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Clam Dunk

Some people  will eat anything thats what  I believe if its living and has lots  of  flesh someone will achieve Yes the bloody obvious hunt and Kill  and sell its the humans that are monsters Who live  in their own … Continue reading

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Kamogawa Seaworld Restaurant

Theres a sickness emanating From those visitors who feel Its just right to watch the captive Orcas and Dolphins with your meal Beluga’s sea lions all who dream Of wildness and their thing And are forced to be the entertainment … Continue reading

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Taiji and its continual abhorrent drives

Hour after hour Day after day Month after month The same selfish way Year after year Pod after pod Complete family trees Who swim with their god Those who watch captures Recording the sight Of capture selection And killing Whats … Continue reading

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Orca captivity and freedom

The immortal the undying The great expanse of sea The indestructible everywhere Where Orca’s like to be Pods of special creatures Tangible and true Phantoms with the haunting sounds Apex predators who Love the light and freedom So humbling to … Continue reading

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The Aquaria Trade and the indigenous people of Barcelos

The humic acid content Of the various leaves that fall Into the RIO NEGRO Make the colouration rule Of, strong dark tea colour A blackwater river thus And within this unique river At least 600 plus Fish aome big aome … Continue reading

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