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The dandelion

Thoughtfulness And lateral thinking Comes to mind when we Watch a baby gorilla Pick up and flower And be Fascinated with its form Its colour and its scent Perhaps a spot of daydreaming He clearly is content A kind of … Continue reading

Mountain Gorillas

We have to go all out to save the Gorillas for they are Really up against it of course they do star Up there in the mountainous regions Of the DRC High up where its colder But where they like … Continue reading

Gorillas are wild

You stole me from the Congo From my family yes twas you Put me in this shit hole Called the place a zoo Took away the emerald hills The greenery and more Flew me to This concrete cell To share … Continue reading

Gifted forests

The Cameroon is suffering It’s forestry imploding Corruption and black market Dealers rapidly eroding All the profit and the growth And treasure that god made All these trees are being felled It’s criminal these logs laid Everywhere the people Suffering … Continue reading


In 1987 She came from Africa The papers they said Guinea But we think She actually came from the Congo or from the Cameroon False papers under CITES Made the link A female in a concrete cell For 33years, she … Continue reading

RAFIKI (in English means Friend)

The Corvid world wide Pandemic Has curtailed the parks And so the poachers And illegal hunters Tragically the numbers grow Eco tourists are not coming So money there is tight and sadly the National Parks Were being neglected And a … Continue reading

Massa and his lady friend

Zoo’s continue high and mighty Places where we are told Endangered species breeding programmes That is how they are sold This particular zoo In Germany With all these precious souls Captive locked in cages But just run by arse oles … Continue reading

German zoo in KREFELD near the Dutch border

No extra protection Poor judgement if you ask me A zoo providing life and safety For primates under lock and key Gorillas and orangutans chimpanzees and Marmosets Birds and bats All perished in a fire And honestly the bets The … Continue reading

Silverback the Congo King

Silverback the Congo King A massive strength to all does bring Really responsive In every way And Uncomplaining come what may Loved by all the ladies, he Serves his purpose adequately A warrior and lover too A king who holds … Continue reading

Vianet D’jenguet of “MY CONGO” fame

A sensitive soul Who sees wildness like children do What is just realness Creation and more Touched by the sadness Moved by the gladness A tangible reason He says to adore The Congo “My Congo” across the great river Where … Continue reading

Gorillas we have missed

They are a peaceful family Powerful certainly Strictly vegetarians Which accounts for their Honesty Respectful of their environment And their family as a whole They have a code of honour And as great apes do have soul DIane Fossey knew … Continue reading

The great APE

Be uncertain whether one might run For you came upon him without a gun In every probability It was plausible and presumptive he Might lash out at you But possibly If you kept quiet And delicately Avoided eye contact That … Continue reading

Nyirmacibiri( the lone women who lived on the mountain)

Her inclination was to serve With a penchant for those who Were known to be the voiceless tribes Receptive through and through She had the enthusiasm and the dedication And she Was one of the so called “trimates” Louis Leakey’s … Continue reading

We are all its victims somewhere down the line

The unscrupulousness and opportunism Of the ape smugglers who use The vile palm oil destruction And tragically refuse To realise their artfulness Their crookedness their shame For getting mixed up in illicit wildlife As if it was a game Ofcourse … Continue reading

A chimpanzee has made her plea

Us chimpanzee’s Live in the trees Thats of course until You want your soft white toilet paper Or palm oil Then the thrill For all of you Sweet humans With The forest our delight But you employ the loggers And … Continue reading


Its deep seated in the culture In the tradition of a place In Africa it is illegal And these days a disgrace Wild and feral animals The sick ones too can be Victims in the killing Which is why now … Continue reading

The road

I am not anyone’s Boss DOn’t toss That word at me I am a victim Like you are The key To survival is being The one who evolves The one who appreciates The one who solves So many problems Such … Continue reading

Bush meat what it is and what we can do about it

Its everywhere The hunt is on 1 billion dollars around the world Perhaps 5 million tonnes per year Wild animals it seems appear On the table Its got to be A vile exposure actually Elephants Gorillas the Chimpanzee All kinds … Continue reading

Virunga national Park in the Congo

Machete’s out and cutting through A mass of vegetation there Really tangled and overgrown Like serpents coils just everywhere Its really dense But you kind of sense The wildness that is here A half an hour into the bush And … Continue reading