Zimbabwe Sebungwe region and the lake Elephants

The courage thats displayed from
Those who fight the poaching gangs
The BUMI Hills Unit
A lot now really hangs
On this team and their know how
Up against vile poachers who
Murder the lake Elephants
For that is what they do

Its Ivory they want
Its a loathing they expend
Their domineering tyranny
It drives me around the bend
These are beautiful Elephants
Being murdered in cold blood
Zimbabwe is a dangerous place
The Zambesi in all that mud

The Poachers tend to use this
And creep through sicko’s they
Use their in born irreverence
I detest them more each day
Money margin cruelty
Ivory is their thing
Unmanly insensitve sissies
Cowardice they do bring

Into the equation
Ramping up the fear
The tawdriness and vulgarity
That much is really clear
They need to pay a ramsome
And be whipped in plain sight they
They are hideous ugly monsters
They must be made to pay
And the government who turn their heads
And let these bastards go
Across the borders with the tusks
For there clearly is a flow

Of contraband escaping
And unless it stops right now
The Elephants have had it
With all their innate power
They cannot seemingly protect themselves
And Zimbabwe better see
And Use its eyes for goodness sake
Of in fact answer to me.

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