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Blooding so called

Sophistry and mockery Abusing innocent souls In the course of training Greyhounds these exceptionally sad trolls Out there using live baits Kittens and cats For me Murdering the innocent Is criminality Blooding, The politicians Know this heinous crime And just … Continue reading

Live animals sent by post china’s absolute wickedness

China’s pups and kittens Packed in boxes Sent by post Ignorance and rotteness Wickedness, the most Wrongheaded profiteering Inexcusable they be Favouring their profit The elementa is key A living form is packed And posted And of course may die … Continue reading

To all you rotten sods who wear fur or skins

Wearing the skin Of another being What does that make me Am I all seeing Am I a monster Seemingly so Why do you do this When clearly you know A rabbit or a bunny A fox and or a … Continue reading

The Jinmenken

Twas an eerie darkness In old Japan Glazed eyes tired mind And I began To imagine things Magically they Looked back at us Like wearisome fae All Seemed surprised By us And one did say Leave us do We have … Continue reading

Yulin in Guangxi

Hatred you can feel it Cut it with a knife The aura of aversion And, ending of life Which the Chinese call A festival A Summer Solstice meal Lychees and dead dog flesh Thats what they reveal Thousands of stolen … Continue reading

“Olive”and “Athena”

Two little friends Both fond of the Dawn A mum to be proud of As to which Both are torn With emotion and spirit “Olive” dear soul Conscientious is she Has a peace loving role And, is conciliatory She is … Continue reading


There was a time When this poor soul was loved By someone, they took him home and looked after him That was until They left him In the street to roam Under the hot sun His bid To find somewhere … Continue reading

Foxes and their cubs

The Huntsman is the ignorant The dehumanised for he Persecutes the fox and the hound From the same family The Canidae The godly ones For one to kill another Creates a senseless murder scene Just like killing a brother And … Continue reading

Dogs appeal aloud to the world at large

Skun thats in Cambodia A slaughterhouse to where Thousands of dogs are slaughtered And all of them aware Restaurants in Phnom Penn They open all the time Cambodians love dog meat Which is why the numbers climb Some three million … Continue reading

Foxy my friend

Contempt for the law And wild life and more Hatred of foxes Rich toffs who wear Their gear and go riding With trained hounds they share They torture their dogs Starve them and so They run after foxes To eat … Continue reading


Fur hags Dead eyes Thats the FUR Hags Lovers so they say Ignorant opportunists Unreliably in the pay Of Trappers. Murderers Hunters Scumbags who all wait To tempt a hungry animal And kill it at a rate Of knots, The … Continue reading

Backyard dogs

Backyard dogs We’re on a chain Wet and cold Life is in vain Frozen water Dried up meat Nothing left for Us to eat We’re wet through The wicked sods We’re the guards Really at odds With life Supposed to … Continue reading

Brainwashing animals to retrieve corpses of other animals

A good idea For, for me its wrong GUN Dogs trained or brainwashed With training until they be Outside their own bodies And their true psyche Making animals believe They are out as observers To watch and retrieve The corpses … Continue reading

South Korean dog food soup restuarants

Apparently eating dogs Has been going on for years Many are riddled with diseases Stolen pets the dears Living in some peoples homes But stolen anyway And kept on farms And murdered there There is no law they say Dogs … Continue reading


Abandoned by a lampost In Canterbury They found A lurcher looking the worse for wear Not making a sound But surely he was suffering A broken leg poor soul Left there by some bastards Who was out of control The … Continue reading

Laws and toffs

Laws were never passed for TOffs Not the hunting types The rooted suited booted clan Who always get the gripes When groups of SABS Are present who know they break the law Those toffs all high on fino Oh yea … Continue reading

Humanities screwed

Humanites screwed so tightly these days Some humans are profitting from the malaise With disasters and all sorts of alarms going on We see and we know that it us a big con In the world of the animals The … Continue reading

No dogs left behind

No dogs left behind From Florida we Fight the good fight And we globally Rescue rehome The victims and we Fight for their right To live our constancy We are spread far and wide Where ever they be In YULIN … Continue reading

The Spanish

The Spanish Galgeros Their life is a mess Adverse and hostile And there’s no redress Spain is a cruel place For bulls and for dogs Luckless and hapless In the spirit it jogs Animals really are Suffering there It’s a … Continue reading

A puppy dog

Why did the puppy pee In his house That’s what puppies do Why be such a grouse Why beat up the hound That’s isn’t the way To summon the gods Or make the soul pay The head of a business … Continue reading

Seville and it’s dog murderer

Spain talks up its culture It’s bulls it loves to fight And what if the poor greyhounds Who like you love the light They love to run and feel the air Cleansing their pure breath But just because you have … Continue reading

VIETNAM “with sloppy thinking the whole worlds sinking”

It’s good news I hear But it’s well overdue Shutting the animals trades down My view What you have permitted With LION BONES has been A lack of vision and I think obscene South African traders Canned hunting they Have … Continue reading


There he sat so doleful Shuddering and shaking Covered in blood His little eyes It seemed his heart was breaking Nobody to love him Nobody to care There he sat on a dusty street And nobody Aware We picked him … Continue reading

Hound dumping

There comes a time Where lack of care and unconcern Arise Normally when the hunting season ends The dogs demise Comes from heartless brazen gits Whose dourness and thick skin Allows them just to kill their dogs For by doing … Continue reading

Demise of the streetwise

Soldiers of heinousness that’s what they are Not fighting terrorists Preferring to spar With the disconsolate Streetwise and poor Imagine their innocence and never ignore Their present sanctity Beggars maybe Consigned to the dust heap Of adversity Will they be … Continue reading


Poor lad Nobody to care And few apparently aware Out in the street Behind a gate And there he lay In quite a state We were called And found him there. Clearly suffering And in despair Wrapped him Carried him … Continue reading


By a busy roadside We found an injured dog He was old and suffering His life was one big slog Suffering an ear injury There were Maggots everywhere We took Him off to hospital He was a true old soul … Continue reading

Australian dishonour

There is no honour amongst friends That much we know is true Greyhounds give themselves away By running as they do Racing around a track To catch the non existent one Winning is the only way When the day is … Continue reading


We found him Little “Sparkle” Looking rather sad Very weak and emaciated We thought in fact he had Been a victim of a car strike But found out actually That he had just stopped eating Anorexic tragically We examined him … Continue reading

“Little Whisper”

She was laying in the rubble Rubbish all around One of her front legs Completely crushed By a bike That’s what we found Out With multiple fractures And infection ride alas When getting her back to hospital Really there was … Continue reading