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Poly fluorinated Alkyl Substances

Poly fluorinated alkyl substances Forever chemicals So they say Even unborn babies Have them in their bodies The edifying truth and why we pay Banned in Denmark Not so here The supermarkets they Stain resistent carpets Water repellant clothing Cosmetics … Continue reading

Wasters and the degenerate

We all have internal environments We all have venous blood We all have minds to think with Caught up in the flood Of life and death and lockdown The official title for House arrest I too detest Our freedom and … Continue reading

I was not there

I was not there But have woken up To the carnage of that day It was swept into my psyche Leaving us all to pay Regard to the heroism And the hatred everywhere I woke up screaming to myself I … Continue reading

iniquity and eugenics

A web of such iniquitous behaviour stretches far and wide it sinks into our bodies encouraging a  downward slide   meddling with our precious genes corrupting our pure DNA America has spawned a great satanic cult of scientists who with … Continue reading

Fluoridation, water and BIG Energy

I can’t help thinking nanny states are taking health too far Unless its for Big Pharma more than those who star in this epic narrative of fluoride and our teeth with drama overflowing but what really lies beneath it all … Continue reading

My view on these dodgy breast implants

This is a sad tale, one that should never have happened but clearly has and there were too few controls in place to prevent it, hopefully this will now change note I say hopefully for there is no guarantee Continue reading