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The blue dress saga 2

When I wear my dress of blue And black the night sky flowing free The magical reveals within The privilege it does begin It really feels unbelievable A constancy that thrillingly Embraces other worlds away auspicious and propitiously An almost … Continue reading

Death toll

1808 souls have been confirmed today They have died of this new virus That is what they say I don’t believe a word of it What I do think is they Are killing anybody old Who just is in their … Continue reading


His red tunic gives the game away The leather jodhpurs all can pay The hounds the rounds the pounds We see Arrogance which most agree The fox a shy and timid soul Family orientation Such control Lost in his sojourn … Continue reading


I am really very fortunate Blessedness is how Living with the Hambidges Despite the lockdown now They are the perfect family And I am well pleased living there The garden and the countryside For all of it they share Ancestrally … Continue reading

Doncaster reptile Expo

Four times a year I understand An exhibition held At the DONCASTER Racecourse For me unparalleled And international collection Amphibians and Reptiles Stolen from the wild And subject to denials Stored in plastic boxes Freedom to the wall Light and … Continue reading

Sea turtles and their fate

So much thoughtlessness prevailing In our world today As far as the sea turtles They are made to pay A huge price for existence In the cluttered and polluted world So much crap and litter On the beach and we … Continue reading

Healing and humming

The lungs are amazing bellows The voice box formidably The heart and mind of believers Contrive to deliberately Create a throaty symphony A hum That becomes profound Of perfect resolution A truly lasting sound The hushed the calm the peaceful … Continue reading

Self isolate

Self isolate with confidence And use the time to learn Get A chair in a south facing window And let your eyes discern Whatever’s going on outside In my case what I see Is a host of golden daffodils Under … Continue reading

Greyhounds in SPAIN

Malingering and disrespectful Greyhound owners here Spain has got its knickers in a great big twist The fear They have forever losing It calls in question not every dog can win Those that fail are tortured and hung out to … Continue reading

The blue dress saga 1

My dress feels really something else It’s so magical and free Clinging to my figure It so really does suit me It has a peaceful energy Symbolising constancy And I get some thought transference As if it’s really alchemy A … Continue reading

The unfortunate calf (one of many millions)

The dairy Said to be wholesome Kindly and the rest It’s all about the female The udder and the breast Rape kidnap and cruelty Torture and the rest Murder when it suits them When the price is best The cow … Continue reading


Unjustified assumptions Presumptions everywhere How the virus started And the news that we all share Hypothesis and postulations Theories galore What caused who caused Why it was caused Conjecture goodness knows what for If we conclude it was BATS in … Continue reading

Bear back riding

Captivity Is cruelty And with cruelty one feels Its a paramount In Russia Where it activity reveals So called entertainment In a circus there Where bears are riding on buffalo’s backs Which will lead to despair Trooping slowly around the … Continue reading

The global hum

The Humming bird The noble Bee It’s tiny wings beat fabulously Creating a true upward draught Over water a tiny raft Of energy that enthuses flight Those tiny wings are out of sight But magically the hum becomes The drum … Continue reading

Man is our worst enemy in the kitchen

To think that anyone on earth would blame The BATS For the corona virus Even dogs and cats Wild animals the pangolins Frogs and toads It seems We implicate some animals When there are reams and reams Of recipes about … Continue reading

Selling animals for profit

A lack of understand And of compassion too Negative opportunism And a shabbiness that’s true Living breathing animals As stock to buy and sell Is akin to slavery and will not auger well Never in a million years It’s moral … Continue reading

The African Pangolin

The Chinese scourge of traditional Chinese Medicine Is hoovering up Our endangered species fast The pangolin that has roamed The earth some 80 million years Is coming under fire like crazy and so many tears Are falling from ecologists They … Continue reading

The Birch

Birch the silver shadowy soulful Sentinel survivor A scout that surfaces sooner Than most trees let me say It can face up to wintry wildness Being wholly versatile It grows all over the temperate zone And has done so for … Continue reading

To three of my friends the willing the courageous warriors

To Ann to Kat to Lash Three willing warrior souls Nurses with dispositions With totally leaning roles Whose eagerness to serve to care, to love, really to be Totally dedicated to work ungrudgingly The nation is in lockdown Such violence … Continue reading

Experimentation on monkeys

Science knows how to stoop low In its quest to create ways Of vaccinating human beings And looking out for praise This corona virus possibly came about From animals we Mate somewhere in China Wild souls living free And now … Continue reading

A blue dress day introduction

A blue dress day is coming And perceptibility Increases with great prominence For its where I want to be Walking quietly in the woods My field of vision clear Unmistakable sights to see An not an ounce of fear Tangible … Continue reading


It is my feeling ZOO’s will never Take the place of wildness Our arrogance does sever The natural life of animals Lack of exercise Lack of foraged wildness We must not believe their lies Elephants the largest pachyderms alive today … Continue reading


An audience of those Who fail to think or even care All they see is a scrap And whether or not it’s fair The serenity and calmness The unflappable the sure Statuesque and peaceful Never keen on war A tolerant … Continue reading


Today I went for a short drive Startled then was I To that state of expectation To that flash of gold Close by And a dose of contemplation a foretaste So to be Three more snowfalls before The Winter ends … Continue reading

Piglet powerless

Germany is good to tell the world How great they be Always got the standards And a high proficiency Well Peta found a farm there With Ligtle piglet who Had got his head stuck under a gate And didn’t know … Continue reading

Lock down

As wild tribe members We have rights And human beings At the heights Of their admission And their days Should realise And seek to raise Capacity for understanding Wildness is Really the landing Stage in life It’s who we are … Continue reading

The Toones

The Toones I loved to hear and see A couple of Druids wild and free Dedicated and pure of thoughts A phenomenal couple and brilliant sports Easy to love easy to know When they decided to up and go I … Continue reading

The ocelot (Field Tiger)

Since Chavez was got rid of The country had taken a dive The population a lot of them Are trying to survive Lots of local people are starving and it seems Have gone over to eating cats and dogs and … Continue reading

So sad for the frog

China has gone wrong somewhere A long history they Don’t have to be so obnoxious Most know it’s not the way To take a living animal And just for the effect Tear its head off And put it in ones … Continue reading

We ignore their intelligence and their sensitivity

Our arrogance is coupled With pure ignorance for we Breed pigs and put them onto concrete decks Many dirty No straw for nests no water no ways To remain cool Without sweat glands they overheat They need space once and … Continue reading