it is not farmers call

The indignity is stunning
The disrespect one feels
It really is a slap in the face
Humiliation reels
The vilest arrogation
Wrongheadedness for sure
A crying shame that harbours blame
And no one should ignore.

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