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Mark Parker

The foothills of the Eastern Pennines The spine of England its been said Santander a Spanish Bank In Nelson Street its App bright red One particular gentleman Mark Parker thats his name A cheerful helpful more caring soul Thats him … Continue reading

Feelings and wildlife

As protectors it is concerning That binoculars are made And targeted at hunters An extension of trade Broadening the market Commercially feels wise But feelings have to play a part We have to realise We shouldn’t become detached from life … Continue reading

Despite lockdown i found a shining star today

Today I had the need to speak to you about my car I switched in late january and today I found a star A caring helping wonderful hand with my NCD Which had been sent to you two times But … Continue reading

Pacari chilli

Pacari Chilli A chocolate that sits On the tongue it just trickles Out flavour in bits Softens like soft mists On volcanic soil The green of the mint leaves The palate the royal So sensual You just want to wallow … Continue reading

Chateauneaf du Pape

Aldi brought this big red wine To market And we see The Grenache with its high alcohol And spice and raspberry The Syrah full of body A really dark skinned grape Mourvedre a tasty profile The blend a marvellous shape … Continue reading

Tower hill garage KIA Chipperfield, kings langley herts WD49LR

Kia this is a message From a customer of yours About the above garage Worthy of such applause They are a miraculous outfit Civil in every way Its always a joy to go there Anytime of day All the staff … Continue reading

Is the sky the limit

Hempearth’s Derek Kesek A visionary who Uses his grey matter By greening it Its true Utterly non toxic Hemp its rightness fits Morality ethicality Is exactly where he sits Give him poetic justice The appropriate he knows well Unswerving and … Continue reading


Triodos my favourite bank In all the world today Caring sharing ethical In every thoughtful way Banking with veracity In everything they do Unpretentious and friendly Their vision coming through Imaginative and inventive Outside the box I say Triodos gets … Continue reading

Philip Hasco

A trader Whose eager Helpful and caring He rang me today Well disposed to sharing His time He was patient And willing to be Instrumental In sorting stuff Now out for me Mr Catalyst Bitcoin Effective was he Steadfast his … Continue reading

Manimpex 2

Working with God’s materials Manimpex shows us how We chose the Rainbow Granite And The adjective is WOW it comes from out of Africa Namibia perhaps Beyond the mantle layer Igneous rock that wraps Itself in quartz and feldspar Cooling … Continue reading


Such individual reality With ethics to admire A dash of near nirvana And visionary fire Considerable and weighty Implicit in their thinking Indispensable for me With this pandemic Sinking Our very lives apparent to A communistic state Wretched in so … Continue reading

Little Gaddesden Village Shop

The aura of Ashridge A wonderland wooded Hudnall and Ringshall Close by A beautiful village Its ancientness living The skills of our mother Most high Quite close to its centre A cardinal sign Such a pretty shop Gives a smile … Continue reading

Good for you H & M

the howling of the vixens Had pierced the hearts of some Landowners who realised Their wild folk Far from dumb Loved living on their precious land Amongst the tall trees high But all hated the hunters And the way their … Continue reading

Bullion by POST

On a cold covid day Whats better than toast You got it thats quick! Yes BULLION BY POST Siver and Gold Peter and Paul Their system is tight And overall Easy to contemplate Brilliant, despite All the restrictions These two … Continue reading

Eon the energy that warms the spirit into eternity

EON The three red letters The only brand to choose They have the greatest people So really are good news Providing love energy Renewably yes they Regardless of tariff Will always make your day For care and for attention Their … Continue reading

The Cochin

Authentically South Indian The dignity assurred Across the social graces The cultured are adored Aesthetically the artistry Gourmets everywhere Are overcome by Cochins drum And Its elegant true fair Enchanting and so pleasing Not only to the eye But to … Continue reading

Good Energy

A stalwart campaigner A GREEN pioneer Thats Juliet Davenport Yes and the year 1999 A long time ago When she took on the fossil Fuel giants, you know Not exactly an enviable position to be But she was a champion … Continue reading

My Hazel Staff

Poetry and intuition Thats my Hazel staff An affinity with water From ancient woodland Half as olde As One Methusela Mercury its deity Its gender being masculine Ruled by the sun Where heat is free Good for wands And divining … Continue reading


In this world where energy Where life and sustainability A wizard out there Whose expertise is such A top gun in the heating world And on ventilation systems With pure designs in heating And on cooling so in touch Air … Continue reading


Parking your car Outside Manimpex gives Anyone visiting Well it relives The expertise actually And when meeting Danny one knows He’s an expert in Stone For he just kind of throws You into his world Metamorphic rocks, He Re crystallised … Continue reading

Goddess and green man

Today I met Tish I just made a wish The goddess and green man appeared She looked so enchanting The goddess I mean But The green man was One of these emerald guys His OLIVINE ears and his ear-de-Nil eyes … Continue reading


To whom it may concern Could anyone have been more assiduous I doubt it, for when I did ring I spoke a to a lady called LOUISE I was a bit grumpy But she made my heart sing Now that … Continue reading

The Fold Bransford

An island oasis A cafe a shop A sequence of ideals A great place to stop Herb gardens dotted around Souls who care Principled pure minded Very Aware It’s a concept of caring Of sharing and we Went over to … Continue reading

“The Porter”

ANSPACH & HOBDAY David Streets best They call it “The Porter“ and whatever the test It is their flagship ale That much I can say With its wonderful malts And the hops that just play With your tastebuds First sweetness … Continue reading


A burst pipe in the kitchen whit Monday what to do check out on  duck duck go a phone call it got through a burst pipe water everywhere don’t worry lad I’ll be there in 3 was that three days … Continue reading

Tower Hill KIA

Assiduous and caring  mindful and so sharing serviced  my Ceed today tbey honestly do pay attention to every need which is why  they  do succeed collected it from my door and brought it back by 4  Cleaned inside and out … Continue reading

Farm drop of old street and Enfield

Farm drop a wholly wholesome crowd Not living under some enormous cloud Of fear and doubt these girls and boys Provide us with organic joys They care about us every one And shine down on us like the sun No … Continue reading

Vegan delights


The most thirst quenching Truly memorable APPLE on the tree Whose blossoms that so marvel Each one heavenly A scent beyond the realms A crisp sweet magical taste. How you helped in my hour of need Was just wonderfully placed … Continue reading

A meeting of true minds

If it happens it seldom happens In this life of ours But I know Of a meeting which took a fair few hours In a shop in Hampstead Two fine souls I came to know Rajah and dear Kirin Both … Continue reading