The Faroes and the madness

Throwbacks to the Viking hordes
A kind of lunacy
The murder of the pilot whales
True angels of the sea
Pods of family members
Schooling children they
Live together peacefully
In A family tree some say

The elders training younger whales
Its godly and its true
The tragedy for the Faroes
Islanders who do
The evil their instability
So delusional they feed
On Pilot Whales
And drive them up onto the sand

Lowlife sadly scumbags
These beautiful souls they land
And slice their heads off
Rip their hearts out
No one can understand
A baby and an uncle
Die with their grandmother
A blood bath these so sensitive souls
In front of a brother

Up to their waists in intestines
Honestly it speaks
Terror its horrific
All their blood it leaks
The Grindadrop where the unhinged
Kill hysterically to see
The unsound minds their derangement
Its just insanity.

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