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Spanish Pigs

A lack of understanding With animal husbandry Pigs are very sensitive But are treated abhorrently The Meat Trade are the Killing trade Living souls all die They are fattened up for profit And honestly thats why Unscrupulousness abounds alas And … Continue reading

Vietnam and it’s cat fetish

Misplaced fear is rampant In Vietnam today Especially when it comes to Cats Many people say that they have Supernatural powers Inducing mortal fear And people have misgivings When they wander near There is a sort of phobia Against them … Continue reading


Inherited characteristics That mindful chemistry The Orangutan its innermost True heredity Are Doomed it seems For it happens that Palm oil is the way Plantations are more lucrative That is what they say Allowed the space Allowed the run To … Continue reading


To the instinctive weaver I pledge my heart and soul Designer and creator Whose silks suggest a role Scaffoldings of tensile strength Suggestions of a way Perhaps to attract the opposite sex To follow and to play Attached along this … Continue reading

Agaricus fly a magickal tale for Jan Vlonk

In the far off shrouds Where great mists and clouds Were born of forests dark In September they Where green ivy’s climb And where nature gifts Do stray Under Birch and Pine We can see a sign Of the magickal … Continue reading

Stalking (sick sods walking)

Again there are words That bask in the dark In obtuseness really They make their mark Unconcerned for the calmness That they breach The conscious world That they infact do reach Touched to the quick And so aware Of unwanted … Continue reading

Planet Earth from the perspective of the indigenous peoples

Actists defenders protectors Of the land More of them are being killed Is it hard to understand They are the heartfelt warriors Their morality they share Often abused and maltreated And martyred everywhere Anguished and ansgt ridden Victimized they be … Continue reading

Tag me a Roo killer

Superior airs and graces Puts them through their paces Scorn and much disdain And derision is their gain Unworthiness and puerility Contemtible for all to see Consider beneath one And ignore To underrate and what is more To have moved … Continue reading

To coin a phrase

Emperor Constantine appears On the coins that were found Some guy with a detector Putting it around Found the hoard of Roman coins In East Devon he Realised it was treasure trove And slept by it to be Protecting it … Continue reading

Our need to slaughter

Our total disrespect For cows Spray their heads Red They are like that for hours Knowing it means the end is near The slaughterhouse And that built up fear Those feelings what they mean to you You know deep down … Continue reading


I met a little ermine fur with beaming bright blue eyes Lapis lazuli could’t hold a candle And her size Carried in a tiny pouch Peering at us all Just a baby with out care Of even if she might … Continue reading

Dogs life

A dogs life is a period of wonderment for some For others it is hell on earth Under the humans thumb Beaten Eaten Made to be Lost the cost so high But able to be taken In by some rich … Continue reading