Poly fluorinated Alkyl Substances

Poly fluorinated alkyl substances
Forever chemicals
So they say
Even unborn babies
Have them in their bodies
The edifying truth
and why we pay

Banned in Denmark
Not so here
The supermarkets they
Stain resistent carpets
Water repellant clothing
Cosmetics so we all pay

Non stick frying pans
Aimed at the lazies
Fire fighting foams
And lubricants
And, now what we see
They are using in some
Eco branded packaging
PFA’s must be
Never ever used in what we do
So currently

FIDRA has asked A!di
Asda Iceland
Lidl Morrsons M & S
To now without delay
Sainsurys Waitrose
Stop it
Stop it right a way

Its so toxic and its wrong
PFA’s must be curtailed
Because they don’t belong
Cancer isnt far away
With PFA’s alas
And Neurological problems
All of us enmasse

Exposed to hidden dangers
We need to
tell them they
Must stop cheapening
their packaging
And do it right away.

Thanks to the Ethical Consumer
for their report MAY/JUNE 2021

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