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Wriggling twisting shaking breaking Laying together in one huge heap Pulsating waiting baiting grating Monsters brought up from the deep Walking stalking pest and plague Exuding shameful poverty Plastic netting that’s the setting The new desirability

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Supermarkets and Plastic What is going on two of the big names have increased plastic it hasn’t gone the promises the effort to close down on the stuff adding to the  ocean waste Look I have had enough   animals … Continue reading

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Wood chip madness

unconscientiousness and falsehoods insincerity the villainous and good for nothing true venality a century of  flourishing of  uprightness to the cause replaced by the  chicanery that tragically won’t pause   vast forests of  greenery air providing wealth a constancy of … Continue reading

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BIFFA gets a warning On some exports 7 whole containers Disallowed Going off to China Unsanitary waste Which China banned a year ago A crime which must Be faced of course they yell like crazy But the stench apparently Was … Continue reading

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