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Canned and trophy hunters

They need to converse With their tiny soul Their inbound awkward Stilted role Barbarism meets vulgarity Where Graceless thoughts and Depravity Are at one with their reality. Trophy Hunting and Canned Hunting

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Experimentation on wild jungle monkeys

24 hours of every moment Experimentation torture and more Hair shaved wounds made picking the soreness Painting on toxins Blinding the eyes Trapped in the jungle Caged for so long Repeated anguish Everything’s wrong

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Air France monkey experiments

It’s so about time Air France all that karma Built up the monkeys So many have gone To monkey heaven Butchered and broken Torn from the wild Getting your profits From the demented So many tears It’s unprecedented.🐵🙈🙉🙊

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Someone listen to me

Do you like  my pink lips no lipstick here i am a Bonobo an ape which is clear I live  in the Congo thats the DRC south of the River thats where we be and north of the Kasai tributsry. … Continue reading

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Barbara Fruth and her work with Bonobo’s

BOnobo’s congo basis healers Can we learn and hope to share From the rainforest the pharmacy Possibly with care Pulchritude and perfection The rainforest an endless dream Such magic born of nature Whose radiance does seem To harbour many many … Continue reading

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