Pangolins or the scaly anteater

Its been a year
Since China took the Pangolin off the list
And thus gave them an actual chance to once again
To exist
And for poachers to desist
From trapping them from catching them
And removing their scales
The genus pholidata truthfully
It pales
Into so much agony
For what some people do
A beautifull little Anteater
A victim sadly who
Is murdered in their thousands
In China and beyond
In Viet Nam considered
Well actually have been conned
The scales are only keratin
The same as our finger nails
Abusing a generation
Truthfully it pales
Into utter ignorance
No curative at all
It proves just how bloody stupid
We are how we break the rule
Of murdering and trapping
A soul we ought protect
Their diet consists of termites
They harm no one but they
Are murdered in their thousands
Every single day

There are rangers in South Africa
Trying very hard
To save them, to protect them
Nocturnally they guard
Their proteges now daily
And with China trying too
One hopes the little Pangolin
Can be saved
And I take the view
Back in the days gone by alas it was supposedly for a poor circulation
And for infertility
Based around pure arrogance
A con job actually

The Africans have less regard
From their gifted animal friends
Its the same with bones from the jungle king
The trade is where it ends
No curative value
Just blackmarket hoodlums who
Are making fast bucks everyday
On something thats untrue

A gin has now been brewed we hear
Pangolin Gin the hope
To get more people thinking
About Pangolins, the hope
That the evil pitiless ignorant
Will look into their plight
And safeguard their existence
And prove that I am right

We all should thank the creator
For gifting this sweet soul
Treat each one with gratitude
Realise its role
On earth is one of living
Supremely indebted to
All of us who love animals
Not just the ignorant few

The breed once a year
And hate zoo’s they are wild nocturnal mammals
And need to be saved

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