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To all you rotten sods who wear fur or skins

Wearing the skin Of another being What does that make me Am I all seeing Am I a monster Seemingly so Why do you do this When clearly you know A rabbit or a bunny A fox and or a … Continue reading

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Fur hags Dead eyes Thats the FUR Hags Lovers so they say Ignorant opportunists Unreliably in the pay Of Trappers. Murderers Hunters Scumbags who all wait To tempt a hungry animal And kill it at a rate Of knots, The … Continue reading

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Raccoons lives matter

I put it to you animals are on a higher plain The prey animals eat vegetation The carnivores it’s plain Do eat other animals generally their prey Whereas human beings Are wicked when it’s suits them they Look at this … Continue reading

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Muritz through the seasons

The embodiment of all you ever saw Or wish to see The backbone and the marrow and the core Is adequately Provided by our mother the creator Essentially Great forests lakes and rivers And wild life good and free Muritz … Continue reading

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Baiting stations in Russia

I remember my mother She did love us so Two little cubs She watched us grow Showed us the ropes Built up our hopes Nurtured us till It was her time to go The existence of man In Russia where … Continue reading

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Raccoon and fox fur from China

You just cannot believe the vile Iniquity From the abyss these repellant Git’s have come Fox and Raccoon for their fur Look closely your not dumb ! Jackets your fur trim Described, as faux fur It finds it’s way to … Continue reading

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The Raccoon Bill so called HB423( Shared with Georgia wildlife commission)

Georgia wants  a new law passed to open up a way of training dogs to scare the life out of wild souls they say   the raccoon doesn’t get killed so whats it all about it illustrates the perversion of … Continue reading

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