Mountain Gorillas

We have to go all out to save the
Gorillas for they are
Really up against it
of course they do star
Up there in the mountainous regions
Of the DRC
High up where its colder
But where they like to be

Thick fur will protect
Them against the cold and they
Manage rather nicely
But quite a lot do pay
The piper thats the poachers
Ready to take them out
For bush meat nice and smoky
Thats what its about

But up there in the mountains
In dense forests we
See that its the human being
That endangers them, we see
The leopard sometimes take a bite
But most of all we see
Hunters and poachers doing their thing
Which they do so brilliantly

Bush meat though is upsetting
Their applecart a bit
Smoked and sold in markets
These massive souls they sit
Quietly in their family groups
eating all the day
These massive great ape warriors
Are dying out and they

Just have to be protected
For them the family counts
Humans are their enemies
Who secretly may pounce
And shoot them yea it happens
Which is why we see
Ever smaller numbers
Which really shouldnt be

A handsome strength
A true affection for the world
Where they
Live and guard their families
They do that every day
With high expectations
They seem to reassure
With purpose and ambition
Coming from their core
But up against the soldiers
With blazing guns and fight
feeling some resignation
Family for them is right
Gorillas have audacity
Their strength and tenacity
Sees them failing sometimes
Exploited tragically

They have a fondness for their being
For their environment where they
Hold a state of wonder
Though feeling the dismay
Wizards in so many ways
But up against the threat
Of mightier enemies with fire sticks
That hold the bitter bet

Gorillas we must love them
We must help them to get by
Protect them they are so like us
And why so many die
Gallant to the point of death
Fighting all the way
Part of their democracy
Which I am sure is why they pay

Africa we must take on all comers
And save the Gorillas

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