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Sheep live exports

Live exports is a criminal act The meat trade and farmers Should react The public too are ignorant, they Should get this banned I mean all that way live animals need a helping hand Good food and care Let’s understand … Continue reading

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Dead exports

The stench of anger of nervousness Unflinchingly we carry stress Loaded aboard this mighty ship And into the hold we soon lose grip We shit ourselves yes one by one The stench of sailing has begun Live exports really should … Continue reading

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Dead flesh Oxygen starved Begins from offset To deteriorate To attract flies and Maggots Entering our mouth One can not want to realise It will then enter our gut OMG the stench is Unbelievable

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Breathing still Blood everywhere Halal pain So much despair Writhing savagely Still aware Trying to Moo It’s eyes in stare Throat cut

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