Reptiles deserve better

Exotic skin
A retail tag
Murdering reptiles
To make a bag
Shoes a belt
For sicko humans
Who expectantly

Give credence to the hunters who
Trap and kill reptiles
Its true
Gifted souls with armour they
Are abusing wildlife
They have to pay

With their lives
So some leather place
Called exotic
Its a disgrace
Its contempt in fact
So many packed

In bundles waiting
To be skinned
An unworthy end
Their bodies binned
Creation in its spectacular way
Fashioned these souls
And they have to pay

With their lives
So hags can carry a bag
Or wear some shoes
With this fancy tag
Exotic leather
For exotic hags
Completely shamelessly
Drive their jags

Delusions of grandeur
Crocodile shoes
strutting their stuff
What awful news
Blatant cruel
Thats alright
We have the money
And thats in spite

its self importance
Splish splash splosh
Wearing exotica
Golly gosh
Pompous and showy
A roll of the drums
Death and destructions
Show the thumbs
Wearing these shoes
Makes us feel good
Toffy nosed idiots
Its because they could

With not the slightest idea how
These reptiles are caught and killed
And now
We tell them and say to exotica skins
The lot of you should be in the bins
Exotica thats the wrong word
From the terror and the cruelty
That has occurred
Getting the crocodiles
and stripping them clean
watching them bleed out
How obscene
It is how companies
Want to deal
Because for certain
They cannot feel

Their brash and insensitive
Wooden hearts

Its all about money
And the margin of course
All sorts of Animals
Even the horse

Get whats coming
From exotic skin
Based around loathing
And actual sin

Animal skins stolen from living animals should be banned outright
Perhaps strip a finger of skin from the so called exotic leather wearers trappers and sellers let them scream to high heaven

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