Science what the hell has science
Anything to do
With whaling di you remember
They paid their boats
Its true
Research just pure deception
Throwbacks to a time
They were just degenerates
Thinking they could climb
Up into the heavens
Angels of the sea
A true blue whaling Nation
Up yours IWC

Yours the love of carnage
Your friends in Norway they
Are prepared to kill for you
And Iceland was and pay
The pipers with their arrogance
All wanting really to
Blow souls out of the water
And do it all for you

Its not as if you are starving
Your ingenuity
Exceptional in many ways
Your brazenness it be
Challenging the rest of us
Who feel the whales should be
Left to sail the oceans
In what is their harmony

Your great ships and your hawkishness
Its frighteningly true
The people of the world want whales
Left alone we do
The hostility you show to them
And to the dolphins clan
Taiji still is on the warpath
That much we can see

So Draconian so callous
How masterful you feel
The world looks at your cruelty
And we know its real
Murdering whole pods
Whole families, selecting some for sale
Subjecting them to shorter lives,
Knowing that they will fail

You steal their joy forever
Thats money in your bank
Promise them your purgatory
They have you to thank
For murdering their families
I wonder how you feel
When personally your families
And no one dares appeal

japan you need to see the light
Whaling is all wrong
Driving dolphins with your banging boats
Does not belong
In this world where compassion
Should take centre stage
Of course you are unpopular
Your fishermen in a rage

Because souls exert empathy
They feel the dolphins plight
They hear the dolphins crying
Anyone with sight
Can see the violent thrashing
Families torn apart
Whilst your fishermen and whalers
Clearly have no heart

In it for the money
Not very ZEN of you
Its no good having temples
Your gods they do see through
All this bloody awfulness
And this pain and ill
Blood spilling every which way
From all of those you kill

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